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Avatar f tn About 5 months ago I had an outbreak with a sore, ulcer, rash and blisters on my upper thigh and slightly on labia majora. The doctor immediatly concluded with herpes, but tested me for all STD's. All the tests came back negative, including the IGG for herpes, but a week later the IGM came back positive. At this point I hadn't had sex of any kind for over 4 months, so since the IGG was negative he concluded it to be herpes zoster (shingles).
Avatar f tn i recently shaved my vagina and everything was fine but the next day i started to feel ichy down there. its not coming from inside its outside, and now i have a red rash that is so itchy and when i scratch gives a slight burning/ warm feel. here is a picture that i found that looks similar.... thttp://www.bing.com/images/search?q=rash+on+labia&view=detail&id=9ADC52BB1A391B42D0CA36C03E9D56C41BF8A532&FORM=IDFRIR my rash hasnt got as small bumps please help...
Avatar f tn Hi, im 25. So i started having UTI symptoms together with a mild vaginal itch and i did a urine MCS & HVS. S.aureus was seen in my urine but nothing in the HVS. i was prescribed ciproflox. Fastforward to 3days on the drug i started having this intense vaginal itch on my labia minora accompanied by vaginal rash on my labia minora. I have completed my dose and i'm still having mild itching.
Avatar m tn It only seems to have appeared on the outer labia and nowhere on the inner labia etc. At first I thought it was razor burn but a couple itchy spots have spread to my stomach. I'm prone to allergic reactions and have sensitive skin, so I'm used to getting hive, but not on the groin area. The spots are similar to razor burn, small red, some are small and pimple-like (as if it were an in-grown hair).
Avatar f tn Anyway, fast forward about 5 days later and I develop a red burning rash on the left side of my inner labia. I see little bumps similar to when I have a yeast infection, but I called my doc for a prescription of diflucan and didn't clear up in a few days like it normally does. A few weeks later I got the same burning rash again, and then a few weeks later again. I have an appointment next week with my gynocologist but wanted to see if anyone had an opinion of what i should expect.
Avatar m tn Hello, 10 days ago I had a raised, perfectly circular pink spot on the outer part of my labia almost above my clitoris on the hairline. It was not blistered, it was perfectly smooth, did not hurt or itch at all. It went away in a few hours, but following that, I have had CONSTANT tingling in that area for 10 days. I know many might say herpes, but the tingling involved with herpes prodromes last 1-2 days and PRECEDE an outbreak.
Avatar m tn My boyfriend and I have been dating a year and 6 months and we do have sex. I know he hasn't cheated on me and doesn't have an STD. Right now, I have a small red area on the top of my vagina. It looks like a chafe rash. It's about the size of a nickle and right next to my clitoris on my labia. There is no pus or white head. I haven't been having any abnormal discharge. It has been there for about a week and a half and has had no changes.
Avatar f tn Hi 555, this sounds very much like your labia major, your find this is different on all women, fi you google labia major, and look at images, you will see, and perhaps some you would like top see, but there all there. Perhaps and not knowing your age, but you can have these tidied up when you a bit older with some surgery.
Avatar n tn Drs, would please review (i) a rash description (from 2000) and (ii) a set of test results (from 2009)? Rash: Sept 2000, received oral sex. Rash occurred about 7 to 10 days after. Started with red bump on the inner aspect of labia majora, next to the hair. Bump had a 'whitehead' (was pimple-like) which, when burst, gave out watery pus then formed a shallow 'crater'/ ulcer(?). Started acyclovir 400mg 5x day within 24 hours.
Avatar n tn Recently I shaved the jungle down under and I think I literally sliced parts of my labia minora and clitoris. The cut my labia minora is about a inch and a half long. The cut on my clitoris is much smaller, it seems to be on the hood of the clitoris and just to the lower left. How ever, its been about a week since the incident and the cuts aren't getting better. Its very painfully when I urinate or more the areas around. Is there some home treatment I can do or should I see a doctor?
