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Avatar m tn 10 days ago I had a couple of white dots near my eye area, and now it has progressed all the way down my neck, chest, and stomach! They are red and they are all over the place. But they are not on my lower body!
1148619 tn?1332010984 But also my upper lids swelled up in addition to the red rash which resembled dark red eye make up. I traced it back to walking in the woods and smelling some fall wildflowers. I did it twice and both times I had the reaction. My take is that some of the chemicals do not mix well with sunlight, perspiration or other irritants which, combined, could create a skin sensitivity. I believe I recall another study participant who is a runner being told to stay out of the sun.
18631357 tn?1466471588 7 year old son has a pimple like rash started on face and now has spread all over face and under eye brow and little on neck and chest now 4 year old has it on his face, real red pimples near both ears and on top of arms no symptoms or no itching and no fever, acting perfectly normal has anybody dealt with this type of rash or know what it could be?
237053 tn?1258828426 Okay maybe I'm being overly cautious, paranoid here... but was feeling like **** this afternoon and this evening so got a hot shower. While in the shower I noticed a rash on my arm... no kidding it looked like a very small bulls eye rash. I thought well maybe it's just coincidence and I got too hot. So I got out of the shower... it's been like an hour and it's still there! It's right in the crease of my arm and is red, round, and clear in the middle.
Avatar n tn Decrease in tears, dryness of eye, conjunctivitis, palpebral edema, stye, lacrimal sac infection, eye strain, refractive errors of eye like near or far sightedness etc can all cause blurry vision. Consult an eye specialist. Commonest cause of dry skin and facial rash is acne. It can also be contact dermatitis due to some cosmetic, lotion, soap etc that you use. Stop the things that come in contact with facial skin one by one and see if there is any improvement. Consult a skin specialist.
Avatar f tn I had develope three small rash on my chin. Today when I got up I notice the rash is on the side of my nose and near my left eye. I do know that one of the side affect of this medication is rash. is this normal to have a rash that is spreading and has lasted for weeks because of this medication?
Avatar n tn I have something a little similar... swollen eye, rash on genitals and back of the ear. I just came back from vacation so I thought it might be some sort of heat rash.... but on my genitals too? Since I have been back from vacation I HAVE been bitten by some sort of insect... on my hand, and I've itched it. Maybe it spread?
Avatar m tn Hi, I don't know where to ask, or even if i could ask this question to anyone. I was bitten by a tick two years back. 2 months after tick byte , there's bulls eye rash "size of bangle" . I just ignored it, act cleaned that bitten area with Hydrogen peroxide and took some counter ointments to heal it. Lately i am getting bad aches, and joint pains, pains shooting near the joints even in the middle of sleep.
Avatar n tn I was bitten in NC by a tick a month ago. the red dot that formed after I was bitten in still there. There is no bull's eye, rash, or pain, but I'm wondering how long a red dot should stay, and if I should have my doctor check it out just in case.
Avatar n tn If your baby runs a fever within the next 2-3 weeks follow up with your pediatrician or if the baby gets a rash near his eye or he acts otherwise ill. The risk is small. If you are breast feeding you are still transmitting protective antibodies to the baby too which is always a good thing.
464194 tn?1207000814 It feels very dry, and at times itches. Can I put vaseline on it? What is safe to put near ones eye?
Avatar f tn Sounds like an Allergy rash, Hives, put it in your search Engine under 'Urticaria'
Avatar n tn Then last month the irritation became a rash, which is now about 3inches x 2 inches. I have no other rashes. There are no obvious explanation for it. I am not allergic to anything unusual there and I ahven't been near any chemicals etc. I treated it with an antifungal for 2 weeks which had no affect. I went to medical practitioner who had no idea what it could be, but prescribed me with a steroid cream. If any one has some suggestions. I would be very grateful I have attached a photo.
Avatar f tn For the past four days my scalp (some parts of it , like wear my middle part is an just outside the egde of my scalp on my forehead) My left half of my face is extremely itchy, my eye is veiny -er and my eye lid hurts, theres no rash really no bumps that i've seen so far, it just itches and itches painfully that im in near tears. I bought T gel and it helped to maybe about four minutes after my shower before i felt the tingle of oncoming itches.
Avatar n tn ve seen a doctor yet about your Bulls eye rash. I scanned the forums and I am experiencing the same thing. My rash has faded but not completely gone. was it in fact Lyme desease that you had?
Avatar f tn First off let me apologize for the lengthy post and I can't spell at all - I have a rash on my face - primarily around my eyes and nose, but also some small places on my chest and neck. I have had this "rash" for about two months. It is a bumpy rash that itches and also hurts to touch it.
Avatar m tn i have a rash on my eye lids. i dont know how to treat it.
Avatar m tn In my case besides the glare, halos, lack of close vision, the lens was the wrong prescription leaving me moderately far sighted ( I had been previously very near sighted in that eye). I now have yet to do the second eye with a minor cataract and wear one contact lens instead with variable bifocal glasses to sharpen up reading and computer.
Avatar f tn And some different kind of rash on his back of knees, thighs, upper legs, and back of the arms near the joints and back of wrists. I took him to another doctor, he changed the antibiotic ans prescribed 'Cefprozil' for 10 days, he told stop old antibiotic and take this one. We started taking that his rash did not go. His fever and pink eye was gone in 2 days. Then doctor prescribed 'fucidin' creme for rash and we applied it and rash is also gone.
Avatar n tn Normally shingles is not dangerous unless it is on your face near your eye (it CAN cause blindness) or if you are elderly (over 65) or if you already have a compromised immune system from something else, but in the event that this IS shingles, at least your doctor will be aware of the situation should it get worse or appear on other sections of your body. I hope you feel better soon! Shingles is VERY painful!
140844 tn?1204941653 Hello, I am concerned about a rash that my 11-week old baby has on his cheek. He had it for a long time now, but I didn't really notice it because it was small and next to his eye. Last week the doctor changed his formula from Enfamil Lipil with Iron to Enfamil AR Lipil because of constant spitting up. Now the rash has gotten a little bigger and has spread to his cheek and a little on his ear. Do you think it could be caused by the formula.