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Avatar f tn I scratched the area around my earings and the areas that I scratched turned red with little bumps, like a rash, on the 3rd day. That night I took out my earings. The rash is still there and my earlobes are still swollen. I had 14 karat gold earings on, would this be an allergic reaction?
Avatar f tn I have this red rash-type looking thing that shows up on my ears every now and then. This one is on the top, sometimes it is on my lobe. It does NOT itch and I can not feel it when I touch it. It may be broken blood vessels, but I am not sure. They usually go away within a week so I doubt they are anything particularly bad. I have 2 pictures of it here: http://img90.imageshack.us/i/img3059x.jpg/ http://img137.imageshack.us/i/img3063.jpg/ They aren't the clearest but the best I could get...
Avatar m tn It might be a good idea to note that I have had a rash under my armpits for a couple of weeks now and when I was scratching my armpits very heavily, I noticed a lump came up (this was before the work-out incident), but it went away as soon as my doctor gave me medicine for the rash. Could this lymph node be an effect of my rash? Any comments or ideas about what I just wrote?
Avatar f tn A few days ago I developed a patch behind my earlobe. I can feel it, it is rough and crusty but cannot see it. It is being described as others as a thick patch of dry cracked skin. This seems like an odd place to develop this and I'm wondering if I should have it checked out. Thanks.
Avatar n tn It Seems Like I've Had This For Years, Just Recently However It's Been Hurting A Lot, Feels Like There's 3 Bumps Under The Skin And I Want To Get A knife Or My Ear Pierced To See If Anything Comes Out Cause I'm Tired Of It Hurting As Much as It Does. There Are No Visible Blemishes On It, And No Rash.
Avatar n tn She has a spot on the earlobe that recently broke out in a cluster of blisters, only on one ear. What could be causing this outbreak? This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/242260'>Re-occuring blisters on one ear</a>.
Avatar n tn I don't know of any rashes that affect the corners of the lips, temple, eye, and earlobe. You will need to show a doctor the rash to be properly diagnosed. If you can't arrange an appointment when the rash appears, have someone take photographs to bring along. Meantime, be sure to leave the spots alone so it will be possible for the doctor to tell what they are. Take care. Dr.
Avatar n tn A few days later a skin infection came out around my lips(not itchy,peeled wen i didnt put cream on it and neva bled). It seemed like stuck on skin and when i put cream on it, the skin was coming off exposing my normal skin underneath it. The skin infection cleared after three days of fuisidic cream treatment and my sore throat was gone but the glands are still there.
6064307 tn?1378843296 Besides what you can see on the picture, there is two further up, two more on my other arm, one on each hand and one on the left side of my stomach. The biggest one on the inside of my elbow gets really red the longer I have my arm open.
Avatar n tn I think the same rash is on my earlobe and the inside crease of my elbow, but in both of those spots it is very minimal, mostly on my penis. It also looks as to be appearing on a knucle. All places itch very bad, especially if I scatch them. No heads, or puss or discharge of any kind, just whitish pink red different sized/shaped bumps that together form what looks like a rash. Definetly not bug bites I dont think. Some are red and some are more flesh colored, but in the light they stick out.
Avatar f tn Went from 183 to 147 and doc is concerned with the weight loss, but not really digging into that. I am itching with no rash for a week as of tomorrow. It is quite uncomfortable and Benadryl will calm it down, but it never is really gone, and this is driving me crazy. I have night sweats constantly. Needing to change pajamas in the middle of the night, and my husband keeps suggesting that I sleep on a towel.... I'm 34, no history of cancer in my immediate family.
Avatar f tn My wife started having a rather small weeping rash along the top of her earlobe. We thought it was due to coloring/bleaching her hair. After the first bout cleared up, another appeared when she dyed it black and then it spread all over her body in different ways. On some parts, she has an almost hivey looking rash - especially ill affected by the sun, and on others (tops of hands and such) she has a dry, scaly rash. It is getting worse all the time.
Avatar f tn After my shower today I noticed a rash on the right side of my face that had papules of different sizes. One sort of looked like it had a blister but I do have very mild rosacea that shows up only once a year or so. The rash is almost in a horseshoe line that starts by the earlobe. No pain (slight tingle but probably 'in my head' since I saw it), no burning, fever, nothing. The rash is not as red as in the picture and the photo is greatly enlarged so they look huge.
Avatar n tn It started on my left earlobe on sunday (itchy, red, small spots) and by Friday it is on both ears and my cheek bones. Its very sore and itchy. The Dr said it was Eczema but i dont think it is. The cream he gave me appears to make it spread and get worse. Can anyone help please?
Avatar f tn It happens a lot more on my left earlobe but it does have a little on my right one. It is only on the earlobe..not on any other part of my ear. It doesnt hurt at all it just looks very red and blotchy. It almost looks like a hickey, but I promise it's not! It lasts for a few days and comes and goes weeks at a time. My ears are not peirced right now...they got infected and closed up years ago.
