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Avatar m tn rash, acne, bumps, and itching) is from stress or related to stress. I have anxiety, depression, adhd, ibs, ic, and endo and I do know that many of these symptoms, including stress, goes with all of these conditions. I have a doctor appt. today at 5pm, so we'll see what he says.
Avatar f tn Thank you for your reply it means a lot. they doctor told me it was a flush rash mainly from stress but I keep thinking it's from a sign of HIV but if it too soon then I can probably cam down from it. is there any other sti or std that wld have cause this neck rash/shoulder rash...
Avatar n tn Dear Lizzie i now what will you say to me but i have to tell youmy 8 wks test wos negative but tomorow i will have results from 9 wks and 5 day,dear Lizzie i am all shaking i have very bad filing about all that ,all day just crying and looking my kids,i am under very havy stress and i write this to you and others just to be little bussy,sorry again for my englis and i will post results tomorw,GOOD LUCK TO ALL SCARY PEOPLE
Avatar n tn I was told by the doctor the rash could just be cause by stress cause I have been stress after the exposure(worried I have hiv) and she also said it could be a heat rash because my rash doesn't look like and hiv rash! What does an hiv look like? Is it itchy? I also told her I have swollen gums caused my a wisdom tooth, and said the swollen lymph nodes could be caused by that! Is that true?
Avatar f tn Last two days i do have body rash not quite severe but it goes with fever. I went to a dermatologist and she gave me lomexin. --i am wondering, could this facts be consequences of atarax or maybe it's due to stress? Is there any possibility for those two factors to have such results on me?
Avatar n tn Before he inserted his penis (with a condom) into me, he rimmed my ***. Two days later, I had a rash develop located about an inch and a half above my anus. Two weeks later, the rash hasn't disappeared (still red) and it still itches from time to time.
Avatar m tn I have had a very dull headache for several weeks and had aches in my legs last month that came and would go away. No rash, no fever, no flu like symptoms.. Just worried.. I am getting tested next week... I've had a few little white spots in my mouth that last a day.. I don't sleep at night and am concerned..
Avatar f tn I'm just back from the doctors today. I have a red dry rash around my mouth which they say is some sort of allergy to food. I haven't been eating anything different (I'm quite a plain eater). Anyway I am a highly stressed out person anything and everything stresses me out so when I asked my doctor about this she said there's a high chance that my burning itchy skin can be stress. I've been given allergy tablets and some steroid cream so here's hoping it works.
1506088 tn?1289700784 t get rid of it, same rash in my left ear, shaving legs on a daily basis as the hair irritates it, have some bigger sores that get a black scab on back of calves, only the size of tip of pen, they do not seem to go completely away, in a very stressful atmosphere, also waiting for liver transplant in London, ON....Is the stress making it worse? Is there an end to this rash? Please help...Thanks from get me a fork!!!!NOW!!!!
Avatar n tn It is indeed a complex process and several disease states from seborrheic dermatitis, cardiovascular disease, stroke to certain cases of cancers arise secondary to stress. Stress appears to be relevant to the medical community as medicine begins to evolve and molecular and genetic factors come into play.Stress leads to disease due to an underlying interplay of factors in the molecular level.This is something that we need to look into.
Avatar f tn Uhhhg almost went Into labor today because of my nerves and stress I think .....my mom who usually doesn't ride motorcycles was in an accident on one today while with her boyfriend he was life flighted and broke multiple bones while my mom got away with just some bruises and road rash.....thank god!!!!!! But anyways when I got the call we didn't know what condition she was in and I started crying and instantly started back cramps and contractions for like 2 hours but they went away .....
Avatar f tn My left armpit and upper back in the shoulder blade are sore almost like a sun burn or rash you know the kind you get from wearing a wetsuit without rash guard. It happened the day after I did a work out the consist of a lot of pushups . It's the first time I worked out in years . I also sat on a couch in halfway house in skid row while I was working. Don't really know the real cause of this pain there is no rash or swelling just pain. Hope I can get some advice .
Avatar m tn Hello, This is due to dermatographism. Dermatographism can be caused by stress, tight or abrasive clothing, watches, glasses, energetic kissing, heat, cold, or anything that causes stress to the skin. In many cases it is merely a minor annoyance, but in some rare cases symptoms are severe enough to impact a patient's life. It can be treated by antihistamines or cromoglicate and sometimes steroids, as they prevent the histamine from causing the reaction.
Avatar n tn Blood sugar is okay and rash after suffering with the itching and ugly rash on my leg. the rash has disappeard. I no longer has that awful itching on my leg/s either. So I don't know if it giving up that soda was the reason. I just know i feel and legs look better so I am not going back to my old ways.
Avatar m tn Thanks for the help, I don't think I've really come into contact with anything that would cause my rash that I know of. I haven't tried putting anything on it since it isn't a constant bother itching wise, I'm hoping it's just from stress since i've heard anxiety can give you a rash. A couple weeks ago I thought I might of came in contact with some poison ivy possibly on my foot and since then off and on my foot in that area will really itch but theres no bumps.
Avatar n tn I have seen someone break out in hives due to stress. Do not scratch because this can spread the rash. However, you need to see a dr. as soon as possible so they can figure out what caused the rash because it can lead to many other things. You can use hydrocortizone cream if the itching becomes too bad. Stay away from harsh soaps that can dry your skin out and make you itch more. You could also try an oatmeal bath. Hope you feel better soon!
Avatar f tn If you want to write a journal of how your days are going and add a line or two about the condition of your underarm rash that day, any changes during stress will be seen after awhile. If it doesn't clear up or gets worse, see a doctor- dermatologist. Best of luck to you.
Avatar m tn s palsy is activated from trauma Stress and some surgery. I had extreme trauma from violet Dog attack and following nightmares that have sent me for help with PTSD. Zoster is the virus that activates the Bell's palsy from the trauma I am dealing with still. My Drs. agree. I just wrote the question poorly.
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Avatar f tn Shingles for me was under ny breasts and then started going round the sides and back. I'd get it checked. Could be anything.