Avatar f tn Hello all I put balmex also known as diaper rash cream on my labia..it is red and inflamed. I was tested positive for chlamydia and I'm wondering if balmex will clear up my inflamed labia?
Avatar n tn I have these red bumps or clusters on the inside of my labia, they arnt irritating unless i touch them, then they start to itch...what could it be????
Avatar f tn I noticed it first on my lower labia, which was about 6-7 days ago. It is almost gone today. The rash on my butt, has become a large red rash. I don’t see any “blisters”. My doctor did write a prescription for a cream, which I did put on and it didn’t burn. The rash started on the inner side of my butt crack. It was small maybe the size of a dime. It’s now spread to about 6-8 inches across my butt cheek.
Avatar f tn I have small pinhead sized white dots on my genital area in between my labia majora and labia minora was wondering if I should be concerned? It doesn't itch unless I start freaking out that is an std but it hasn't spread it almost looks like a white rash. it's wierd maybe my body is just freaking out cause I'm freaking out?
Avatar f tn Hi. I have a rash on the inside of my labia minora right by the vaginal opening, it's sore if scratches and will stay sore for a little while. It is red and has little pimples on it, kind of like taste buds. On the inside by vaginal opening not outside. What could this be?
Avatar f tn Yeast is gone but itchiness and rash like bumps are present on my minora labia when i self examined myself. The bumps doesnt look like the HPV pictures or are they in a clustered form. Its hard to notice until I stretch the minora labias I can see it on my minoras. The bumps are the same color as my minoras but the feel resembles a rash / hives its nothing with pus like pimples, no discharge and no odor at all. Could it be condom irritation, alerrgic reaction or hpv?
Avatar f tn I have what I guess are pustules (small blisters containing thick, yellowish material) on my labia majora and few on my labia minora. They don't hurt, itch, smell nor have they burst. I'm assuming that's what they are from researching online. I had unprotected (oral and vaginal) sex on June 9 with my ex-boyfriend (1st time having sex with any male since December 2007) but the last time I had protected (vaginal) sex was July 5th with someone else.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm a 17 year old who had intercourse for the first time on 28th April. We were careful and used a condom but both performed oral sex on each other. I got home and didn't have any symptoms at all, and went to a music festival the day after. On the 30th of April, I had a sore throat and swollen glands, and asked my partner if he had been sick, but he claims he didn't (He didn't cough or anything when I was with him).
Avatar f tn Hi I've had red itchy bumps on labia majora for a couple months now. I developed an itchy rash in the crease between thigh and vulva and used anti fungal cream. That part has seemed to clear up for the most part but the red itchy bumps on my labia majora are still there. They do not hurt, and they have not blistered they just itch on and off.
Avatar f tn The bumps are on my labia majora and on the outer edges of labia minora.They do not itch or anything, just look like they are clogged with pus or some kind of skin growth depending on the lighting, but they have multiplied over the years. I have been to a gynecologist once (for other reasons) and he said nothing about them, which makes me wonder if he even saw them because I have to stretch my skin a little bit to see the bumps.
Avatar f tn I'm a 23 yr old female. I received oral sex unprotected. About 3months later I got a blood test and two vaginal culture test done. Everything came back negative but I found out I wasn't tested for hpv. I have been experiencing vaginal burning and discharge but only when my period is about to come on. I also recently noticed that my labia has grown longer. I became depressed&my hygiene became poor. Discharge and smegma began to build up now I have a rash in the creases of my labia.
Avatar f tn I have noticed a red single pimple like pump (white head raised) on my left inner thigh. Can herpes appear as a single pimple? Or is it clustered in a patch? It doesn't itch or hurt. But is sore if I press on to it.
Avatar f tn Never-ending rash...herpes or psoriasis? by Peasunonily, 5 hours ago Hi, I am hoping to get some insight as I await my upcoming dr's appointment. I was diagnosed with herpes over 8 years ago after my 1st sexual encounter (fun, huh?). I rarely take meds as I don't have the possibility of spreading the virus (I am still with the same partner) and I very rarely have any outbreaks.