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Avatar m tn rash, acne, bumps, and itching) is from stress or related to stress. I have anxiety, depression, adhd, ibs, ic, and endo and I do know that many of these symptoms, including stress, goes with all of these conditions. I have a doctor appt. today at 5pm, so we'll see what he says.
Avatar f tn I have had a rash on my face and 3 spots on my legs. at first i thought it was dry skin, but the dermotoligist gave me all sorts of creams and none of them worked. They think i am alergic to something. being food or other. they think i should do tests. they did test me for lupis, but my blood work was fine and that isnt it. i am in menopause and my hair used to be totally straight. when i went to get my hair cut, it turned curly. really curly. i think its due to my hormones changing.
Avatar n tn It is indeed a complex process and several disease states from seborrheic dermatitis, cardiovascular disease, stroke to certain cases of cancers arise secondary to stress. Stress appears to be relevant to the medical community as medicine begins to evolve and molecular and genetic factors come into play.Stress leads to disease due to an underlying interplay of factors in the molecular level.This is something that we need to look into.
Avatar f tn It seems to be related to increased stress in my life. I am starting to get small scars from scratching. Dr has tried cortisone series, but it comes back. Any help for how to get rid of it and how to keep it away?
Avatar f tn I have a small reddish rash on my arm that is darkening notice dark spot what looks like a rash on the side of my buttocks and one beneath my chest could this be from std or some sort of skins disorder or from maybe stress and anxiety
Avatar n tn I'm having trouble sleeping, and lately have noticed constant muscle pain in my neck and back, as well as irritation to the skin in the same area (with no rash or other visual cause), which I think may be stress related. I think I may be experiencing a growing stress issue, but am not sure how to go about getting it diagnosed, and perhaps requesting a stress leave from my work.
Avatar n tn It started to burn like a sun burn would as soon as I would start to get hot. I thought it might be from stress because I've been really stressed out lately. The rash has spread throughout my face; mainly on my cheeks and nose. They are small very small tiny bumps that are all over. They rarely itch and it seems to go away in the evening then as the next day goes by it seems to come back . Please help me. I dont know wether to go to the doctor not!
212401 tn?1193805392 ARS rash won't itch, in fact most people with true ARS rash don't even notice it because it is so faint in appearance. your rash could be due to all sorts of things, try taking benedryl. Maybe you have sensitive skin and its a new detergent possibly? Might also be hives. Stress can cause hives.
Avatar f tn Shingles for me was under ny breasts and then started going round the sides and back. I'd get it checked. Could be anything.
Avatar n tn 10 years later this rash still comes every winter. The rash is ususally worse with stress. Could you give me any idea what this could be? Steroid creme helps control the rash.
Avatar f tn Any idea what kind of rash this could be? Red scratch marks all over torso, neck, back shoulders? They are raised and only itch a little.
Avatar n tn I am under great stress atm studying for my mid semester exams and i really don't need the extra stress! I am planning on having an Antibody/p24 at a local GUM in the coming week if I get the time, would that be useful or is it too soon still? I should probably add that that was my only sexual encounter in the last 8 months or so... I therefore don't attribute any of these to any other encounter!
Avatar n tn ) I am currently very stressed about a recent exposure risk that I had specially after developing a rash in the last couple of days. 5 weeks ago I a had a condom failure. While attempting anal sex with another man without lube the condom broke at the very beginning and i realised from the pain as a result of the friction. It happened for a mere 5 seconds before I pulled out and noticed the condom had broke so we decided to give anal sex a miss (I hadn't even "thrusted").
Avatar m tn Hi It would be difficult to assess without having a look at the lesions. However, it seems from your description that the lesions might be some kind of allergic eruptions, milia, heat rash, skin infections / contact dermatitis. Hives are usually allergic caused by food and insect stings also besides medication or cosmetics. Sometimes they may also be due to infections, heat, cold or stress ((emotional / physical). Many a times no specific cause for them is ever found.
Avatar m tn My face is burning. The rash appeared at the weekend some 12 weeks from my encountr with this guy. Is it possible this rash is HIV related or would it have appeared a lot earlier.
