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Avatar n tn I too have had rashes on my joints for years. I have mentioned it to doctors at times and they never have any idea. I guess that is usually what happens to me when I go to the doctor, I am always a mystery. I get bumps on my knuckles, elbows and sometimes my knees or wrists. It have just learned to live with it and generally doesn't bother me to much but I have always wondered why just my joints. Let me know if you ever find anything out.
Avatar f tn Fatigue,painful muscles/bones and joints, joint swelling,headaches,stiff joints,I have a weird rash on my calp does not hurt just raised bumps and red in color or flesh colored, acne flare ups every once in a while but are very bad!!, I also had some labs done and they showed my kidney function was very elevated!!......
Avatar f tn That would be some symptoms. The test for RA are often times negative in children even though they may still have the disease. Pain is probably the number one symptom. If a child has arthritis, even a small child, they will tell you the pain is in the joint ONLY. They will not wave from that and you can't persuade them to say the pain is in the muscle nearby. They may have a hard time walking without pain and eventually they can have contractures of the joints.
Avatar m tn I was perfectly OK one day and the next day experienced extreme pain in all my joints. The joint pain followed a rash which was followed by watery diarrhea. Could Cycloporus be the cause?
Avatar f tn The outbreaks occur at least 3 to 4 times a month and last for about 3 days. The rash is a red raised bump on the back of her legs, ususally about 4-6 bumps on each leg and up near her butt. They are about the size of a nickel or quarter. The doctors ruled out ring worm, and say it is a form of eczema. But the cream and ointment they gave me for this eczema has never worked for her. It also seems when these bumps appear, she gets tiny red bumps near her eyes and gets a runny nose too.
Avatar m tn Joint Pain Finger and Toe Stiffness White/Yellow looking deposits on my joints, most prevalent on my knuckles. It looks like I can see the bone through the skin and it is actually getting worse quickly. Much more cracking than usual. I am most concerned about the white/yellow deposits. Any ideas?? Thank you so very much.
Avatar f tn The ER Dr said that joint involvement was common with EM minor. His rash worsened (all over his body and excessive bruising at joints) as did his joint pain (feet, ankles, knees, hips, wrists, elbows). My son couldn't walk or move his arms. After 5 days his rash cleared BUT then came back looking like welt marks that come and go within minutes or hours. A few days later I took him into his regular clinic and the NP diagnosed him with Henoch-Schonlein Purpura. He is currently able to walk.
Avatar m tn They are small and red and focus mostly on the joints. These sores are very painful and feel like blisters. What are they and what can I do about them. I can't go to a doctor, because I have no insurance.
Avatar f tn I had an appt this morning with an infectious disease Dr and we talked in great detail about parvo. In children, they can give them immuglobulin therapy if they have anemia with it. It can trigger an over response of the immune system. I would ask your Dr about it. Unfortunately there is no actual ************** for parvovirus... Just try to keep him comfortable as you can, give him some ibuprofen for the pain and some moist, warm heat on his joints.
Avatar f tn Staph infections, especially MRSA infections, are very common in children in that area. She should continue to follow up with the dermatologist as needed at this point since it's not unusual for staph infections of the skin to come back repeatedly.
Avatar n tn History Common symptoms include a mild prodromal illness that consists of fever, malaise, headache, myalgia, nausea, and rhinorrhea. A bright red rash appears on the cheeks 5-7 days after onset, often followed by a diffuse lacy rash (at times pruritic) on the trunk, which spreads gradually toward the distal extremities. The cause of parvovirus B19 (B19V) rash is believed to be immunologically mediated, and the rash corresponds to the appearance of immunoglobulin M (IgM) in the serum.
Avatar n tn Hi, Last week I got this rash on my hand it was very itchy, then later that night my thumb got sore. Day later: both my knees and my feet were in pain. this went on for the rest of the day. Next Day: my right arm hurts but the pain in my feet and knees are gone and so is the rash. After that day: No pain at all :S Day after: Pain in both my right and left arms Next day: Pain in both my right and left arms and slight pain in ancle.
