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Avatar n tn I have a small rash on the very upper inside of both of my thighs in the groin area underneath my scrotum. I always wear a condom during sex. Can this just be some sort of skin rash or should I be concerned about an STD?
Avatar m tn I have this rash on my upper thigh/groin area that is very red and slightly painful. I'm not sure if it is just chafing of if it is something more serious. I haven't been sexually active since about December ,but have been experiencing this issue for a few months. I wear boxers which keeps my groin cool so I don;t think its heat rash. I hope it isnt a STD. I looked at pics of all the STDs I can think of and none look identical to it.
Avatar f tn About 2 weeks later a rash appeared where my inner thigh meets my gooch/groin area. I saw my doctor and she prescribed a fungal cream, the Rash disappeared but two cut/ look like stretch marks remain. About three weeks later I noticed a red bump on my shaft randomly, and the area where the rash was is beginning to peel again. The red bump doesn't hurt and showed up out of no where. I also noticed some discoloration moving up my shaft. Not really red but I can't really tell what it is.
Avatar n tn i Have a rash on my inner thigh/groin/testicles they are smooth and are a darkish red (see picture included) they are very itchy and have a burning sensation
Avatar n tn Hi, I have a rash around the groin area. It started as a small little red dot and after a week it is all red and becomes extremely itchy. Over a week period, the redness goes to a dark color and the flare up of the redness and itchiness starts over again. I can't seem to get this rash under control. Is there any type of internal medication that I can take to eliminate this condition. It is extremely frustrating.
Avatar n tn I have a rash on my inner thigh groin area and it's rather large. It's a bunch of red circles with whitish purple centers. Its a little itchy but not that bad, almost unnoticeable at times. Here is a link to a picture of the actual rash I have, http://i1207.photobucket.com/albums/bb475/lilobrat05/3F93366E-4729-4DFC-96ED-189793DCF78F-4092-0000027A89246EC0_zpse5a91ae3.
Avatar m tn hi I have noticed a week after I had a shave I have got a red sort of rash in the pubic area and few red spots near rash the rash or little spots arnt itchy just red the rash this morning was dry and was pealing little bit so I put cream on it to stop the dryness but al still there I also changed my washing powder last week thinking it could be a bad reaction any advice would be great full thanks
Avatar m tn Thank you for your efforts on this forum. I have already found a lot of helpful information. On Oct. 16, 2011 I had unprotected sex with a new partner. She is a teacher and special needs coordinator, in her early thirties. About a week later I noticed a slightly-burning rash in the crease between my scrotum and thigh. It formed a line, of little cracks about an inch long, right in the crease.
Avatar m tn Hi. I first noticed a reddish rash in my groin area ( the crease of inner thighs to the sides of my scrotom years back. Since then, I have had similar reddish rashes infrequently on either my left inner thigh or right, or both. it happens once in a while. But I usually notice it to occur if I havent showered regularly or masterbated and didnt shower aftewards. I assumed that it was some kind of bacteria or uncleanliness. I also noticed the rash usually doesnt last more then a week.
Avatar n tn all in the hair follicles, these bumps were tiny, hard and had white spots on the hair opening. They were on the groin folds where the skin touches. The area between my anus and scrotum had the same issue. The area smelled like rotten eggs. I also had cracking and bleeding in the left groin fold. There was never any Itching. I went to the dermatologist who took a quick glance and said this was Yeast. He prescribed me some keto cream.
Avatar n tn Hi Doc. I recently was lying with a women naked and rubbed up on her groin area but did not have intercourse. I was naked and she had underwear. A day or so later, I developed an itchy lesion on my knee cap, scratched it and it turned into a red lumpy rash. It never itched again and then a week later another red bumpy area appeared on my right knee with many red bumps down my knee. I had several clusters of red dots on my arm. None of them every hurt me or itched.
1491984 tn?1288526745 I am a long haul trucker. I get this rash in my groin area that is very annoying. It appears on either side of my scrotum, red to deep red in colour. Itches and sometimes burns. Sometimes a whiteishness appears on top of the redness and it tends to smell bad. Sometimes Penaten Cream helps, sometimes not.
Avatar n tn I had measles a couple of months ago. That's gone. What happened afterwords is my groin area started showing red patches, very dry skin, then red spots on my buttocks (a few). I've had this rash for more than two months. Doesn't seem to be spreading but will not go away. I use diaper rash medicine which seem to help the redness, Also, just after the measles, my groin testical skin area chapped up bad. A crust layer grew over this area then after so many days of showering fell off.
Avatar m tn A few days ago, a bit of rash turned up near my groin, I saw a doctor, told him about the rash and he examined it. He said it was just a fungal infection. I did not tell specifically tell him that my nipples itched, but just pointed him toward the groin rash and the general body itch, Any comments?
Avatar n tn 2 months ago a burning sensation suddenly began on the right side of my scrotum. This redness and burning then moved across the rest of the scrotum, and agitated the skin on my penis as well making it weak and brittle. It even caused a few small lacerations on the penis. What's also strange is that the rash follows the hair follicle area, so down the middle of the my scrotum is a line of normal skin.
Avatar n tn I am an avid cyclist, and when I ride, I sweat a lot and there is certainly some rubbing in my groin area. The rash started only on the right side, and in the last 2 days has moved to the left side, also. It is red and itchy, and sometimes there are small pustules. I thought it was jock itch and tried Tinactin, then Lotrimin, and then Lamisil. Nothing seemed to help much except for the Lamisil; however, after 3 days, the Lamisil seemed to be making it worse.
Avatar n tn Hello, i got a white circular skin rash in my groin area. I think it might be ringworm but there is no outer ring. It's no bigger then the size of a quarter. I've had it for about two months now, any help would be appreciated. I lost a lot of weight so that area used shaff a lot. It used to be itchy but i've been applying various assortments of creams and it seems to have gotten smaller but it doesn't look like it's going anywhere anytime soon.
Avatar m tn So two years ago I had a HSV scare; I had a strange rash on my lower abdomen/groin which persisted for about six months despite repeated antiviral & antibiotic treatment. An early HSV test was low-level positive, a WB confirmatory was inconclusive, and another HSV test came back negative. I met with 9 doctors including a HSV specialist who declared it was NOT herpes related.
Avatar m tn maybe 4 months ago i started to get a little rash on my groin where the pelvis and thigh meet, well i thought nothing of it, its just heat rash. so i let it be, after a while it got worse and i showed my father, he said it was heat rash, so i thought it would just go away, but it hasn't, in fact it has spread.
Avatar m tn I have started to get a rash on my inner thigh and on my pubic bone. The rash looks like separate large pimples and it is sensitive to the touch but otherwise not painful. It is not itchy, although a few weeks ago the area between my thigh and scrotum was itchy. I do not think this is an std because I have been very careful with who i sleep with, and have only had one partner in the past year and a half. I think it may be some sort of fungal infection but I am not sure.