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Avatar f tn I have chronic constipation for which I take miralax as well as a hiatal? hernia and acid reflux for whihc I take ranitidine and Nexium. I have allergies to molds, mildews, and pollens for which I take zyrtec-d. I know that all of these symptoms are not necessarily related but combined they are often overwhelming. I truly believe that the wierd fibrglasss feeling arm thing, RLS, the numbness in my etremities are related however. I am 43, I exercise regularly (at least 4xweek for 1.
Avatar n tn I'm a female, 5'5" 135 lbs, 51 yrs old, I exercise 5-7 days a week and am generally healthy. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed what I believe are swollen lymph nodes along my inner arms from my forearms to my triceps. I've never felt my lymph nodes in my arms before, so I'm not entirely sure that's what they are, but some of them feel sort of moveable and soft and a some of them (right above my elbow) are larger and firmer. They feel about kidney bean sized.
Avatar n tn I've been on treatment (sandostatin for carcinoid) (ranitidine for mastocytosis) for both of these and neither of the treatments are working. My right hand is extremely red and my toes sometimes turn blue. My eyelids look they are sunburnt - actually all of me looks sunburnt. I had one doctor kick me out of his office in January saying I was sunburnt. I had NOT been in the sun or a tanning bed. I've seen almost 30 doctors and no answers.
Avatar f tn Three years ago I had a 2 level lumbar/sacral spinal fusion. I had suffered with several lumbar back pain, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease and spondylothesis for 20 years prior to my spinal fusion. After surgery, I had no relief from the pain. I was told that my body had built up scar tissue around the surgical site and that was the reason for the failure of pain control. I have had fairly adeqaute pain control with MSCONTIN 60 mg BID and Diazapam 5 mg for muscle spasms.
Avatar n tn anyhow prescribed naproxen which is better than ibroprophen and has a pain killer in it, but this causes stomache upset/acid so also have ranitidine to counteract it. today the stiffness and pain has move to my shoulder again. will post back again.