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Avatar m tn We tried taking benadryl, cold shower, aloe and all kinds of itch creams from the store they had in the hotel. Nothing worked. Each day for 6 days the rash got worse. The rash spread to other areas (legs, stomach etc.) and became more red and bumpy. We think it might be from the tanning oil we used? I have only experienced a minor rash on my hand 7 years ago in florida using and spf 4 sunscreen. She experienced a minor rash in Aruba using the same tanning oil.
Avatar f tn I just started laying in the tanning bed and i have developed a rash on my butt its about as big as a dime and has lil blisters in it. The past two years that i have tanned i have got it and it will stay for about a week and then go away and not come back un til next year when i start tanning. What is it and how can i stop it from coming back?
Avatar f tn I have had a history of sun poision on my shoulders and chest, not on the places that I seem to being getting a rash from now. Is it possible that I am having a reaction to the cleaners or that I am getting sun poision now on my stomach? I know that I probably should stop tanning but I really dont want to. Any suggestions on what it could be from?
1025521 tn?1252507728 I am an RN, and I am not sure why you have a rash, but for your own safety, stay away from the tanning beds! There is a huge increase in the number of skin cancer cases from young women using tanning beds, and it just isn't worth it. Get a spray on tan; a lot of places are offering those now. I hope all works out for you.
2102940 tn?1333643102 It must have been like you said a burn from the tanning bed. My skin is fair so it makes sense. It was just a funny place to be on my side under my arm. Thanks again!!
Avatar m tn t breathe which caused the heat rash. If one is burned from the sun or from a tanning bed then the skin tightens up and forms a layer of skin that is closed and the sweat underneath that is trying to come out of the pores that are now blocked or closed, can cause blisters from the sweat trying to get out. Also note that you can get planter's warts from tanning beds also. I had that painful experience and so am very cautious about having the bed properly cleaned before I get in it.
Avatar f tn Is it all because of the one time I went tanning before I got married? Is it PMLE or just a heat rash? Furthermore, while on vacation my rash won't show up until about the 3rd or 4th day into my vacation and then it covers my whole body. Why do you think this is? Side Note: I'm an spf nazi and cake 30-50 on at all times. I love swimming and vacationing, but the thought of going makes me depressed due to my ugly rash.
Avatar n tn I had it before. Somebody told me to go to the tanning bed a few times and it will go away. I am so against tanning beds now because I had to have 2 skin biopsies (both benign) which put a scare in me. I used to worship the sun and went to the tanning bed for special occasions. I will say though it did work and got rid of the rash.
Avatar m tn Thanks for the help. The hives or rash went away a few days after tanning. Now the patches are just a dry area of pinker skin, similar to the look of eczema. I did not try tanning again this week but may try next week and see if it returns.
Avatar n tn Have spent some time in the sun and tanning beds my whole life (Im 23 years old). I havent been in a tanning bed in quite some time, but recently went. The next day I noticed red/purplish spots all over the inside of my forearms (rang in size of tiny-small freckles). I have had a few similar looking spots on the tops of my hands before after tanning that later turn darker brown, than lighter brown, then the disappear. This is also happening with the spots on my forearms.
Avatar n tn i got my chest waxed from my gf and there was a bit of a rash but nothing crazy. i went tanning the next day and I broke out really bad. the day after (today) its seemed to have went down a lot but still looks irratated and looks like there is white heads on some of them. I read you can't be in the sun after waxing because it irratates skin etc.
Avatar m tn Yes!!! I recently developed a rash from a Warner.s bra. It's the one they advertise as being so comfortable. Even worse, I developed a fast growing skin cancer before I developed the rash. I go in tanning beds from time to time for short periods. I thought it was odd that a mole I have on my breast suddenly changed quickly growing, turning darker and rougher yet no moles or cancers from skin exposed in the tanning bed. It's taken me months to figure out it was my bra and I am pissed!!!!!
Avatar f tn I am aware it is probably a heat rash and the tanning bed is causing but I would like to know what can help prevent it and what can help take it away or calm it down?
Avatar m tn Hi, I have a Rash on my stomach that wont go away its been there for about a year it's very itchy someone told me it was plaque psoriasis but I looked up pics on the internet it dosent really look like it. a pharm. told me to lay out or tan a little and put lots of lotion on it I did that and it help but as soon as I stop it comes right back! what could this be???
Avatar n tn I had my eyebrows waxed than went directly to the tanning bed. I dont ware eye protection and I use tanning lotion on my face. I continued to tan throughout that wek, along iwth outdoor sun in FL. I got a small rsh under my eyebrow its mainly in the corner of my eye. I thought i was from the waxing so i continued to go in the sun. The small red bumps neevr went away untill I I began using cortezone creme andkeeping out of the sun.
Avatar f tn The rash may be accompanied by low-grade headache, fever, nausea and fatigue and sometimes by itching. Rash of pityriasis is usually harmless and goes away on its own.In some cases of uncontrollable itching,oral and local steroids can be used. I feel that you should get it evaluated from a dermatologist. Treatment can be started only after confirmation of diagnosis. Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional doubts.
Avatar f tn So just recently I started going tanning again & I started to see a small rash on my shoulders. Then I started seeing white spots on my stomache all over, & just recently I got more of the little bumps right below my breasts. I asked the tanning place and they said it was because of the tanning lotion I use ( bombshell & its tingly. ) they also said it was because I haven't tanned in awhile.
Avatar f tn Like most so glad to hear that I am not the only person. Although it said to hear no Dr has a good answer. I've had this problem for 4 years now. I first got this when I was at New York city on a school trip i just shaved my legs got out of the tub dried them with a towel and BAM i started icing like crazy this was in MARCH. Then I was getting tanned for a school dance and it happened again and this was in February of the next year.
Avatar f tn The one on my heel and other one on my chest are UNRELATED. The one on my chest usually occurs after i lay in the tanning bed. Could it be from heat? It itches and spreads when i scratch it.Any suggestions will help.Thanks.
Avatar f tn Sorry didn't finsh. But they became scaly. Then I started layin in the tanning bed for about a week straight. They dyed out and was just a bigger circle with red bump gone just pilling on the outside of the circles. I have not laid in the tanning bed for a week and now the begining of the rash has went away but now that I haven't been I feel like I got it worse. All over my stomach high chest hand back and I would reall like some input I have a six month old and don't.
Avatar m tn The other day I went tanning, completely nude on a high intensity bed. I had previously went to Florida so I had some what of a tan on my upper and lower body and I wanted to keep it going (obviously my waist/knee area was covered). In the course of tanning, I decided to put my boxers on with 8 minutes left.
Avatar f tn I noticed in the bed these spots under the UV lighting, what looked like a red rash and thought it had something to do with the heat from laser + tanning. Unfortunately, these spots are now visible around my bikini area and lower navel area (also treated with laser hair removal). They are a tan color and when I shower, they get darker. I was hoping they would go away (as I once had “Mexican dermatitis” on my legs and that went away after a few months), My questions are: 1.
Avatar n tn When it's really hot outside and I spend a lot of time in the sun, such as tanning, I develop these red splotches all over my thighs and arms. Sometimes they even appear on the lower part of my legs, but not normally. It takes about an hour for it to go away as my skin cools down from the heat. Other people in my family do not have this problem. My mom thinks it's a mild allergic reaction to the sun.
1181178 tn?1320783461 If you are tanning all over even in places not exposed to the sun, get checked for Addison's...also an auto-immune disease.