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Avatar f tn At its worst, it was a red, oily, tight rash on my chin that extended around both sides of my mouth and then underneath my nose. It also itched, but not severely, and it had some small red blisters in it. One time I even woke up with swollen red lips that also had burning blisters around the edges along with split corners! At first I thought it was Perioral Dermatitis, so I put some apple cider vinegar (ACV) on it to dry it out because I had read online that ACV could cure it.
Avatar f tn My 13 month old son has a rash on his hands, feet, & legs, I tried to look in his mouth and didn't see anything, but couldn't keep his mouth open long.. He also has some mild redness on his butt & has not been eating well. There is nothing on his stomach or neck and only a few little red spots around his mouth.
Avatar n tn He went to the Dr. 2 weeks ago and was told it is hand foot and mouth disease. The rash is not going away and actually looks a bit worse. Everything I have read says this rash goes away in 7-10 days. The Dr. tested him for some things (including syphilis I think) and everything came back ok. Assuming this is HFMD, how long can it take for this rash to go away. Is there anything else this can be? The rash does not hurt or itch and he has no other symptoms.
Avatar m tn 2 two weeks ago, been on Doxycycline for 10 days and Valtrex for 5 days. About noon yesterday, my lips started to swell, inside mouth flesh too, looks red and irritated. Is this par for herpes BO? One note, after reading online, learned pineapple could cause some issues. I did eat pineapple about 7 AM yesterday morning and it burned like crazy, never experienced that before. Wondering what's happening?
Avatar n tn This lasted for about a month and my mouth was in severe pain. I never really thought about it until now, but could this have been syphilis? I never had the rash on my hands or feet or any other of those symptoms. Would I have realized other symptoms if I had it?
Avatar f tn I'm a fairly healthy 25-year-old woman. I work retail. 9 days ago I was diagnosed with hand foot & mouth after I went to a walk in clinic with a bizarre rash on my hands and feet. It was extremely itchy and the "hives" were ring-like. No hives/sores on my mouth. They gave me a steroid shot and a Benadryl shot and sent me on my way. The rash went away. It's now been 9 days and I still have a low grade fever, very little energy, little appetite and just generally feeling bad.
Avatar m tn I also take Seraquel. Recently I have been having a terrible problem with sores in my mouth and inside my ears itch. I have never had mouth sores before but recently I can't get rid of them. They get better and worse but never leave entirely. Also my throat has a chronic mild sore feeling. The throat problem is nothing really bad but its there and never changes for the better or worse.
Avatar m tn I've had this horrible red rash around my mouth over a week now. It started as just a dry, flaky spot on the lower right side of my mouth but now I have it on both sides and it's itchy, flaky, dry, inflamed and red. There is no pus or anything like that. The corner on the left side of my mouth has a little "tear" because of the dryness. I've tried putting vaseline and other things on it but it doesn't seem to do much.
Avatar f tn My son is 5 years old and he has had an on again/off again rash around his mouth. It seemed to start from chapped lips and he keeps licking and biting his mouth because it itches. When this flares up it sometimes gets on the sides of his mouth also. The rash is red, no bumps or lesions. I am concerned that this will scar, it hasn't completely gone away for a few months. Any ideas?
Avatar m tn About a month ago i put in a false mouth ring. After not liking it anymore I took it out. About a week later i had little clear bumps at the four corners of my inner lip inside my mouth that I can feel with my tounge. These bumps don hurt at all though. In addition, I can feel little bumpd under the skin of my lips inside the mouth as well.. please help..
Avatar f tn Hi. I have been experiencing this red rash above my upper lip (looks like a moustache). I have had it now for roughly 2 months with no sign of it going away any time soon. Prior to having it these two months I did have this rash once or twice before, I believe it was earlier this year or late last, but it lasted a much shorter length of time. It kind of looks like I just had my upper lip waxed. It is itchy and sometimes feels like a prickly feeling. It does not appear to be chapped.
410850 tn?1229178711 Luckily, I had no mouth sores, just raw mouth, throat. I also used nystantin oral susp. for that, helped a lot. Yogurt also. Think that Magic mouth wash is the best for the sores (as Bobby said) Sorry your having a bad day/time. Feel better ...
Avatar n tn My 2 1/2 year old daughter recently began to develop a rash around her mouth. It is concentrated from just under her bottom lip and down onto her chin. This rash does not seem to cause her any discomfort and does not itch. The funny thing is that the rash will appear, almost out of nowhere, last for a day or 2, then vanish! It may be gone for a few days or so, then it reappears just as quickly as it came! This rash first presented itself about 2 or 3 months ago...
Avatar m tn Hi Dr. About 4 weeks ago I performed oral sex on a male partner. I asked if he was HIV- and he said that yes he was (after a second of hesitation - which makes me nervous). Well, stupidly I had done cocaine earlier in the evening which really impaired my judgment. So I engaged in oral sex with him while I had a killer case of dry mouth (didn't work too well as you can imagine). About 2.5 weeks ago I developed some small red spots on my torso that blanched when pressed.
Avatar m tn I figured that maybe the mouth rash and canker sore could have came of the crazy amount of stress that I was feel during that week. After seeing the doctor he said that it didn't look like herpes and did the oral sample thing. My result will be in on friday, I was just looking for a little peace of mind to hold me off until then. Does it sound like I could have gotten herpes? or could it just be canker sores and a rash from stress?.
238582 tn?1365210634 m doing pretty well except mouth sores ( on both sides of my tongue most of them). Anyone has good suggestions how to minimums the pain when eating.
Avatar n tn rash went away in one day (maybe two) and dont know if this is normal for the ars rash. she performed oral without condom.
Avatar n tn Hi, How old is your child? There are differentials for a rash in children who present with fever. At this point, given your child's age and the presentation of the rash, scarlet fever and hand,foot and mouth disease are differentials. As for scarlet fever, the rash usually develops a day or two after the onset of fever. Prior to his your child complains of pain in swallowing,weakness or easy fatigability, decrease in appetite and for some nausea and vomiting.
Avatar n tn How did the rash form around your mouth? Did it form in clusters? Did it form to the sides of the mouth, or on the lower chin? Did any of the rash have heads or were they flat to the skin? Lastly, do they itch or just hurt?