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Avatar n tn woke up with face swollen and eyes almost shut real red it hurts so bad with intense burning rash on face
Avatar m tn I have swelling on my face on both cheeks, upper eye area by my brows all the way down to my eyes, under my eyes, and on my forehead distributed equally on both sides of my face (the swelling is the same on both sides of my face to where it looks like an exact duplicate of welting on both sides of the face). This is one month past and it still is there.
Avatar f tn I had to go to an emergency clinic the other night because of swollen, itchy red eyes and patches on my face (a bit of swelling there too). I am on Prednisone for ten days and it started working after about 24 hours. The red colour is gone, my eyes are still itchy but not nearly as bad. I was on it once before and it worked like a miracle for me. I know Prenisone is a fairly "dangerous" drug and not to be taken lightly.
Avatar f tn Then next morning it was a full blown reaction, swollen eyes, rash all over my eyes and face. I was told to take Benadryl, it didn’t work. I go to another doctor and receive oral prednisone pills. They work beautifully, my skin is back so I wear mascara then I take it off at the end of the night with my makeup wipes. Next morning BOOM again allergic reaction, swollen eyes and rash. The common denominator was the makeup wipes so I throw them out and see the doctor again.
Avatar m tn Severe allergic reactions (rash; hives; itching; difficulty breathing; tightness in the chest; swelling of the mouth, face, lips, or tongue; unusual hoarseness; wheezing); bloating of the stomach; changes in hearing, taste, or vision; chest pain; confusion; dark, tarry, or bloody stools; dark urine; decrease in the amount of urine; fainting; fever, chills, or sore throat; hearing loss; irregular heartbeat; menstrual problems; mood or mental problems (eg, agitation, aggression, anger, anxiety,
Avatar m tn They appeared suddenly a couple days ago, but it started as only one spot on my face, now it has spread. The funny thing is, The spots (and Rash) only appear on the right half of my body. I had something like this happen to me before, but it was when I was very little and had a violent allergic reaction to lady bugs, but back then my eyes had swollen shut and I had trouble breathing. Currently nothing is swollen and I can breathe just fine. Do you think this is allergy related?
Avatar f tn Was given Acyclovir, the bump is now a redish brown crusty scabbed area, swelling has gone down on side of face, but his eyes water constantly, clear fluid, and he is now very swollen between his eyes and bridge of nose. He has no stabbing pain, or itching at the scabbed area but is experiencing headaches- any suggestions? it just doesn't seem like shingles.
Avatar f tn Am on steroids at the moment as my face eyes n mouth was so swollen. Have you had any luck with your problem and if so what did you do. I ve been referred to an allergy clinic .
1823918 tn?1317422435 I awoken the next morning to both top and bottom lids on both eyes swollen with fine bumps on top lids only and very itchy, so I continued to take benadry for the next couple of days. When it seem like the swelling was going down I put my contacts back in for the day, took them out cleaned them. The next day my lids began to swell back up, the itching never stopped but got worst and 2 days later both lids were so swollen I could barely see.
Avatar n tn For the last 3 weeks I've had this rash coming and going on my face, when it flares up it feels really hot. In the first week of it my throat felt like it was burning and one of my eyes was slightly red with a hot feeling to it also. These 2 symptoms have passed but the rash has not gone. I have stopped using hair products ie. hairspray etc and just use a mild shampoo/conditioner, there is also a feeling of hotness to the back of my neck.
Avatar m tn I have had a rash on my cheeks that stopped around my eyes and mouth for 3 and a half months. Before I had the rash, I had an allergic reaction and it was a severe one. I had scaly skin, and swollen cheeks. I took antibiotics and some medicine,and the scalyness and swollenness was gone. I put a layer of oatmeal on my face to heal it, and then the rash appeared. How can I cure the rash. It does not itch it's just red.
Avatar f tn I just wanted to note that noe my whole face is swollen my eyes are almost swollen shut! I'm getting ready to go to the clinic... This is scary.
