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Avatar f tn Now i am doubtful that i am pregnant as i removed my copper T recently. I am under treatment for stomach inflammation. i am taking ranitidine 150 twice daily for the last 2 months and buscopan when i have stomach pain. i take antacid when have heartburn if i happen to eat anything which is not suitable for my present stomach condition. pls tell me, is it safe to take those medicines if i am pregnant? or do i have to abort if i am pregnant? i am very much worried....thanks in advance.
Avatar f tn Ranitidine. You can find it at walmart with the zantec it is completely safe during pregnancy ive had to take it with both of mine.
Avatar f tn My Dr told me to take Ranitidine 150mg twice a day. Or once. Depending how bad it is. And just try to avoid greasy or spicy foods. Also don't eat to much. Instead eat several small meals throughout the day.
Avatar n tn My doc prescribed zantac for me you can also buy it over the counter so far its been working.
Avatar f tn I too have had alot of heartburn with my meds ever since the switch from synthroid. I ended up going to a gastoenterologist who sent me for an endoscopy. Said I had a hiatal hernia and esophegitis. Now I'm taking 150 mgs of Ranitidine, twice daily. I have been on many types of meds for this and not one has really taken care of the problem. Just think there's something else going on. They then sent me for a colonoscopy, which was fine. Now the are odering a small bowel series.....yeh, what ever.
Avatar f tn Heartburn goes away instantly when you eat a pickle and or drink pickle juice. Could be the vinegar.
Avatar f tn I'm 6months (24weeks) and I've gone this far without throwing up until now because of heartburn. Its really bad and I need some tips on getting rid of it. I've tried tums already..
7110266 tn?1392139611 From the first trimester I've had bad heartburn. Even water gives me heartburn chewable tums are my everything.
6396087 tn?1399171232 My heartburn has awaken me..no matter was I eat or drink I've always seem to have them...third trimester and still heartburn... Who else experiences this so late in their pregnancy?
Avatar f tn Has anyone got any helpful tips for heartburn for the last week have had it towards the end of the day and its horrible.
Avatar f tn I hear you... im 32 weeks and for the past few days im starting to feel like i didi my first trimester. All day at work i feel very nauseous and a constant heartburn that i feel like i keep throwing up in my mouth and burns so bad. I know it sounds disgusting but ive tried everything promising to work and so far no luck. Thursday im talking to my doc... i'll start taking some pills she said she'll prescribe me.
314669 tn?1375642057 I don't know the answer to taking antacids after taking Ranitidine (Zantac). I just know Ranitidine does nothing for me. Check with your doctor before doing this, but many people drink aloe vera juice diluted with water to treat their GERD. Others swear by doing the same thing with apple cider vinegar. I'm pretty sure they're okay to use in small quantities even while pregnant, but just check with your doctor before attempting.
2006603 tn?1331332927 I am 33w4d and yesterday my doc prescribed me 150mg tablets to take twice a day for heartburn. Anyone use ranitidine while pregnant? I just want to make sure its safe.
531005 tn?1286519132 The doctors prescribed me some Ranitidine 300MG Tablets on the suspicion I may have either an ulcer or GERD. Does this medicine have the ability to cure either GERD or an Ulcer? If so, in about how much time?
Avatar f tn My consultant has taken me off omeprazole and replaced it with ranitidine due to the fact that my magnesium is low, and is making my calcium low too. Has anyone else had experience of this change, and if so, how has your body reacted to it.
7732297 tn?1397450437 My doctor prescribed me with Ranitidine. I swear by it. Haven't had it since I started taking it.
Avatar f tn This heartburn is seriously grinding my gears ! I jus wanna swallow 80 ice cubes nd keep them there for the rest of my pregnancy. Before I got pregnant I had never had it nd always thought ppl were over exaggerating but holy this aint no joke. I hope this isnt an open door for it to happen even after I give birth. So many changes pregnancy can give you.
Avatar f tn heartburn is probably my worst enemy right now. My doctor recommended Zantac. 1 pill twice daily. It didn't work at first but then after a few weeks of taken it, it finally started working. Now if I don't take it, I feel like I'm dying. Tums, milk, water, or crackers didn't work. It just made it worse for me.
Avatar f tn Target brand is Ranitidine. I take two every day. My doctor told me that was fine. If I don't take it the heartburn is so bad I vomit. I hope you find something that works for you. I know how miserable it can be.
Avatar f tn You can try a little glass of milk but beware milk also causes heartburn due to the sugars in it.and water will cause heartburn. Rolaids work better than tums for short term relief. I recently had to get Perscription for acid reflux and heartburn so I've been there done that. Also eat small frequent meals at least 3 Hours before bedtime and if you do the Zantac 150 take it twice a day in am and pm. Also I have to sleep propped up on 3 - 4 pillows. I'm 34 weeks.
Avatar f tn Anyone else have extreme heartburn? Mine is painful and sharp. It doesn't matter what I'm eating whether it's cereal or salsa. I wake up with it and I can chug the Maalox and it barely puts a dent in the pain. Help! 29 weeks.
Avatar m tn I've had severe heartburn issues every since I was 14. I had an endoscopy when I was 16 and the doctors found nothing, so the prescribed me a rather high dose of Pantoprazole, which I had taken until I was 18. After a few years of being on the medicine, I noticed that the Pantoprazole alone wasn't enough to tame my daily heartburn, (which, ironically enough, wasn't set off by certain foods, but in fact tamed it.
Avatar n tn Hi, Just approaching my 26th week and having constant heartburn. It's really bad in the evenings and was wondering what would be safe to take...if anything. I didn't want to rely on medications but this is some serious heartburn.