Avatar f tn I only had it on the top of the wrist.Apart from that a couple of toungue ulcers which went quick and my doc said It would be from stress as when he evaluated my mouth he found ' nothing out of the ordinary'.I think hard swallowing has also made my throat sore as I seem to be wating to have ilness.No fever.Does this rash sound like ARS rash? Please help I am almost sick and crying with worry since this rash appeared.
Avatar m tn Hello, Until couple of months ago I didn't have any major rash in my life. It might be worth mentioning that the appearance of this rash coincided with me moving to a new apartment, starting to use a new type of detergent and a new shower gel. It is kind of periodical and sporadic and the itching sometimes disappears for few days, and than returns again.
Avatar n tn Other potential triggers include physical exertion or exercise, stress, illness, chemicals, cosmetics, textiles, and pressure from materials rubbing against the skin. Hives usually appear suddenly and go away on their own in a matter of days, hours, or even minutes.She can take oral anti-histamines and apply Calamine lotion to the areas affected. Eliminating foods or other triggers that cause you to break out is the key to preventing hives.
237053 tn?1258832026 I am sure I have had MS for a long time before this relapse, but could the stress have caused this flare up to be so much worse than before? Is the rash stress related, or is the inflamation from our attacks creating it? I am new to all of this..where is the best place to find out more?
Avatar m tn I am also sitting exams which makes me very anxious, last year I suffered from irritable-bowel as a result of anxiety. Maybe anxiety is also a possible cause?
Avatar f tn that itch and do the same thing from time to time. but I do the same regiment and it works.. It goes from one extreme to the next. I have a couple of small places on my face that I noticed are dryer and raised, just no itching thank goodness. so not sure yet if thats the rash there too. Its hard to see the rash on my lower back, but you can sure feel it.. I think sometimes when its dry, and not itchy.. you can hardly see it, but you can sure feel the aligator skin..
Avatar n tn 5) I am a medical studentand am constantly worrying extensively about what this could be becuase i know to much information. I have tried not to be stressed to see if it was the stress that was making the herpes if thats what it is worse but it does not seem to change the situation. I need answers because this is constantly on my mind and affecting my medical education. Also becuase i am in the medical field i am too embarrased to go to the doctor to figure it out.
Avatar n tn They are about less than a centimeter in size, but one of them (under my breast where the underwire of my bra irritates it) has grown to about 1 inch. Does this rash sound like the ARS rash? i've never had a rash before and it's really strange and i'm freaking out. i've had all the ARS symptoms: sore throat, diarrhea, night sweats, swollen lymph nodes.
1506088 tn?1289704384 My problem is this darn rash, just cannot get rid of it, on the front of my legs(mainly right leg), have little sores and my skin seems really thin and opens up to the scratch easily, using all kinds of creams, just can't get rid of it, same rash in my left ear, shaving legs on a daily basis as the hair irritates it, have some bigger sores that get a black scab on back of calves, only the size of tip of pen, they do not seem to go completely away, in a very stressful atmosphere, also
Avatar f tn If you want to write a journal of how your days are going and add a line or two about the condition of your underarm rash that day, any changes during stress will be seen after awhile. If it doesn't clear up or gets worse, see a doctor- dermatologist. Best of luck to you.
Avatar n tn Dear Lizzie i now what will you say to me but i have to tell youmy 8 wks test wos negative but tomorow i will have results from 9 wks and 5 day,dear Lizzie i am all shaking i have very bad filing about all that ,all day just crying and looking my kids,i am under very havy stress and i write this to you and others just to be little bussy,sorry again for my englis and i will post results tomorw,GOOD LUCK TO ALL SCARY PEOPLE
Avatar m tn The dermatologist told me it was Mangoitis, because i had eaten a mango then two days later i started to get a rash with bumps around my mouth and a deep red colored rash appeared. then it started to crack the skin around the corners of my mouth. i have used creams and taken pills but its going on 8 days now and i would like to know what it is that i really have . i am taking both medications for the breakout cause i'm tired of looking like a freak.