Rash on face that burns

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1414174 tn?1304680526 My face burns like that when I have even a slight fever and on TX I had that quite a bit. Now even a sinus infection will make it feel like that.
552788 tn?1215141931 Hi, I don't know if I can state this correctly or not. My face burns! It burns really badly when I sweat. It burns so badly that I can't stand it. My face is so sensitive. As a matter of fact it's very tight right now. I've tried everything on it including all types of moisturizers, and I've tried washing every day to not washing every day. Do any of you know what's going on? I was at my nephew's wedding this past weekend. It was outside, and I was sweating.
Avatar f tn So for over a year now I have been getting a horrid rash that burns/itches when I get out of the shower. It is only located on my face, neck, and chest. I have changed all soaps, I have moved states (rash has occurred regardless of where I shower) I have tried softer soaps thinking my skin was sensitive or maybe that I was allergic. I have even changed eating habits. I’m at a loss.
Avatar n tn the skin came off...and a red round rash appears...it burns for awhile...but then stops...it lasts about 2 weeks...kind of scabs over..NOT Yellow..and goes brownish..then disappears... but it returns again...in the same spot and others as well..all over my body.. 4 years ago it started on my feet and neck..now it's all over?? any ideas??
Avatar n tn Today I decided to exfoliate it a bit, to see if the bumps would improve and now my face is even worse. The area is red, and it hurts (burns, stings) and I put some polysporin on the skin to prevent infection. Does anybody have any idea what this is and what may have caused it? I usually do not have pimples and my skin is very clear - the other side is still fine. Also, I haven't started using any different facial products lately. Thanks in advance!
Avatar m tn Each time I begin taking acne pills, my face burns after washing and moisturizing. But, I have been off of the Solodyn and am no longer taking an antibiotic for my acne and my face recently started burning after I wash it. How can I stop this burning sensation while maintaining a routine to prevent acne?
Avatar m tn Mine was extreme burns, looks,like rope burns around my neck,neck so burned can hardly turn head due to tightness, on face, face is red,tight, on inside of arms folds,,ubder breast, in v shape of chest, eyes under red,face flushed,some temp,,bp at hospital 174/107 I figure from so much pain, stumped 3 doctors all can be told is a severe dermatitis. Any help?
9924471 tn?1419954420 The same happened to me.. I used vitamin E Oil. It helped a lot. Haven't had any rash since then. I still vitamin E oil on my face. It says on the bottle to apply it, so your face won't get dry.
Avatar m tn I have a serious rash on the face for 11 days and it keeps getting worse. I saw my dermatologist and she said it was from allergy, but I was taking antihistaminic drugs (Aerius), which she prescribed me, for 7 days and no change. I also have this rash on my arms, legs and chest but not like on the face. In Monday she prescribed me antibiotics (doxycycline) and I see no change to better. I'm feeling like my face will fall of. It burns and sometimes is itchy.
Avatar f tn Out of the blue my face feels like it is on fire. I'm 43, female & have no idea what is going on. I am not using any shampoo, deodorant, or hair product that is different. The only change in my life is I stopped my Loestrin birth control pills on Aug 9th & had surgery for fibroid removal on Aug 24th. I also feel like there are some bumps, not pimples on my face, it feels dry & scaley. It almost feels as if I got sunburned, but I dont go in the sun ever!
Avatar f tn But very recently I have been getting red patches on my face (under eye area, around my mouth, cheeks, and still forehead). I started getting really concerned because everything I put on my face burns so much. A couple of months ago I bought a new facial toner and I would apply it after exfoliating my face, it would cause lots of burning after but I still continued to use it until my skin was very noticeably dry. I stopped using it along with every other facial cleanser I have.
Avatar n tn can i use liquid 17% salacylic acid on face? (to treat a pregnancy mask that didn't go aways after almost 1.
Avatar f tn I have this red rough and itchy patches on my face on and off. It will get better and seem to go away only to come back. I have tried to see if I was allergic to something but I cant figure it out. It itches and burns and nothing I put on it helps. The doc put me on antibiotics for 10 days and it helped alittle but came back. My skin will flake after it starts to get better and then it will start all over. I thought maybe rosacea but I am not sure.
