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Avatar n tn I have had a "rash" that started on my chin, and has now spread across my face and into my ears. It is very itchy and has watery blisters that dry up and flake off (my skin is very red around this area). I've seen my GP and a dermotologist to no avail. Anyone have any suggetions?
Avatar f tn A couple weeks before they showed up, my husband had some similar blisters on his neck but dismissed them as razor rash. Now these blisters look more like a bad spider bite. I haven't been able to make an appointment to have them checked out due to the long holiday weekend. If you could please let me know what you think these might be an how I can treat them in the meantime, I would greatly appreciate it.
Avatar m tn my daugher has been off Accutane since the end of September - 6 months 30mg/twice daily - This did wonders and her acne cleared, however, by late October/early November she started getting tiny blisters on her face -- clear liquid not a pimple. They show up randomly on her face and not in clusters.
Avatar n tn The doctor perscribed a cream for my daughter because she had a rash on her leg. I tried it on my face and the blisters and itching almost went away instantly. The cream is called Hydrozole witch is a broad spectrum anti-fungal and anti-flammatory cream. It contains 1% cortizone and 1% clotrimazole and you should only put a little bit onto the infected area. Once applied, it will almost dissapear instantly. After trying everything, this is the only cream that works.
Avatar f tn my son is 2yrs old, and he gets these random blisters on his face, they're about the size of a pencil tip, they don't seem to bother him at all. right now he has three, one, on the upper/outside eyelid(not on the eyelid). one on his chin, and one on his cheek. ever since i can remember he's gotten them, one will go away and then one will come back in a different place on the face. but he has always had one on the same spot on his inner thigh.
Avatar f tn After a few days, a rash appears as a band or patch of raised dots on the side of the trunk or face. The rash develops into small, fluid-filled blisters which begin to dry out and crust over within several days. When the rash is at its peak, symptoms can range from mild itching to extreme and intense pain. Treatment of shingles includes antiviral drugs, steroids and analgesics.
Avatar n tn my friend had mixed bleach with an all purpose cleaner and we used it to clean the sideing on a house well i woke up the next morning with rash like water blisters on the back of my neck and the front of my face is there anything i can do to make it go away This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/242689'>Painless blister-like rash on face</a>.
Avatar f tn My 14 year old son has what looks like blisters that will form on the left side of his face and neck. He only gets a few and the are spaced pretty far apart. He wrestles and showers at least once a day after practice. They look like little blisters and then they turn hard and then they go away, any idea what it is and does he need to see a doctor?
Avatar n tn I am staying with some friends at their college and just today I started getting very small blisters all over my left hand. Now I have even more appearing on my right hand and my toes. I have touched a rat today, but just touched its face, not picked it up or anything so I dont think its allergies. I had a minor sore throat for the past two days and the feeling of slightly swollen lymph nodes. Anything you can tell me to help out would be much appreciated!
Avatar n tn About 10 years ago I had unprotected sex with my girlfriend after which I had a strange scar on the head of my penis, I went to an std clinic who after some tests told me it was chlamydia, I took some medicine and for many years it never came back, as time passed by I never had any serious problems but recently after having sex (with a condom that ripped during sex) 3 or 4 days later I had a bad rash all over my penis, I used some cream I'd been given and it went away but in the last few days a
Avatar f tn my daughter has hep-c she has blisters breaking out on her hands, everyday she gets more and more, we have no insurance please help me get something to help her.
Avatar n tn There are tiny, fluid filled blisters and it is very itchy. The rash has spread to my palms and tops of my fingers, and on the inner sides of my feet. There are some tiny bumps at my facial hairline also, but those are not itchy. I called the doctor at reproductive medicine and they told me they'd "never heard" of such a reaction to the drugs I was given and said it must not be related to that. (note: I have no vaginal/genital itching or redness, so it seems unlikely the prog.
Avatar f tn About 3 weeks ago, after going through Fifth Disease (I am an adult in the mid 30s), I developed a rash on my face. I did not take any medications except for Tylenol and some decongestants/antihistamines (Benadryl). It started in small areas, about 1cm in size. Within that area I would get 5 to 10 little blisters (looking like zits), filled with white puss just like standard zits. The blisters are itchy. I scratched and poped the first few. Since then it has expanded on my whole face.
Avatar n tn I am a 49 year old male. I have a rash on my face that first exhibited about 10 to 12 years ago. When it started, it was a very small spot on the left side of my nose just under my eye. It was red itchy skin that would last for a day or two, then go away and return a week or so later. Now it is a large butterfly shaped area either side of my nose under my eyes and also on my forehead and along the edge of my chin to behind my ears.
Avatar f tn My cousin has been having this rash for two months now and it is all over her body, it is starting to get on her face now too. This rash is warm and causes heat to her inside her body. She can't be outside or she starts itching a lot. Now her legs are getting swollen. Last night, her legs got numb and she could not move her legs, they got really heavy. She was outside and then she went inside the house into a room where it was warm, it was not cool.
Avatar m tn After a few days, a rash appears as a band or patch of raised dots on the side of the trunk or face. The rash develops into small, fluid-filled blisters which begin to dry out and crust over within several days. When the rash is at its peak, symptoms can range from mild itching to extreme and intense pain. Take the prescribed drug as advised and if there is any pain then you can take the pain killers.
Avatar n tn Recently her she developed the same rash on her kneee, and two spots on her inner thigh, plus the usual on her butt check. She has nothing near her vagina nor do I show symptoms after being together six years. It does not seem to be contagious. In these six years it has always been a small spot on her butt cheek. She has been to her local doctor who states it is a type of herpes that comes and goes. Is this doctor a quack ? This has been accepted as part of her life.
Avatar f tn As soon as I think they have gone more appear somewhere else, I have psoriasis (looks very diff to these) raynauds UCTD (like lupus) and have been on plaquenil ( not for 3 months) doesn't look like the malar rash I have had at all.
Avatar m tn It also becomes itchy and seems to make her face feel very tight. It has gotten worse as the years go on. She has seen a doctor and they have recommended antibiotics. They help, but it still comes back every year. Are there any ideas of what this can be?
Avatar n tn Since April, I have had a re-ocurring rash on my face and a little on my neck. It starts out looking like I'm going to have a small pimple break-out and within 8 hours it is red and itchy. The bumps look like zits not blisters. It also seems to spread. It starts around my jawline and works its way up, then a few spots show up on my neck sometimes. I can't seem to pin it to anything. I've tried changing moisturizers and that didn't work.
Avatar n tn I am a 45 year old female and as of yesterday I have a painful, itchy rash on my face that is in my t-zone and down my neck, with water blisters, and two larger blistery water blisters near my checks. I changed my make-up to a different color, and I tried a sample at the make-up counter called Stivectin for the Neck, which I applied first.
Avatar n tn I'm unable to determine whether these bumps are pimples or blisters. They look kind of white to me, but not as undeniably white as the pimples I get on my chin, for example. Sometimes I feel random itching or pain in that area, though I'm not sure if it's occurring where the bumps are. Also, I'm not sure that the random pain and itching ever really stopped after the original rash, so it's hard to tell whether the feeling is an effect of these new bumps or just remnants of the old rash.