1487897 tn?1288139004 It is about half and inch and, like I said, looks like a hickey on my earlobe. I have had them on the outside of my thigh before and I always thought it was a bruise from play wrestling. The places where the bruises were are now occupied by what looks like capillaries that are very close to the skin but are not blue or black, but the same purplish red color. Are they blood clots?
Avatar n tn I went to the ENT two weeks ago because I had swollen lymph nodes behind my ear (behind the earlobe on the bony part of the skull) it was swollen, tender and the area was red. He told me it was a cyst I was born with that had become infected. Gave me antibiotics and I went back today and now he tells me the redness has become worse and seems to be spreading, more like a rash. He tells me I have some swollen lymph nodes as well most likely from the rash.
Avatar n tn Dear Doctor, About 5 months ago, a red rash about the size of a quarter appeared on my right lower cheek, about 2 inches to the right of my mouth. The rash is made up of about 4 or 5 red spots with red skin in between the spots. It's sensitive and it itches and burns sometimes but I can shave over it OK. At approximately the same time as the rash on my cheek appeared, some bumps/spots appeared on the back of my right ear.
Avatar f tn i have a funky rash around my earlobe and behind my ear as well. i have been on amoxicillin 500mgs. for the ten days and have been keeping it clean. i also have been putting a&d medicated ointment on my ear. this has not helped one bit. the ointment gets hard and turns into little hard granules like sand on my ear. when i clean it, it is little rocks of ointment. this thing leaks and is soooo itchy. i also know when it is about to leak because it gets super duper itchy. i went to the E.
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Avatar f tn Many of us never see the tick or get a rash, so it's entirely possible to have Lyme without tick or rash seen. It is good that you are going to see the doc, but be aware that there is a huge split in the medical community about Lyme: regular docs don't understand Lyme and don't know how to test, diagnose or treat it properly. Your own doc may mean well, but may not have the experience or knowledge about Lyme that is necessary.
Avatar n tn We live in Bosnia-Herzegovina. My 6-year-old son has had a rash on his earlobe for FIVE YEARS now. We have tried every cream in the book. It was finally diagnosed as staphylococcus aureus. The hospital gave us the names of a few antibiotics it was supposed to be sensitive to. We applied them topically. None of them has worked! I'm getting really scared as the rash has spread to two other locations on his lobe.
Avatar n tn My lips and perhaps tongue also in the heat of moment went across his chest and I licked his earlobe. I also sucked his nipples. His upper chest appeared red and had a rash. I didn't notice rashes anywhere else. I was wondering if this could be syphillis? I commonly get cold sores in my mouth and now I have one in my tongue and I'm not sure if I bit my tongue because it looks like it but I don't remember doing it. Should I be concerned? I also french-kissed a different guy 2 weeks ago.
Avatar f tn ( Did not see any blood) At 28 days exactly I started to have some strange symptoms Day1/ Nausea, 5 itchy tiny vesicle spots on earlobe that had fluid and started to crust over ( Is this ARS rash??) Day2/ Had to go to dentist in terrible pain with inpacted wisdom tooth that decided to flare up out of the blue. He gave me a precscription for tetracycline and I was also taking codiene and paracetamol Day3/ Gland swollen under neck. In the night I had to get up..
Avatar f tn I have had some of the symptoms of EBV but i dont know whether i have it or not, after kissing my bf for 3 months, i had a chest rash they were flat and red maculopapular rash, and after that i started feeling my neck lymphnodes i felt they got bigger, but not protroding through my skin, i have had joint pain nausea vomiting, and after a while a lump appeared on the back of my ear it doesnt hurt, it is still there its been 6 months already!
165078 tn?1255610007 Now on to Wednesday when I have to pick up my car in the rain blah blah blah already vented about that day but noticed dd had a little heat rash. No biggie but then noticed a boil on her earlobe. She does not wear earrings so that was strange. I was off to CVS for ointment thats all better. Today, Thursday my day is going fine and boom another call from my mom - Eva has a rash all over her - off to the doctor again, apparently she is allergic to the lotion I was putting on the bites.
Avatar n tn I have no other symptoms of anything lke that aside from the aches and pains and rash on my earlobe. Obviously I have anxiety to begin with so now it has been through the roof while I am waiting on the results of the other bloodwork that they took yesterday to see if it is a type of CVD. I felt achy in many of my joints, an a bit tired but nothing crazy. Have not had a fever or weight loss or anything like that.
645800 tn?1466864555 Not the outside, earlobe, or anything like that, but the canal that leads to the ear drum or maybe even the ear drum itself. I have brought this up with both my previous PC and my current one. The previous PC just told me to put baby oil in the ear as it was probably dryness. Of course that didn't help at all. My current PC Was even less help as I asked if I could be referred to someone that could figure out what is going on.
Avatar f tn Didn't have nausea with my other pregnancy -- just fatigue, headaches, and weird back of earlobe rash that Dr. said was hormones freaking out in weird ways. Just praying that my suspicions are correct!