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Avatar f tn I have this red rash-type looking thing that shows up on my ears every now and then. This one is on the top, sometimes it is on my lobe. It does NOT itch and I can not feel it when I touch it. It may be broken blood vessels, but I am not sure. They usually go away within a week so I doubt they are anything particularly bad. I have 2 pictures of it here: http://img90.imageshack.us/i/img3059x.jpg/ http://img137.imageshack.us/i/img3063.jpg/ They aren't the clearest but the best I could get..
Avatar n tn Hello. I get a lump on my earlobe every now and them. They grow to about 1 cm in diameter and are usually not painful or itchy. They go away spontaneously after a couple weeks. However, I got another lump, and this time, it extended down a little below the earlobe. I lanced it and tried to squeeze it, but I couldn't get anything to come out.
Avatar m tn 2) A guy sucked my earlobe and my earlobe was already bleeding a bit (my earlobe always bleeds due to some allergie rash). Was i at any risk for any std or hiv ? I mean what if his mouth or tounge was bleeding and our bloods mixed together (my earlobe and his mouth), any STD or hiv ? Thanks a lot for your help, i really need it, i knew that my first sexual experience will put me in a lot of worries.
Avatar f tn It happens a lot more on my left earlobe but it does have a little on my right one. It is only on the earlobe..not on any other part of my ear. It doesnt hurt at all it just looks very red and blotchy. It almost looks like a hickey, but I promise it's not! It lasts for a few days and comes and goes weeks at a time. My ears are not peirced right now...they got infected and closed up years ago.
Avatar f tn I have some small red splotches on my earlobe that don’t itch or bother me. I noticed them when I was washing my face. Haven’t had any sort of trauma to the area except I found some old earrings that were silver (not sure if real silver or not), and it started to itch after a bit so I removed them. I’ve had my ears pierced for almost 23 years so it’s not anything fresh. There is also a small bump on the back of it. I thought it was a pimple and popped it but it kind of itches now.
Avatar f tn is there any glue or lotion which can help me with my stretched or enlarged earring holes on the verge of tearing. i have heard a lot about ear lobe repairs . what is it all about how far is the success rate?
Avatar n tn It all started 4 months ago with a couple pea sized hard bumps unable to be seen to the eye but easily felt in the fatty tissue of my left earlobe. I went to my pediatrician who referred me to my ENT who said they were nothing to worry about just blocked oil glands. Fast forward a week and my left ear starts getting this fullness feeling that happens very often throughout the day.
Avatar m tn Hi. I have swollen earlobe filled with blood and pus. And my earlobe is painful when I put pressure on it. It has been there for more than two weeks. And I have been consistently having fever which I don't realize is caused by the infected earlobe. But I managed to realize that my fever is due to the infected ear lobe and I am taking antibiotics now. My question are: a) can it be dangerous for leaving it for two weeks?
6064307 tn?1378839696 Besides what you can see on the picture, there is two further up, two more on my other arm, one on each hand and one on the left side of my stomach. The biggest one on the inside of my elbow gets really red the longer I have my arm open.
4045250 tn?1349276866 Im confused as to wheather or not i have a crease, if im looking at myself front on and depending on the light source i can see a crease / fold where my earlobe kind of bends forward a bit. So i then took a picture side on and cant see any crease, how defined are these creases? Could it just be the way my ear lobes are, the other side bends a bit too but not as much - also, the side i can see the fold is the side i sleep on, am i being paranoid?
Avatar n tn Every once in a while, my ear will become red, warm and very itchy for about a day. Afterwards, a small hardened area usually on the bottom of the earlobe will appear that is itchy (but significantly less) to the touch. It is somewhat sensitive and seems to go away after awhile, maybe a week or so. This happens every several months. I have my ears pierced, and will get a small infection every so often. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn I'm developing a slight crease in my left ear lobe but then again, I'm getting older and I tend to sleep on my left side. To me that equals a wrinkle.