Avatar f tn Now both eyes are swelling over night while I sleep. My face is broke out with a rash of some type and the skin on my face itches allot around outer surface of the eye area. No irratation at all inside my eyes. I has been 6 weeks straight now. The doctor has me taking antihistimine drops ( Pataday) in my eyes, Omnaris Nasal Spray and , Zyrtec by mouth. No relief in a week and a half so far. My upper eyelids are now red and irratated all the time.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know what might cause a swollen face on an 8 yr. old? my son't face swells up just out of the blue every so often. It does not turn red or blotchy, and does not have a rash. he has also gained a lot of weight, but i don't know if that has anything to do with this. ???
Avatar f tn Hi Cindy, I have the same kind of rash symptoms as you. On my face as you described and on my chest as well. I also have been running low grade fevers and a sore throat. My joints are achy and my right index finger is swollen like a sausage. Do you have any of these symptoms?
Avatar f tn It's probably nothing, I wake up with a swollen face after eating alot of salt and not drinking enough water... talk to ur doctor to double check, I think ull be fine....
Avatar f tn Hello, It looks like sunburns as sunburns not only cause skin rashes and blisters on skin but may cause swollen eyes, lips and face as well. You can apply some calamine lotion at the rash as it will help in soothing the skin. You can take some OTC oral antihistamine medications like Benadryl or Claritin and see if it helps. For mild-moderate symptoms a weak steroid may be used, whilst more severe cases require a higher-potency steroid.
Avatar n tn iv been unwell now since the 27th sept o9 with what the docs call is an allergy but to what they have no idea it started itching with a slight rash around the face below my ears within days my eyes swelled badly and my whole face and neck was swollen and very red iv spent over a hundred pounds in perscriptions and i still have no idea whats going on iv had steriods since it started and still on them iv had steriod cream which made my face peel 4 times also i had a bumpy rash on both palms of my
Avatar n tn ve been experiencing rapid growth in some type of rash on my face, hands, and groin area. Three days ago the rash began on my hands as a few small bumps on the top of my right pinkie and ring fingers, as well as in the webbing between these two finger and the middle finger. The next day i began to notice redness and itching around my right eye and later my left.
Avatar f tn 2 days ago my dog started throwing up, so we changed her dog food and yesterday she was fine. Today she woke up and her face is completely swollen, the white part of here yes are completely dark red, she is still throwing up and she has diarrhea. I have no idea what to do and the vet is closed today?
Avatar n tn it started yesterday and this morning I had swollen eyes, lips and little pink rash on arms. I took Loratadine and nothing!!!! no new foods, lotions. I am allergic to dust but never had a reaction like this. I look UGLY.
Avatar n tn Too vague to offer help, start by seeing an Eye MD ophthalmologist.
Avatar n tn Good Day, I would just like to know, what the cause could be for red blotches just appearing on my daughter's face of 18months old, it appears and then 2 minutes later it's gone again...but it happens more than 5 times a day, sometimes it looks like heat rash, but it even happens when it's cold and it happens around the eyes as well and her left eye especially becomes puffy and swollen This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
535882 tn?1396576685 i have a cold. runny nose. sore throat, but my eyes this morning were swollen . one more than the other and on the less swollen one the eyelid has a bump in it, . any suggestions? , taking an antihistamine, plus eye drops. allergy, eye drops, plus doing saline nose rinse. ice pack, eyes also itch a little. any suggestion?
Avatar n tn I used cold water mixed with aveeno oatmeal when I feel the itch. I got rashes on my face and neck/ right eye partially swollen due to poison ivy, sumac or oak. I took prednisone 20 mg (1 )tablet right away plus 1 tablet of 10 mg cetirizine, felt little bit better after an hour, itching has subside.
Avatar f tn For the last week my eyes have been swollen both top and bottom when i wake up, but through out the day it goes down a bit and then occurs again when i wake up in the morning. i was wondering what could be going on ?