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Avatar n tn ive had a rash for about a week in the crack of my buttocks i exercise a lot and sweat a ton could that have given me a rash. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/242719'>Butt crack rash</a>.
Avatar n tn I think i have the same thing bright red in the crack bumps on the out side and seams to have and endless supply of water. When you scratch you just can not stop.
Avatar f tn com/r/9l8zuw/9 For a few months now I have a kind of rash on my buttocks, closer to the crack. It goes thru cycles of being very itchy and red to mostly unnoticeable with the exception of a darker color and dry/peeling with no itch. Size wise it’s about two quarters edge to edge. Not sure what it is. Advice?
Avatar f tn Well, probably three days later, they actually looked better, no blisters. Then I noticed a small red rash starting on the inner side of my butt crack. It was itchy. I’ve now had it for three days and it’s SPREAD! I am 24 weeks pregnant and had an appointment today, so of course had my doctor look.
Avatar m tn 5 weeks which all returned negative. i have had a rash develop on the top of my buttocks crack recently. additional i have had some redness of the foreskin and glans as well as some acne like rash on my buttocks. what is my risk assessment for hsv 2 at this point or is it probably something less worrisome.
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing rashes in my posterior fold (buttocks). The rash becomes so serious that a crack develops at the top of the fold and the entire area from top to anus is red. I have mild psoriasis that I have been treating for 30-years and assumed that the treatment would be a tar-based creme. This usually quieted the problem down and it seemed to heal.
Avatar f tn About a week ago I started having a rash in my butt crack and then I noticed there were little bumps too. It is painful. I thought maybe I just had jock rash but now I'm worried that it might be something more serious. Yesterday my boyfriend found a couple bumps on his penis and now we are both worried it might be herpes. Is this a real concern or is it just a bacterial infection or something?
Avatar f tn I live in a climate where 'sweating' is an olympic sport of its own ...in the recent past had a 'rash' that P.A. (couldn't see dermatologist-handles now only cancer-related situations-in process of finding new doctor) who thought the existing 'whatever' was a fungus+ -prescribed Alcortin bid + Zeabsorbe-use till rash is 'gone' ... it worked .
Avatar m tn Hot tub folliculitis.
Avatar n tn Hello, I'm writing in concern of a rash I've had since the beginning of December. It's common for me to get dry skin, but I've never gotten this type of rash before. I thought maybe it would be from my jeans or something but I'm not quite sure if it could be something else. I've done lotion and stuff but it's hard to try to let it even heal with it itching so much.
Avatar n tn t itch except the ones in the crease under the buttocks and sometimes on palms of hands. There is one open raw crack in the skin in one location between two specific toes. I don't know if this is related but I have never had athlete's foot in my life. I have no genital sores. One derm says syphilis or erythema multiforme, one derm says herpes, Lupus, leukemia are possibilities. I am awaiting lab results, but I don't believe either one of these doctors.
Avatar m tn for about 3 weeks now, ive had random blisters appearing on my buttocks. first day i had one on my hand - so i wasnt too worried about it. about a week later, i developped a small one on my buttocks, and then it started peeling...i guess its taking a little longer to heal since its on my butt and im always sitting on it. then i got a couple in my upper butt crack (sorry for the term).
Avatar m tn Recently two more sores developed in the same area between my butt cheeks. Recently they must have been rubbing against my pants and started to bleed. They are the size of a dime and are all developing close to my butt crack. I have been with my girlfriend for over a year and half now. A couple months after we were together she was checked out and was told she did not have any sexually transmitted diseases so I thought I was ok and she has not developed any symptoms as I have since.
Avatar m tn This started about 2 weeks ago i think, I have a VERY itchy rash on both sides of my butt crack. the rash is mostly small some bigger pink and red bumps some look like pimples some don't. it spread down to my thighs a little, and is very very itchy, its not necessarily painful just itchy. at fist my gf and i thought it was jock itch but the was it looks i am not 100% sure thats what it is.
Avatar f tn About two years ago I began having a blister like bump that appears in the crack area of my buttocks. It even appeared outside of the crack are on my tailbone at the start of my crack. (Apologies for explaination) I've never had an outbreak on my vaginal area not rectal. I recently took a blood test that came back with high levels leading to positive results. Can you please explain if this is normal? I've never heard of outbreaks in this area but never on my genitals.
Avatar m tn weeks later - red irritated skin 1inch above anus but again no visible blisters; it did feel a little sore to touch in one particular area but couldn't see a blister and went to derm. but rash was gone within a few days so Dr. was not worried and doubt its herpes.
9472198 tn?1556168148 I have a painful rash on my buttocks {butt crack actually LOL} for about 2 months & my doc sent me to a dermatologist. He recommended beta/clom ointment & I have used it every day after thorough cleansing....as well as alternating with triple antibiotic cream. The only difference I can think of is that my doc switched me from Lyrica for my neuropathy tp Gabapentin. I don't know if the Gabapentin is making it worse. Can anyone recommend anything for this rash to go away?
Avatar f tn This is embarrassing but I am a 26 year old female has a cluster of itchy bumps on the inside of my buttocks. They're not directly on my crack but just slightly off of it on my cheek. I believe they were caused from my clothing. They appeared after a busy night of work and I work as a waitress. I had worn a thong and tight panty hose that evening. There are about 8 bumps that are really itchy.
Avatar n tn t itch except the ones in the crease under the buttocks and sometimes on palms of hands. There is one open raw crack in the skin in one location between two specific toes. I don't know if this is related but I have never had athlete's foot in my life. One derm says syphilis or erythema multiforme, one derm says herpes, Lupus, leukemia are possibilities. CBC Diff and BMP normal, herpes antibodies high, ANA normal, syphilis test negative.
Avatar n tn not the anus or between folds of the buttocks) ? If so, how likely is it that you could contract herpes in this manner?
Avatar f tn Help please, I do not want to sound graphic here but i do not know how else to describe my problem. For the last few years or so I have been getting a red, rash on my upper butt crack closer to my back, it is usually 2 inches in length and never goes on to my buttocks itself. It sometimes gets little pus like circles and then causes my butt crack to split almost like a fissure.
Avatar f tn they are on both sides of my buttocks and I don't think they are in my butt crack. if it wasn't for the amount of sitting I do it probably wouldn't hurt at all but because I have a desk job it makes it worse.
Avatar n tn I recently had a rash on my upper buttocks crack. I went to urgent care, they said looked like herpes. I seen my GP and it was healed, but she said it looked like herpes zoster. I then requested a blood test. I got the results and HSV 1 IGG said >5 which is positve, HSV 2 showed .15 which is negative. I had IGM Titer antibodies. I was last sexually active 2 months prior to this test and about 6-7 weeks prior to this outbreak.
Avatar m tn for the past 4 to 5 weeks I had rash on buttocks, mainly outside sometimes they go down to my legs and it has burning feeling especially when I'm sitting, also for past couple weeks I have also rash on my top back arm around the triceps and elbow area, they itch sometimes, also there are some rash on my lower back. My mid and top back starting itching lately but can’t find too many rash there. I’m really worried Doctor, what should I do, I’m at really danger risk for HIV?
Avatar m tn I have this terrible rash between my butt cheeks It started a few days ago pretty much everything is painful