Rash between leg and scrotum

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Avatar n tn Hello, I have a rash on the skin between my scrotum and my leg and a little bit on my leg and scrotum, it is itchy and little patches of skin have turned red but they don't seem to be open wounds, the skin around it looked like it was peeling so i put vaseline intensive care lotion on it and i went out and bought a hydrocortizone cream and a neosporin-like cream, will this help? or am i dealing with something more serious?
Avatar n tn I started to develop a small red rash on the right side of my scrotum in Bali which I jokingly put down as a sunburnt testicle! This rash grew and grew until it covered my scrotum and the base of my penis, and throughout the trip it travelled to my anus, buttocks, inner leg and groin areas. Also the head of my penis is very dry and the skin is scaly.
Avatar m tn Is this some strangely coincidental breakout of a rash? It was very warm outside Saturday, and I did do a lot of walking around in jeans and boxer briefs, which can be a bit suffocating. Is this just a reaction to sweating, and then chafed by sex? Or is it something more sinister, connected to my Sunday encounter?
Avatar m tn I had sex with a escort today and it was protected and when I came home to shower I noticed a rash between the scrotum and leg in the crease. It looks a little blistered. Could this be a std? My last sexual exprernce was about 3 weeks ago with another escort but I always wear condoms and I pull my penis through underwear flap to minimize skin contact.
Avatar n tn For moths I have had this red rash, or raw-ness in between my scrotum and upper leg. It doesnt itch just burns when touched or sweated on. It also has this weird smelling white-stuff that comes back after I clean it off. It goes away every now an then.
Avatar f tn Hi, I've developed a rash on my inner leg between at the crease where it joins my scrotum. It's red and itchy but not blistering or weeping, more like eczema. I have it two weeks, not going away or getting much worse. Two things occured two weeks ago, I went for a 30km cycle, first in ages. And also received oral sex from a man. So heat rash or STD? Any help appreciated.
Avatar n tn try several creams till you find one that works, this rash was red and between my sac and my inner leg and hurt at times..took several weeks to get rid of and several different creams (each cream took a coupe wees til I figured it wasn't working) This might be the same thing...I work out a lot and wear a jock/cup if you d othe same this mightbe it...good luck.
Avatar m tn 1-2 week after exposure I did not experience any blisters or sores, but I did get some paper cut between my scrotum and upper left leg. I figure it was a small injury from leg work out from gym. I was paranoid that it was herpes so I shaved my pubic hair for the first time with one of my razors. I have learned you are supposed to use a new razor when you shave your pubic hair. I obviously developed ingrown hair above my penis area. After that day it healed and my days would pursue like normal.
Avatar m tn I used it on my scrotum, the area between my scrotum and thigh and inner thighs. I then got a shower. That Monday when I returned home from work I had what looked like a rash on my inner thigh where my scrotum touches the leg. It looked like hundreds of little red pimples and it went down into my groin fold. On the right side there is a similar looking rash. On Monday the left portion of my scrotum was pinkish. That has gone away.
6259429 tn?1379882375 Hello, I have a rash on the skin between my scrotum and my leg, it is itchy and little patches of skin have turned red but they don't seem to be open wounds, the skin around it looked like it was peeling. i got neo-skin cream, it worked at first and came back again.i have gone for STD and HIV test but all negative. please what can i do?
Avatar m tn m thinking and its never been mentioned. I had a redness between my leg and scrotum about a week or two after my contact with the csw. At first it was just on the right area bw the leg and scrotum in the crease and I put antibiotic ointment on it and it went away in a day or two. Then a couple days later I wore the same pants and it came back but on each side this time. It was just red skin, no bumps or discoloration beyond just red skin. At first I thought it could be.
Avatar n tn 5 to 5 weeks later I developed a bad, itchy rash on my left leg. It was very red, inflamed, and itchy it. It was confined solely to my left leg. I had no other symptoms. It last about 4 weeks. It was very irritated, red and itchy. I don't recall checking the women's hands for traces of blood and I put a t-shirt between myself the table (that is between my genitals and the table). Do you think there is any possible chance of catching HIV from this incident.
