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Avatar f tn Is ranitidine 150 mg tablet gln the same as ranitidine 150 mg tablet ivx? Did my pharmacist give me the gln by mistake or is it the same as what i usually take the ranitidine 150 ivx for my acid reflux and hiatal hernia. Thanks. Yolie H.
Avatar f tn hello, I am taking ranitidine for the last 2 months and buscopan only when required. my last periods was on 4th of August and till now i didint get my periods of this month. i had sex with my husband on 22nd of August. ie, 19th day aftre my last periods.now i am worried that i am pregnant. is there any chance to become pregnant? i am very much worried beoz i am taking ranitidine now. will iahve to abort if i am pregnant? or is that medicine safe?
531005 tn?1286519132 The doctors prescribed me some Ranitidine 300MG Tablets on the suspicion I may have either an ulcer or GERD. Does this medicine have the ability to cure either GERD or an Ulcer? If so, in about how much time?
Avatar n tn The Nexium he is taking is giving him awful cramps (proven by discontinuing the Nexium). Can ranitidine be used safely with a damaged liver?
Avatar f tn I also have a prescription for Zantac/ranitidine that calls for me to take twice the OTC dose (my stomach really hates me). Maybe get some of the OTC "cool mint" Zantac if you can put up with the menthol feeling? I don't find it very strong but it is noticeable.
Avatar n tn Take some OTC antacid like Mylanta. You can also take zantac(ranitidine)or prilosec (omeprazole).These will help. Also keep your fluid electrolyte balance optimum by drinking lots of fluids. If the symptoms worsen then it may be due to H.Pylori infection. You need antibiotics in that case after prescription from a physician. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar f tn i was feeling ok for a few months then suddenly i developed nausea a week ago and the doctor prescibed tinidizole with acidity tablets. i took for 3 days along with my homeopathy medicine but i still feel heaviness in my head when i lie down so im not able to sleep. kindly advice me what to do.
11601793 tn?1419747392 I just got this medicine to help with my major heartburn. I am scared to take it without opinions first. Is tis exactly like Zantac? Is it safe to use?
Avatar f tn Hello my name is Jennifer and I was wondering why my 7 week old daughter will not keep her formula down. she brings up everything. she is on medicine (ranitidine) but i don't give it to her nomore because i don't think it's not working. but i did a no no i am putting in some cereal in with her formula and she keeps all of it down so that is the only way i feed her now.
Avatar m tn now keep in mind I've never been officially diagnosed, just something my GP thought might be bothering me and prescribed me ranitidine... long story short, the ranitidine worked fine (150 mg/2x a day) and I was symptom free within 24 hours. Flash forward to 5 weeks ago, I thought I was developing a bit of a chest cold with some chest tightness. Figured the cough would come along later... funny thing, it never came.
Avatar n tn Omeprazole Better Than Other Drugs for Indigestion Reuters Health By David Douglas Monday, July 25, 2005 NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - As a treatment for upset stomach, omeprazole, sold under the trade names Prilosec and Rapinex, provides superior relief to that achieved with ranitidine, sold as Zantac, or with cisapride, sold as Propulsid, Canadian researchers report in the American Journal of Gastroenterology.
1245064 tn?1268579655 Last month I started taking Ranitidine twice a day due to reflux and heartburn. Worked fine. This month I have acid reflus so bad and the Ranitidine is not working. After I eat I feel fine not full then after about an hour some of my food starts to come up. Then comes the burping acid. no medicine is helping have heartburn and reflux almost all day.
Avatar n tn Side effects such as headache dizziness, dry mouth, fatigue and asthenia may be possible but like any other medicine, these may or may not be present in all patients who are taking this medicine. It is also recommended that you discuss this with your attending physician prior to taking it. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn So he gave him liquid ranitidine twice a day and miralax once a day. The miralax was fine, he put it in some apple juice and stimself and said it was fine. The ranitidine he gave a horrible face, opened his mouth at which point half fell out. I told him he has to swallow it, so he did. He then made another face and asked for water. I gave him a small amount of water in the same little cup I had given him the medicine in.
