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Avatar f tn t spell at all - I have a rash on my face - primarily around my eyes and nose, but also some small places on my chest and neck. I have had this "rash" for about two months. It is a bumpy rash that itches and also hurts to touch it. I have seen a doctor that works on our campus (I work for a University and my regular doctor was out of town that week), he said it was an allergic reaction to something and told me to use cortisone cream on it.
Avatar f tn Can syphillis Rash only be on face? Can rash be due to any other std?
459853 tn?1283140514 Later that evening when I returned home, I went to use the restroom and when I looked up into the mirror I noticed that my face looked quite red. Upon closer inspection I saw this red, raised rash over my nose, cheek bones and forehead. It itched very little but was mildly painful. I immediately called my Rheumatologist as I am currently being treated for Rheumatoid Arthritis and taking Methotrexate.
Avatar f tn For the last year I have been having problems with getting this blistery rash round my nose and down the crease of by face. Sometimes it shows up on my chin. I am 45 years old and it seems like it is the worst when I drink a soda or tea or even have chocolate. It starts out as a bump then turns into a blister. It often feels like they go up inside my nose. They are filled with clear liquid. It gets really bad sometimes where I don't want to leave the house.
Avatar n tn I have had a rash on my face, sides of my nose, below the nose and my chin, which has now started spreading to my jaw line. The rash has been there for two months and no matter what I've tried it won't go away. It is tiny bumps and some of the red dots are under the skin. It itches slightly every now and then. Please let me know if you have any idea what it could be and what could be used.
Avatar f tn Well, my skin gets hard bumps under the skin which arent pimples and they will form permenant red marks on my face. I also have three spots on my cheeks near my nose that have thickening skin and contu=inuously flake off and turn red and repeat continuously. Nothing seems to help..I went to a doctor and they said I have rosacea but I really don't think that is what it is, I ve been put on doryx and metrogel to helkp and it just seems to be getting worse.
Avatar n tn I have had a rash for several years on my face (across nose and cheeks) as well as on my chest (neckline). A doctor told me that it was tinea versicolor. In looking at the images on the net of tinea, I do have spots of it but it is not what the rash on my chest and face is. The rest of the rash is not circular and does not respond to any of the creams or medications given to me. This rash is just a general redness.
Avatar n tn Every month (near my period it seems and/or when I am stressed) I get recurring red patches on my cheeks symmetrically. There's always just one on each side of my nose always in the same spot, and they don't match, but a roughly the same size. There's no defined edges but both are raised. They do not itch. There's no scales or flakiness. Sometimes, but sometimes they will sting. Then they fade away. I so curious as to what the heck these are...
Avatar n tn This time the bumps have become itchy and flaky. They are on my entire face, around my nose, under my eyebrows etc. However, they are not on my neck. What can I do to help alleviate this? With the numerous ingredients listed on face products now, is there any way to tell which ingredient may be causing this reaction so I can avoid it in the future? Thank you.
Avatar n tn Seborrheic dermatitis is a common skin condition that causes flaky, dry, white to yellowish scales to form on oily areas esp. under the nose or anywhere on face. Eczema is a form of chronic dermatitis (rash).Allergic reaction is one of the important causes of eczema. My sincere advice would be to consult a dermatologist and get it evaluated as treatment is diagnosis specific. I hope it helps. Take care and please do keep me posted in case you have any additional doubts. Kind regards.
Avatar n tn i have a pimple-like rash on my face under my lips. it is a little itchy, but not intolerable. i have had it now for over a month. now it is also on my shoulders and my hands are starting to get itchy but i dont see any bumps. i just had my teeth pulled and got dentures (im only 29). the bumps seemed to start clearing up while i was on antibiotics, but not completely. i also have a thin dark line along the edge of my lower lip.
Avatar m tn I heard a medical doctor discussing the dangers of artificial sweeteners on a radio show and she happened to mention that it can cause rosacea-like redness or rash on the face especially on the cheeks near the nose. Sucralose in made by chlorinating sucrose and has been found to have toxic effects in the body.