Avatar n tn I have one red bump with a whitehead between my anus and scrotum for about a week now. Its neither growing or shrinking. Its not itchy at all and doesn't really hurt, even when touched. It does impede my walking and I can't exercise. after walking or running for too long it feel irritated. its small, like pimple size. what is it? As a side note, i have a rash on my hands and feet for months that was first diagnosed as excema but now maybe psoriasis.
Avatar m tn Hello, and thank you in advance for your help. I recently (3 months ago) had unprotected sex with an HSV2 positive woman twice. I had an HSV2 blood test about 5 weeks after, and tested negative. Recently, I have developed a "rash" between the base of my scrotum and my butt cheeks. I have had no other outbreak at all. I don't recall having any vaginal contact there whatsoever. Does this sound like I should be worried? Thanks so much....
Avatar m tn I'm pretty nervous to ask, and plan to see a doctor when I can but here we go. I have had a bit of an itch between my scrotum and my thigh. It's not that bad of an itch and seems to itch more so at night. Last day or 2 I've noticed it to be more red then usual and could be from itching it though I try not to.. And all and all it's not really bad or and not really painful, but the redness and rash likeness worries me. My question is could it be an std or just some kind of fungus?
Avatar n tn i too have some rashes (leg, chest & face) and i tested negative (Elisa & Western blot 8th month after my exposed) beyond window period and if i had rash due to HIV then my test should be positive.... Expect & doctor in this site say's that.
Avatar m tn I attended an all week music festival last weekend and developed a bad rash in between my leg and scrotum (both sides) as well as small pimple like bumps a little behind the base of my penis into my pubic hair region. They do not hurt and haven't oozed, ruptured, or done anything except become less prominent. I feel like they are fading away. I am worried sick about this and am going to the doctor today, but I am just curious does this sound like herpes?
Avatar m tn It started as just my scrotum getting red and itched a little. It would go away and come back, no big deal. Then about 1 1/2 months into it, it spread to the inside of my leg and up above my penis. Now it is slowly moving onto my penis and I just noticed a rash on my chest. I did have a non-traditional sexual encounter about 4 months ago with a transexual. I got myself tested for HIV an Herpes, came back negative for HIV and Negative for Herpes Type 2, but I do have Herpes type 1.
Avatar m tn Hi I have developed a rash on the shaft of my penis and quite bad on my area between scrotum and anus(Not in my anus) The rash on my shaft is red and runs all up my shaft its a little raised but not blistery or ulcerated. the rash between my scrotum and anus is red, raised and covers quite an area, goes in a line from just above my anus to my scrotum and then spreads to my inner thighs. itchy at times but not over powering.
Avatar n tn its circular but not a perfect circle with a few tiny bumps around the rash. the rash is very raw and red and like glazed over with some sort of clear liquid. it burns and it very raw feeling but not itching. ive has had it for a few months..(no insurance to get checked,no job right now and a kid) i though it was just from sweating and though it was getting better after showering(which it may have been a little better but, never truly went away).
Avatar f tn And I have had a persistent rash on my scrotum and the base of my penis for three weeks now. Very itchy. And a red irritated urethra. Which like I said all seems to come and go. Doctors normally don't test for herpes with a blood test here and I have had four examine me. Two at a sexual health clinic and two family doctors but none saw me with the initial raw spot. But even describing it it was just one small spot no blister or bump or pus.
Avatar n tn I had no issues after shaving my genital area for a few months. One Saturday in October I shaved the area between my scrotum and anus. Then shaved the rest of my genital area. Once again taking as much hair as I could and using an electric razor and disposable. 2 days later the left side of my scrotum was very red. I went to work and when I got home discovered the inner thigh area where my scrotum touches my leg had about 100 bumps...
Avatar m tn Since then I have been experiencing varying degrees of irratating red rashes on my scrotum and also a high degree of shooting pain in my right leg. The skin on my scrotom appears scaley and red but never seems to progress into anything that I could make out as sores. It did not go away with any fungal creams. I was examined several times at which doctors could not definitively say what the rash was or explain my extreme leg pain.
Avatar f tn About 19 days post exposure I had a red rash in between the fat of my ‘fupa’ and leg. I actually shaved my scrotum (haven’t done in a while) which led to irritation for a day which is maybe why I noticed the red rash irritation but I couldn’t see any bumps. I had igg tests 12 days post and were Negative. Just very worried. Please let me know what you all think.