Rash on face from tanning

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Avatar n tn I wen 2 my doctor a normal physician he told me to put neopsorin on it 4 for a week i told him how last summer i had 2 scars on my face from a red sun burned day at the beach that was picked off.I tan alot also in tanning beds wich i might think is part of the reason .So i tried the neopsoirn it helped dryed it up but then would come back in a couple days red and not dry at all.I started using cortisone cream thinking it was ecezema along wit another cream fluocinide.
Avatar m tn I could tell that I had burnt myself, even my upper body that got sun felt burnt, including my face, and I actually had a tan line from when I put my boxers on with the last remaining 8 minutes. However, I previously had sex with my girlfriend who I've been dating for three months (unprotected). Two days later, and after my tanning experience, I got out of the shower and masterbated.
Avatar n tn I dont ware eye protection and I use tanning lotion on my face. I continued to tan throughout that wek, along iwth outdoor sun in FL. I got a small rsh under my eyebrow its mainly in the corner of my eye. I thought i was from the waxing so i continued to go in the sun. The small red bumps neevr went away untill I I began using cortezone creme andkeeping out of the sun. Now the bumps are gone and the rash is just light pink bt still visible to me.
313193 tn?1194192298 i still have these little red spots on the back of my leg, however theyre more of a purpley colour now and im worried on what they are, i also have begun to get spots on my thighs, these spots contain pus like they would in spots on your face, however when i try to pop them to get the pus out, it hurts, not a stinging pain, and actual pain.
Avatar m tn i had to use it to one year while working at a tanning bed because i got sunspots on my face. i dont think it should hurt!
Avatar f tn Is it all because of the one time I went tanning before I got married? Is it PMLE or just a heat rash? Furthermore, while on vacation my rash won't show up until about the 3rd or 4th day into my vacation and then it covers my whole body. Why do you think this is? Side Note: I'm an spf nazi and cake 30-50 on at all times. I love swimming and vacationing, but the thought of going makes me depressed due to my ugly rash.
Avatar m tn I have the same rash...going on day 6....how long did it take for your rash to clear up? What helps...I have tried almost everything! Thank you!
Avatar f tn Well, my skin gets hard bumps under the skin which arent pimples and they will form permenant red marks on my face. I also have three spots on my cheeks near my nose that have thickening skin and contu=inuously flake off and turn red and repeat continuously. Nothing seems to help..I went to a doctor and they said I have rosacea but I really don't think that is what it is, I ve been put on doryx and metrogel to helkp and it just seems to be getting worse.
Avatar f tn m a 46-year old female in good health and have recently developed a horrible rash that is only on my face. The rash started on a Saturday evening and by Sunday my whole face was red, with raised itchy welts covering most of my face. No new lotions, soaps, foods, meds, etc.. I did put on a fast-acting self-tanning lotion the Wed. before the rash began, but I didn't use the lotion on my face and I washed my hands thoroughly.
Avatar f tn I just started laying in the tanning bed and i have developed a rash on my butt its about as big as a dime and has lil blisters in it. The past two years that i have tanned i have got it and it will stay for about a week and then go away and not come back un til next year when i start tanning. What is it and how can i stop it from coming back?
Avatar m tn Hello, I've had some major skin issues going on for about the last 6 months. Last Feburary, I decided to go and see a dematologist for some dry skin/facial redness that I was having. The dermatologist wanted to try some metrogel first to see if my problems would clear up. after a few weeks, I went back for a checkup and my skin was about the same, if not a little worse than before. Since that didn't work, they wanted to try a fairly new ointment called protopic.
Avatar n tn okay so i have been tanning and i have these random white spots on my face and one really bug spot on my butt. what couldve caused this?
Avatar n tn my daughters 5 years and 12 years are getting white spots on face. What do you suggest?
Avatar m tn I have never had any genital outbreaks of any sort. I have had a wierd rash ( no blisters) on my buttocks infrequently. I have had the rash biopsied 3 times and no HSV. Both of my doctors have told me that I do not have HSV2 and that the blood test is notoriously inaccurate. I noticed the rash after using a tanning bed. Can you get HSV from a tanning bed?
Avatar n tn I have not changed anything lotions,detergents medications(not on any) etc. I usually go tanning and then to the gym to work out(cardio and weights) I have been tanning for several years at the same place and never had a problem. I have also been working out for years also. There is a slight raised rash for a short time after iching my skin. It goes away within minutes.
Avatar n tn i got my chest waxed from my gf and there was a bit of a rash but nothing crazy. i went tanning the next day and I broke out really bad. the day after (today) its seemed to have went down a lot but still looks irratated and looks like there is white heads on some of them. I read you can't be in the sun after waxing because it irratates skin etc.
Avatar f tn I have had a history of sun poision on my shoulders and chest, not on the places that I seem to being getting a rash from now. Is it possible that I am having a reaction to the cleaners or that I am getting sun poision now on my stomach? I know that I probably should stop tanning but I really dont want to. Any suggestions on what it could be from?
1025521 tn?1252507728 I am an RN, and I am not sure why you have a rash, but for your own safety, stay away from the tanning beds! There is a huge increase in the number of skin cancer cases from young women using tanning beds, and it just isn't worth it. Get a spray on tan; a lot of places are offering those now. I hope all works out for you.
Avatar n tn Your dermatologist will advise you with regards to this. Just refrain from repeatedly picking on the area. As with your tanning sessions try to avoid this until the skin condition has been properly assessed. If this is a dermatitis , this may recur and persist for sometime.
1730786 tn?1310092814 Hi all, So I have tanned before and I have fairly sensitive skin with lots of freckles, but usually after I continue tanning in the bed and slowly building up my time, my skin gets use to the UV rays. It takes time but I can usually get there. Until now.. It all started a few months ago when I was trying to build up a base tan before summer and after about a week or so of tanning I noticed that I was getting this rash looking thing on my chest.
2102940 tn?1333643102 It must have been like you said a burn from the tanning bed. My skin is fair so it makes sense. It was just a funny place to be on my side under my arm. Thanks again!!
Avatar m tn t breathe which caused the heat rash. If one is burned from the sun or from a tanning bed then the skin tightens up and forms a layer of skin that is closed and the sweat underneath that is trying to come out of the pores that are now blocked or closed, can cause blisters from the sweat trying to get out. Also note that you can get planter's warts from tanning beds also. I had that painful experience and so am very cautious about having the bed properly cleaned before I get in it.
Avatar n tn Hey im really curious about this. i have had this weird rash on my hand it is primarely behind my thumb and extends almost to my wrist. it looks like small little red bumps and there are parts where there are globs making it look really patchy. i also have a few dots on my pointer middle and ring finger. this is only on my right hand though. I did go and use a tanning salon last week but i did not burn anywhere after i had finished.
Avatar m tn I'm a 28 year old, male, and I've been tanning on and off for 10-12 years. I've never had any issues tanning, and I'm naturally olive complected anyway. I just recently stopped tanning for about 2 months, and 3 days ago, I started again. I went back to the same place I've always gone, using the exact same bottle of lotion I always used. The first time I went 6 minutes, then 8 minutes, then 7 minutes. After first exposure, no problems.