Avatar f tn I have had this rash on and off for the last few months. As of yesterday it will not go away. It is all over my cheeks and chin and nose and some on my forehead. It's not really itchy. I have taken allergy medicine and Benadryl but it hasn't helped. It isn't really like hives. Almost looks like acne but the bumps are all the same size and they're just red no white heads or anything. You can't really even feel them. It's almost as if they're under the skin.
Avatar m tn I have had this rash on my face for some time. I'd say 18 months, to 2 years. Symptoms: I have this red rash (as seen in the picture) that sometimes peels, and on rare occasions itches. It often becomes sore if I wash it with any kind of soap. If I just leave it alone most of the skin appears smooth, but in the crease on the side of my nose dead skin flakes off. Peeling rarely happens anywhere else. It use to be just on the side, and end of my nose.
Avatar f tn Not really different than the usual large pimple, except that when I got the rash I remembered the thing on my nose and panicked. Again, the rash is not on the bottoms of my hands and feet at all. Thanks again.
Avatar m tn Seborrheic dermatitis is a common skin condition that causes flaky, dry, white to yellowish scales to form on oily areas esp under the nose or anywhere on face. Rosacea is a cutaneous disorder primarily of the central part of the face , such as forehead; cheeks ;nose; and chin. The exact cause of rosacea is not known. The basic process seems to involve dilation of the small blood vessels of the face.
Avatar n tn my husband has a circle rash of both cheeks of his face they are red and have little bumps what is this
Avatar m tn I have this strange rash on the side of my face that starts at about the top of my cheek and ends at my chin. It appears like small, infrequent pimples but when I touch them they don't hurt and they don't have pus or go away. It's also very dry especially around my mouth on that side even though I've been exfoliating and moisturising heaps. It started at the start of the year on my chin and now it's all the way up to the top of my cheek near my hairline on my left side.
Avatar f tn ve had them before and they went away but this time there are more bumps and it has spread to the side of my face, under my nose, on the outside of my ear, and on my chin. I have not changed anything in my make-up routine, lotions, perfumes, or medications. The bumps are not red and don't itch. I have been washing my face with mental soap and warm water. I have no clue what cause the bumps/rash but I would like to figure out a way to treat this. Than you for your help.
Avatar n tn Hello, I was wondering what the diagnosis was for your son's facial rash? My daughter is also one year old and has the exact same rash on her face and sometimes on her nose and near her eyes. My pediatrician has perscribed two different creams that did not work and he now has referred us to the dermatologist. I saw your son's picture and it looks so much like what my daughter has. I just wanted to find out if you were able to get something that cleared up his rash.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with sebhorric dermatitis last year after some horrible breakouts of red flakiness on my nose cheek crevice extending outwards 2 inches on my face on both sides. I've been managing it (still rash every week or 2) using ketacoazale once i see a rash coming and washing my face lightly with both salicylic acid and head and shoulders when i take a shower. Usually the reason has been stress, but i've recently noticed it coming up when having absolutely no stress.
788259 tn?1301588171 I am experiencing pain in my face by my nose. It started with some pain in my right nostril that seemed to be some sort of pimple inside my nose but no sign of a pimple. The 2nd day my face started to swell near my nose and progressed up toward my eye, just under the eye lid. It is also creeping down toward my neck, feeling a numbing and sometimes a tingling sensation as well as some itching on the skin. There is no rash but it is really painful.
Avatar f tn Hello, Please elaborate on the symptoms and description of the rash whether it is itchy, non itchy, discharging, dry, smooth, elevated etc so that a list of differentials can be made. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your dermatologist. I sincerely hope that helps.
Avatar m tn im 17 yrs old.. when i was about 10 a small red rash like spot was on my face.. i went to the doctor and he gave a me cream for it but it didnt go away..now its has grown and im jus wooried that its not going to stop growin and it makes my face look very weird..
Avatar f tn Pardon? Please explain, I don't understand the link between a dark rash on my face and parasites. How would I get these diagnosed? How would they be treated? What part of my question made you think of parasites? Thanks for thinking outside the box, even if you shocked me!
Avatar f tn my 7 year old has a rash on face only under nose and under lips left side of face what do you think could be causing this?