Rash on my stomach

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Avatar f tn About 3 summers ago I noticed the center of my stomach doesn't tan, and going outwards it starts to get splotchy and dotted looking. The darker I tan the more obvious the spots are. I don't tan that much so I just ignored it, but this summer I'm actually tanning and it's getting embarrassing. The very center of my stomach is slightly dry, but doesn't itch. It recently has even spread to my upper thighs. Please help. Thank you.
Avatar m tn How long usually will HIV rash stays on my body? I have seen tiny red spot appearing on my body and some rash. It would come and goes often. It would disappear after few days. I have these rash on my chest and shoulder and few on my stomach. Is this HIV? I have this problem for nearly 2 months. Even after i have sex it would appear also. Pls kindly advise.
Avatar m tn hii i would like some help in here, i am away from my home and i will appreciate if someone can helpe to diagnose the picture i have put on my profile this is the rash on one of my inner thighi have one spot also on my hand and two small of them on my stomach this is the first time i have such rash. the lack of doctors push me to ask for help.
Avatar m tn Today my elbows were very scaly. One thing that I noticed is I have been playing a lot of video games lately and i lie on my stomach and rest my elbows on the carpet, could this possibly be the cause?
489725 tn?1280052553 hi i was just looking for info on a rash that appears on my stomach after i have been lying down on it {my stomach side}sometimes when reading or on the pc i might lay on my stomach side for comfort and after about 10 mins i have to turn cause my whole stomach area is covered ina rash .it is reddish and stings and will go away after about 20 mins .
Avatar n tn I have a rash on my stomach, it started on my arms just below on wrist. now has logalized on my stomach it gets better for a afternoon and then is back it itches really bad. i have put all kinds of cream with no help. i have gone to a dr who gave me steoids which helped only as long as i was on it. then it came back. this has been going on for three months please help.
Avatar n tn I’ve got a rash in my groin, a single and a single, ring shaped rash on my stomach. I’ve had them for around a month. I live in Malawi, Southern Africa. At first I thought it was psoriasis, as I’ve had guttate psoriasis in the past, but now I don’t think so. It isn’t very itchy, and has spread a bit, but not markedly.
Avatar n tn t scratch it because when I do, it hurts so bad. There are four stray bumps of the same type on my stomach, but they are no where else on my body. A friend who is an EMT said it looks like shingles, but it isn't because it's not on my side, from what I understand. Any idea of what it could be? Or should I just go to the doctor and let them figure it out?
Avatar n tn There are about 20 little pink dots on my stomach. They do not hurt burn or show any discomfort. They are all the size of pin heads. One of them has turned white like a pimple but when i tried to pop it it just bled. what could this possible be?
Avatar n tn He ejaculated on my stomach, no where near my mouth or genital area, but i do have a rash on my stomach that sometimes bleed if I scratch it too much. It wasn't bleeding during our session , but it was kinda scabby in areas or puffy from healing. How much of a risk am I in?
Avatar n tn they dont itch very much, just occasionally, i noticed that i started getting tiny bumps on the outside of my index finger that match what i have on my stomach...i was thinkin it was probable just a soap allergy or maybe exzema...
Avatar f tn I have a rash like that too that started in october of this year 2015 and now december and the rash is still there no symptoms not itchy,sclay,dry, no bumps and only on one area of my stomach there are about 10 of them on my stomach and one under my left breast (I'm male and have no kids) I searched all over the web and closest I found was either a protein hystamine problem or nothing at all and will go away on it's own..
Avatar f tn Ok so i was at my bro in laws pool sat. I put spf 30 on my tummy but it was last years sunblock and it was banana boat. I put spf 8 Hawaiian tropic on my legs, arms, n chest. Sun morning i had a lil rash on my stomach but no where else. So do u think it's the sunblock? Ormaybe the sun? I still have it but not as pink or bumpy as it was.
Avatar n tn I have a rash on my upper thighs and on my stomach for about a week now. I have no other symptoms and feel great except for the rash. The rash on my inner upper thighs is dark red and sometimes purple and bumpy. It started out as little red spots and then evened out at what it is now. The rash on my stomach is not as bad just a lot of little red raised bumps. It doesn't itch all the time and sometimes seems like it is going away.
1462985 tn?1285985222 My cat keeps having These rashes on her stomach between her legs around this time of year. We take her to the vet every time she gets it, But this year it's pretty bad. They said it was infected, so they gave us antibiotics. I gave her all of the pills each day for the dose that she was proscribed and it is still there. The rash is white around the areas where it is not irritated, and the areas that are irritated are red and bulging, on the top of it, there is black dots.
Avatar n tn It is constant on my stomach, slightly below my armpits, wraps around below my armpits to a little on the outter part of my upper back, a little thin patch on my lower back and then tiny spots on the inside of my elbows. The rash doesn't really have any side effects other than that it is a little dry and looks bad. It also only occurs on these specific spots mentioned. The rash is light reddish to a slight pink and is patchy almost like it is in small blotches.
621842 tn?1269969330 Hey I am 26wks pregnant and developed this itchy rash on my tummy. I was using palmers cocoa butter cream but stopped but it's still really itchy has anyone else had this happen to them. What did u do to relieve the itchy feeling?
Avatar f tn It consists of tiny red bumps that appear from my chest down to my waistline. At times the rash somewhat clears except for maybe 20-30 bumps. At other times I have 100 or more. They do itch, especially after bathing or swimming. If I scrub them off in the shower then they ooze and get quite sore. It is now July of 2008 and I have continuously had this rash. My dermatologist says that it is ordinary to have a rash such as this for months. Is he correct?