Avatar m tn then after one day of reassurance from my endocrinologist i started having a severe rash, migratory urticarial in nature, itchy, involving the small joints of the hands and the neck with elements of conjunctivitis. i was admitted, stopped all treatment and given IV steroids and chlorpheniramine which resolved the rash in about 3 days.
Avatar m tn It had grown larger after a week and I visited my doctor which said it was just a minor irritation and did not think it was an STD One week later it has spread to several spots (the larger one on the shaft and the spreading rash on the head) and has gotten larger? What is this? do I need to revisit the doctor or is there some over the counter meds I can pick up.
Avatar f tn -Painful swelling, inflammation, and stiffness in the fingers, arms, legs, and wrists occurring in the same joints on both sides of the body, especially on awakening, may be signs of rheumatoid arthritis. -Fever, joint inflammation, tenderness, and sharp pain, sometimes accompanied by chills and associated with an injury or another illness, may indicate infectious arthritis.
Avatar f tn I've had this rash now for about 2 years. It started out as a tiny bump in the middle of my shin and now takes up almost my entire lower leg. It itches like crazy but seems to be mostly scars now. Or that's what it looks like. The hair no longer grows in that area. Dr didn't want to deal with it. Dermatologist was a complete jerk and basically told me to take cold 30 second showers. Gave me a cream and it does temporarily relieve the itch but not always and not for very long.
Avatar f tn On September 10th I woke up with 10 more of the same spots that were around my belly button, in a little cluster on my back and a few sparatically on my arms. On September 11th, I went to my PCP to see if I had chicken pox and inspect the rash/lesions. Chicken pox was negative and she isnt sure what else it could be since I have not been exposed to anything like scabies or fleas, chiggers, etc.
Avatar n tn It is best that your child be isolated from other children at home. Most rash in children are viral in origin. Adequate rest, plenty of water intake and good ventilation will be able to help.
Avatar f tn I also have joints that are loose, unstable and they pop in and out constantly. I wish I could give you more of an idea of what is causing it...I suspect muscle weakness...but I am still in this struggle myself trying to find out WHY.. PS( No one will entertain that it is EDS...which would make sense but apparently I don't fit the criteria..
Avatar m tn It has spread up his legs and on his arms. One morning he felt so faint and nauseous. His muscles and joints hurt for 3 days. He saw four doctors who have no idea what he has. He had a biopsy done but, with the long weekend we won't know for a few more days. I'm wondering since it's getting worse every day- should he go to the hospital? Again, it's a holiday weekend so I don't know what our chances are of getting an appointment with a specialist.
Avatar n tn I have been suffering from a peculiar rash on my upper chest for about a year and a half. Initially i thought it was acne (as i had suffered from this on my face), however it looks more like a rash, almost like hives in apperance, and does not respond to acne medication. It is made up of several red bumps about 1mm in length. They occur prodominatly on my chest. I went to the doctor when i first got this problem and was prescribed some antibiotics and some aqeous cream.
Avatar f tn s been over a week now. Developed a strange rash on both joints on the opposite end of my elbows. Have diarrhea, and have been sleeping the days away, just want to sleep and sleep. minor itching on my genitals. When is a good time to get an STD test? Do these symptoms give alarm? I wasn't vaccinated for Hep B before I left, what r the chances of contracting that? What r my chances of getting HIV? A little worried. Thanks for ur help.
Avatar f tn   The ER doctor gave her meds for the pain and rash of which the rash is slowing going away but the pain in her joints is still there.  She doesn’t have any precondition autoimmune diseases that we are aware of but she does suffer from hypertension, neuropathy in her feet, and carpel tunnel syndrome.  We have no idea what is going on with her??? She doesn’t have the flu although she did have a bladder infection that is being treated with medication...
Avatar n tn I have still joints.....lots of pain in my legs, arms, shoulders, back. My hands cramp up all the time. Whst the best way to deal with all this info.