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Avatar n tn Hello, I have a rash on the skin between my scrotum and my leg and a little bit on my leg and scrotum, it is itchy and little patches of skin have turned red but they don't seem to be open wounds, the skin around it looked like it was peeling so i put vaseline intensive care lotion on it and i went out and bought a hydrocortizone cream and a neosporin-like cream, will this help? or am i dealing with something more serious?
Avatar m tn Hello, I have had a rash that is between my legs and my scrotum. It has been going on for about a month. It is not there all of the time. Sometimes it lasts for 2 or 3 days then is gone for 2 or 3 days. It isn't itchy. It is just sore. It feels "raw". I'm pretty sure it's not an STD. It's red. It also is red on my leg where my scrotum might rest. But the soreness is only in the crease where my leg meets my body next to my scrotum.
Avatar m tn Hello, I have a rash on the skin between my scrotum and my leg, it is itchy and whenever I itch it, the skin peels and it gets a little bloody, it is also sensitive and all I've tried is washing it with soap and water, but even that is hard considering how sensitive it is, and sometimes it just stays itchy, but other times it stops.
Avatar n tn as a shock from running went up my leg into the pelvic region...it was almost like some fibers between scrotum and anus "snapped" or something.......this turned out to be permanent.......i had to give up running and playing soccer...i could walk okay enough but the shocks from running just gave me those stabbing sensations everyone is talking about....stabbing sensation and also of "fibers grinding against each other". about 10 years later I ate some hash cookies.....
6259429 tn?1379885975 Hello, I have a rash on the skin between my scrotum and my leg, it is itchy and little patches of skin have turned red but they don't seem to be open wounds, the skin around it looked like it was peeling. i got neo-skin cream, it worked at first and came back again.i have gone for STD and HIV test but all negative. please what can i do?
Avatar n tn I have a redness which has developed in the crease between my upper thigh and the scrotum. It has not itched at all. It burns a little when I get sweaty in that area. Is this something that I need to see a doctor about? Could I transmit it to someone else? How should I treat it?
Avatar m tn I have some comments and thoughts and hope they will help you. As I start however, let me say that as I read through your post, each time I thought I had a sense of what was going on, the next line informed me that your PCP and dermatologist had suggested the same thing with little benefit. My comments will start with your initial concern and then move forward. I hope they help. Let's start with your initial exposure.
Avatar m tn The bumps pretty much stayed, but a rash spread over my testes and penis. Everything eventually turned red. Veins were showing up close to the skin that hadn't been there before. Big and small. Everything started burning. no scaling or flaking. Dermatologist told me that I'm just irritated and gave me densonide. It didn't help or hurt. I've been back to my primary care doctor and he's put me on anti-biotics which haven't helped either.
Avatar n tn 3 days later my groin started burning and developed into a rash, but no blisters. the rash has persisted and seems to be popping up in random places on my body (wrist, stomach, inner thighs) but primarily on my scrotum and a little on my shaft. It varies. At times, it is worse than others, seems to be helped by being open to air. the 2 doctors I've been to so far both said it's not Herpes, one prescribed Jock itch cream that doesn't seem to be working.
Avatar n tn try several creams till you find one that works, this rash was red and between my sac and my inner leg and hurt at times..took several weeks to get rid of and several different creams (each cream took a coupe wees til I figured it wasn't working) This might be the same thing...I work out a lot and wear a jock/cup if you d othe same this mightbe it...good luck.
Avatar m tn 1. Burning sensation, inner thigh and scrotum - both sides 2. Slight discomfort/pain in lymph node region - no swelling A day or two later, the symptoms expanded: 1. 1 and 2 (above) were still presenting, though 2 was more sporadic 2. Burning sensation expanded to upper thigh behind leg, just below buttocks, bursning "feeling" was much more pronounced when sitting 3.
Avatar n tn The area between my scrotum and thigh was itching and i scratched it and it left a scar on my scrotum (its been 2 weeks) i just recently noticed the scar and noticed it is above skin level and when i run the scar on my scrotum rubs against my leg and it hurts after. Is there something i can do to flatten the scar? i heard its bad to use any creams on the scrotum.
Avatar n tn I had a biopsy and didn't show anything. The rash stays mostly on the scrotum and sometimes between the leg creases. The rash doesn't itch and comes and goes by the minute. The skin isn't dry and gets better when I sweat. Every doctor said it was something different. Maybe it will be leprosy with the next doctor. They call them practicing physicians because they don't have a clue. I had jock itch on my scrotum before and it cleared with otc spray in two days.
Avatar n tn after a few days the skin looked clearer so i kept using cream but my skin the turned back to the way it was and seemed to get worse and also my scrotum became very red and hot felt like it was burning no itching just irritated and red.So over the weeks i have tried all creams on the market and they all seem to work in the 1st few days then whatever it is in my skin just keep coming back.
Avatar n tn She gave me a pair of her panties to try. They are silky and real thin and go in between my scrotum and my legs and keeps the skin separated. They seem to work really well.. Except for my PJ's and bathrobe when I don't have her underware on. She bought me a bunch more so I don't have to wear hers and she says this cuts down on me embarrassing her in public.