Avatar n tn Okay, so for years I've had this hard ball INSIDE my earlobe. One time I punctured the skin with a needle (more than a year ago), and pus and blood came pouring out. Interesting note, the pus had a very pungent, almost ammonia-like odor. My ear was absolutely deflated for awhile, and I was happy. Since then, the ball of pus has grown back. I finally built up the nerve to poke it again. Couldn't go deep enough. Just made it bigger and painful. What is it?
Avatar n tn My hearing worsens when I bite down on something or I am eating. When I pull my earlobe down, it does improve drastically but when I let go of my earlobe it goes back to being muffled. I really need help with this issue and I need to know if it is something I need to specifically go to a doctor for.
Avatar n tn Hmm this isn't a pimple...it's inside the earlobe, there is no lump on the outside of it, from just looking at it you wouldn't see it, a pimple is usually at the surface of the skin yes? this isn't...
Avatar n tn m a 24 year old female-A couple of months ago I woke up with a painful pea to marble sized lump under the skin on my ear. It is located right where my ear connects to my head, on the bottom. Like if I were to pull my earlobe away from my head, it is in that "flap" of skin. Because it was painful and hard, I assumed it was a boil as I have had these in the past. I treated it with warm washclothes and heating pads, but the lump never softened or drained, however, the pain did go away.
Avatar f tn Around 1 year ago a huge pus filled pimple appeared on my penis. I popped it and another one appeared on the same area after a month and I popped it too. But now another huge pimple appeared, so this time I went to a doctor and ge told me that it's a sebacious cyst and there's no need to worry. He gave me some medications and also a gel to apply on it. So I took the medications and decided not to pop it. But now it became hard inside and a whitish line grew from that hardend cyst.
Avatar n tn my one-year old girl has a herpess-like small marks on her earlobe. First, i thouth she had torn it off by pulling as she always does the thing. now that 3 days have passed it started to look as herpess more. my question is can i use any anti-herpess medications, say zovirax, with the baby of her age?
549506 tn?1214830833 ve had a lump in my ear for a while but it never seemed painfull and did not bother me at all. A couple weeks ago my earlobe felt very painfull and inflated noticably in size and became a purple. redish color. I drank some anti-biotic, applied cream on it. It then got better, the hard lump disappeared and was good for a couple weeks. Now I my earlobe does not have a hard lump but i feel a soft squichy texture,my ear is a bit inflamated and a bit painful when it is touched. What could this be ?
Avatar n tn This topic comes up every now and then and really, there's no solid medical evidence connecting the two. I have a slight crease on my left earlobe now but that's probably because I'm old and I tend to sleep on my left side. Heck, my whole face is getting "creases.
Avatar f tn Massage your earlobe or hand (between the thumb and forefinger) gently. If your toothache is on the right side, take two fingers and rub the earlobe (or hand) on your right side and vice versa.
687079 tn?1230948612 has anyone with an enlarged thyroid or hypo ever had their ear and or earlobe go numb? mine does and then goes away and comes back very annoying! any info would help please !
Avatar f tn Almost two weeks ago I woke up with a fair amount of pain coming from my right earlobe. I felt it and it was swollen to about the size of a small marble, red, hard, and painful to the touch. I've occasionally gotten small bumps along the backs of my ears before, but they were really more like pimples than anything and went away within a few days, so nothing really like my current issue. As of today, the pain and swelling has gone down somewhat.
Avatar m tn When I got home I saw that the lobe bled a little. I have read forums on Medhelp but I wanted to ask my situation personally. Is there a risk of HIV transmission from the bite to a cut earlobe?
Avatar f tn For a long time now my left earlobe has been swollen and red/purple/black. It’s because I keep massaging it and twisting and scratching it because it feels so good and releases so much stress. I don’t see any other people having this problem. I’ve searched everywhere and it doesn’t help that medhelp keeps deleting my post. Does anybody know why this is happening to my ear when I massage it or how I can stop massaging it? Please help!