Avatar n tn Ive tried vitamin E oil, cortisone creme and im afraid of trying other things because it might get worse. When I put lotion on my face it burns a bit. is this psoriasis?
Avatar f tn I believe that I got dermatitis from scrubing too hard and now there is nothing that takes it away. My rash does not go away it is permanent I feel like I burned my face and now what I have are the scars. It is horrible it doesn't itch like dermatitis suppose to do so or encezema but it does burn. The only thing that takes it away but when I stop using it for a week it comes back is ELIDEL. I guess my face got disfigured and I have no hope.
Avatar f tn No spider veins but I have a rash on my hands. I don't know if its puppp or the other common rash. It's itchy and burns sometimes. Face has the "mask of pregnancy" around my mouth. I'm ready to be done baking just so these issues will disappear! Have yours faded any?
Avatar n tn i applied raw garlic on my face .......it has left burns and by time it turned into a dark spot or dark patch on my face which looks ugly and bad......
Avatar f tn about a year ago I used a facial mask that claimed to be organic, and it burned really bad so I took it off. I seriously think it gave me chemical burns, I'm not exaggerating one bit. my face was raw, and red and itchy and looked horrendous. I was pretty upset because I rarely put stuff on my face and never get acne and figured I would treat myself to a face mask. bad idea.
Avatar f tn sounds like I have the same problem but I can't figure out any singular event that triggered the redness in my face. about 3 mo after giving birth to my first child, I'm 33, I developed the condition. It seemed like overnight that my skin just changed forever. It's been six months and I have found nothing that gives me relief. I have been to two derms with no success.I have taken light to heavy cortisteroids that would only give me temp relief at the cost of thinning out my skin.
Avatar n tn Hello, Chemical burns are usually first or second degree burns. Most superficial burns heal within about two weeks and don't usually leave a scar. For these kind of burns; you can apply antibiotic cream such as silver sulfadiazine (Silvadene) or Neosporin. It will prevent infection and help in fast healing. Also use a mild soap like Dove and avoid scrubbing the area.
Avatar n tn so im 14 years old and i have started to get this rash on my face im not sure how it got there but it started wednesday april 28. the rash is very dry and feels ruff it has a little bit of redness and it hurts to touch. it started out on my chin and sides of my nose. now it has spred a lot and its started under my eye and in the corners. i have tried putting lotion on it but it jus seems to make it worse. ive tried washing my face but it jus burned a lot.
Avatar f tn My back problem is resolved with the shirt but my neck and face are breaking out and they hurt. I was told by a friend that petrolleum jelly is ok to put on the rash. What other product you recommend? Could it be an allergy to the sunblock? I have never had allergies before. it only happens when i am at the beach for a long period of time. What can I do? is there a quick fix? how can I prevent it?
Avatar f tn After sex with my exclusive partner, I developed a painful rash on my chin. It has red, blisters and it itches and burns. I scrubbed my face and some of the blisters have opened. There is a clear liquid inside of them. Is this herpes? I have had cold sores since I was 10 yrs old. I always get one in the exact same place on my lower lip but haven't had one in months. I have never been sexually intimate with my partner when I've had a cold sore.
Avatar m tn t think anything of it then in 2005 had another flare that was more intense this time. Rash to face more pronounced on one side with facial edema. Rash was painful, burning, and raised. Went to a new PCP who thougth I might have Lupus. I had a positive ANA, and higher sed rate but subsequent tests for Lupus were negative. Again resolved on it's own w/o medication. Then last month I had my worst flare, but it was gone within a week.
Avatar f tn Hives or urticaria causes red and sometimes itchy rash on the body such as face, neck, trunk, arms, and legs and perhaps anywhere on the body. They are usually allergic (food, medication and insect stings) but may also be due to infections and stress. Many a times no specific cause for them is ever found. They usually go away on their own, but in sometimes oral antihistaminics (such as cetirizine, loratidine, benadryl available over the counter) may be needed.