Avatar n tn I stopped taking the medicine and the reflux was gone as well. After about a month of no medication the muscle problem got better but the heartburn returned. I called my physician and was placed on Zantac and now I am having the same results after 1 week of use. I have seen a neurologist and have clear MRI, EMG. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn my eye sight blacksout or gets blurry, when i wake up in the mornin it feels like im still dreamin nuthin feels real my head feels heavy and i have headaches and i been havin these dreams where im not myself im sumone else i dream all night every night the other night i woke up in the middle of the night becuase it felt like some one was chokin me, my heart starts beatin really fast out of nowhere and i feel nausous i also have two stomache ulcer and im anemic so ive been takin ferous sulfate,d
Avatar f tn Not really an ear problem - but maybe you posted in wrong forum. 1. Sinus infection or allergies 2. Take cough medicine. 3. From the severity of the problem you describe it could be reflux. That prevented me from getting sleep for several years. Try omeprazole, available over the counter, and if necessary take a double dose. Also ranitidine before bed - 150 mg. Do not eat within four or five hours of going to bed.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia 10 years ago and have been taking Nexium 40 mg every day since then. After awhile the Nexium alone didn't help so they had me had ranitidine every night and the nexium ever morning. It worked well for a long time. I am over weight and I know this is another thing that is cause it to bother me so much.
Avatar f tn So I'm 33 weeks pregnant. Zantac and tums didn't help. They prescribed me a medicine and now that's not working. I'm to the point where I'm puking. Can anyone tell me anyone old time tricks or home remedies that would work. Besides milk. Tried that and just puked.....this is aweful!
Avatar n tn I have had GERD for many years. I had bad experiences with the PPI's and Zantac (Ranitidine) isn't the least bit helpful. I am careful with my diet, but I still get this feeling in my throat and the pain right below the sternum. I rarely get heartburn from my foods any more, because I am watching very carefully what I eat. What kind of treatment other than PPI's and/or Ranitidine do you suggest?
Avatar n tn Now in California Im not getting much help from the free clinic, and cant afford better doctors. I've been told to eat fiber and yogurt for my colon (not much help) and Ranitidine tablets for Gastritus (not helping). I found from the internet the Virgin Siberian pine nut oil does help my gastritus, but because its oil MAYBE it is hurting my colitis. #2 What foods should be good for the above problems, and what foods are bad.
Avatar n tn She takes pulmicort and and albuterol sulfate through a nebulizer plus cough medicine, prednisolone (orally) and ranitidine for the stomach. She is frequently in local emergency rooms and has seen a pediatric pulmonologist. The coughing persists. Doctors have not identified her as having asthma but say she has asthma-mimicking symptoms, but without wheezing. Despite the impression that we have from being around her, the doctors maintain that she is "not that sick" and improving.
Avatar n tn that ranitidine (Zantac) is safe during pregnancy in a dose of 150 mg taken twice daily. Obviously it is best, if possible, to : minimize the use of any medicine during pregnancy, but if your symptoms are particularly troublesome you could try ranitidine. Thank you so much for your help. I went out today and bought some Zantac 75, but looking at the active ingredient it lists "84 mg ranitidine hydrochloride", and states it's equivalent to 75 mgs of ranitidine.
488724 tn?1253554835 i know being obese made me get these problems. So anyways.. Thyroid medicine.. how long does it take for your body to need the medicine adjusted again???
Avatar f tn I also went to the doc for a lump on my inner left buttock. The doc prescribed my antibiotics and ranitidine. I took the antibiotics and the lump/bump went away, but I never took the ranitidine. About one week ago, I drank some beer and as I drank the beer my stomach started hurting, but I kept drinking (a lot). The next day my stomach started hurting bad! I had a sharp pain and super nauseous. I had a bowel movement (diarrhea) and my stomach feel better.
Avatar f tn i felt like i am going to die. saw dr. he gave some medicines like ranitidine, antacid etc. and pain started reducing. but its not gone fully. my dr told to continue the same medicine. when i asked dr told this is stomach inflammation. what is stomach inflammation? how does that come? i am taking medicine for thyroid daily . eltroxin 100. is it becoz of that? or i used to take anti hisatmin anti inflammatory tablets now and then for allergic sneezng and my radiating pain in hand and leg..
Avatar n tn I am on the medication Ranitidine and have been doing okay...yesterday I lifted some heavy boxes of paper and a couple of hours later I got extremely pale, with cold sweats, dizziness and nausea. I rested and managed to keep food down but now I have pain that comes and goes in the area right below my left breast where I've had the pain before. I'm just concerned that I might have caused bleeding internally or a hernia...I am taking my medication but should I be concerned?
Avatar f tn I do not recommend anyone quite taking your thyroid medicine!! I do recommend you change to synthroid! Four weeks into synthroid and I do not have heartburn or stomach problems.
Avatar f tn Doc says he cant have another operation - thou he did have one few years back and took medicine for sometime till he was asked to stop.