Avatar n tn Well I shaved on Saturday and ended up getting another heat rash where my scrotum touches my leg. My left side of the scotum had the same pinkish hue as last year. This time I began treating it with gold bond, and cold showers.... NOTHING ELSE I also made sure I relaxed and did not freak out this time. This morning the heat rash is still there but the pink is starting to fade. When I get stressed out it begins to get darker.
Avatar m tn Between the base of my penis and my scrotum I developed a rash after shaving. I had sex the same night after shaving multiple times with the same girl. (unprotected) Lube was added once and it literally felt like it caught my junk on fire. This is the only girl I slept with in 7 years other than my ex wife which we never cheated. The very next day the rash was very sore I was assuming from constant friction and the lube that burned like crazy. Anyway the next day it was like a raw open wound.
Avatar n tn I had finished a course of antibiotics for a sinus infection. After working out I shaved my scrotum, the area between anus and scrotum and my inner thighs. The next day I returned home from work and my scrotum was glowing red and looked odd. The next day when I worked out I wore normal cotton boxers but it caused my left scrotum to touch my leg and soon I developed a patch of red bumps where the scrotum was touching.
Avatar m tn It's on both sides of my scrotum were it meets the leg. It's like crack like lines that go along each leg between scotum and leg. It is so bad that it bleeds. I've tried Desitin cream (I have kids) which helps until it wears off. From what I've read here maybe I should try Lamisil or hydrocortosone. What do you think.
Avatar n tn They were located almost where my appendix would be found in the crease between my leg and my lower belly. The blisters were very small and popped like a small pimple. They then scabbed over and have continued to clear up. (this is only 2 days after i noticed them at all). They were only slightly painful when they were popped and did not itch or burn. Two of the dots are very near my belly button, but the majority of them are in a patch in the previously described area.
Avatar n tn Now, it seem to have spread all of a sudden, to a much wider area between my scrotum and my upper leg. It itches really badly at times and I worry if I am putting anyone else at risk by sharing towels, direct contact etc. That aside, I'd really love to get rid of it myself. Thank you very much for your concern.
Avatar n tn I have found a rash between my inside leg and my scrotum. all the spots are about 3 millimetres in size, and are red. some have started to form white dead skin on top. I thought at first it might be a heat rash, but now i have found some spots on my actual scrotum. Can anyone help me? I am a little confused as i haven't had sex yet and the only thing my girlfriend and I have done is some 'heavy petting'.
Avatar n tn I was sitting on the couch and noticed what felt like a small bump on my groin area in the part between my leg and scrotum. I went into the bathroom and looked at it under the light with a mirror and sure enough there was what appeared to be a red pimple. Since Friday the whole area has become red with a number of red spots, and what looks like a rash. I have been showering and putting baby powder and diaper rash cream on the area but it is not getting any better, in fact it looks worse.
599912 tn?1219661564 Does your underwear leg- edge go into that area? It can rub and irritate the skin and make it raw and hurt. If yours does, go to a longer length brief that ends further down your legs so it won't rub. Try using free and clear detergent and only a free and clear softner (usually found in dryer sheets). Go to a soap for sensitive skin, no perfumes. Try Desenex cream to rub in those cracks and try to get as much air to the areas as you can.
Avatar m tn Ive also had herpes symptoms, pins and needles in thighs, crawling sensation on my scrotum ( My scrotum wasnt involved when i recieved oral ), burning sensation in my left foot comes and goes, leg aches, shooting pains in legs, I havent had any blisters or lesions just the rash. Had a IGG at 5 weeks came back NEG for both HSV1 AND HSV2. HSV1 - 0.862 HSV2 - 0.580 To me it all adds up that ive got HSV1 genitally, please let me know what you think?
Avatar n tn I have the typical symptoms of burning when urinating, lower back pain, pain between scrotum and anus etc.. About 3 weeks ago I noticed a pink rash that has tiny pimple looking marks on my glans penis. It is shiny and seems to be somewhat scaly with breaks in the skin. These dont hurt and they are very small. The bumps are somewhat scattered all around the front of the glans penis. For about 5 months now I have had terrible leg pain and muscle pain that has not gone away.
Avatar m tn I used it on my scrotum, the area between my scrotum and thigh and inner thighs. I then got a shower. That Monday when I returned home from work I had what looked like a rash on my inner thigh where my scrotum touches the leg. It looked like hundreds of little red pimples and it went down into my groin fold. On the right side there is a similar looking rash. On Monday the left portion of my scrotum was pinkish. That has gone away.
Avatar n tn ) The area is between where my left leg meets my crotch. Sometimes the itchyness extends up to the left side of my scrotum but generally not often. The skin does not visible have a rash, except when I scratch at it. It generally feels warm and clammy all the time.When I have been wearing clothes it goes from clammy to sweaty and generally gets more itchy. When I rub the skin it will rub away and come off like skin will do in the shower if you've gone too long without a good shower.