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Avatar f tn The doctor asked that do you feel any kind of stomach gas I told yes.He told the nurse to give me an injection of Zantac(ranitidine).She gave me in my left arm intarvenous.After a few seconds I started to feel confused it seems as my mind is not work I got mentally confused.However I managed to come home and after a while everything got fine.Was this a reaction or side effect of zantac? Is it clear now? are their any chances I can have it again without getting injection?
Avatar n tn took 75 mg of Ranitidine in the morning before breakfast (breakfast was McD mcMuffin sausage with egg). no burning sensation till 4pm, so I had some snacks & took another 75 mg of ranitidine an hour before dinner. Dinner was a bowl of chinese chicken rice soup. No nausea at all the whole day. Also, I drank Aloe vera juice throughout the day.
Avatar n tn He is on lots of different kinds of medication (altace, nitro patch, metoprolol,Ranitidine, Lipidor.)I don't understand really what this all means except he has only the two main arteries left. He quit smoking immediately when the doctor told him the heart attack was caused from smoking. (mind you , he has been a welder for 25 years! which inhales smoke daily especially in such confined areas of the ship.
Avatar n tn I started out with a sore throat, headache,, gas, nausea, back pain upper right side.I thought that I had a severe sore throat. The Dr. prescribed antibiotics(cefuroxime). I felt worse(stomach) and stopped the medication. I had acid reflux problems three years ago and was on medication,so the Dr. thought it might be acid reflux..He prescribed Nexium(once a day) and Ranitidine (twice a day). I have been on this medication for a week. I still have bloating and gas attacks with some back pain.
Avatar n tn After having the tests, my heart has settled down, no problems. Now I have stomach and intestinal gas and discomfort. I mainly feel it in my stomach and sometimes feel tension or discomfort right in the middle of my chest, perhaps in my esophagus. The feeling comes and goes and is relieved by an induced, deep belch. Sometimes I feel gas or liquids rolling in my stomach or intestines.
Avatar n tn But if it doesn't work, maybe the dr will have to prescribe something else. I wish you luck, DS is on ranitidine 2x/day, but doesn't have the gas problem. If he is formula fed, could it be an allery? If breastfed, maybe something you eat?
Avatar n tn I am a 54 yr. old male. I have moderate reflux and take ranitidine 150 mg 2/day. I have had no unusual gastro related problems other than up until two or three months ago. I had kidney stones at age 35 and later probably due to severe dehydration from sports activities. I drink large amounts of water and have had no problem for at least 6 years. Following meals if I develop intestinal gas I frequently also have very unusual pain in and around my navel.
Avatar n tn I was put on Aciphex for 3 months but it did not help. I was later put on Ranitidine for 3 months (300 mg-2x/day) and it helped a lot, leading to many symptomless days. After Ranitidine, I was told to take Zantac (75 mg) whenever symptoms re-occur. My GI doctor (whom I respect and like tremendously) says he believes this is stress-induced, however I stronly feel and believe that there is more to this than just stress. The symptoms are too real and they are too disruptive to normal life.
Avatar n tn have you tried taking medication which will neutralise the gas in your body such as extra strength gas-x,alka selzer etc?? I have similar problems at first i thought i have a heart problem and i went to see a cardiologist,now i know i have acid reflux. You need to see a gastro doc.
Avatar n tn Again after 3/4 days gas develops and then I again take Ranitidine. Is it OK to take Ranitidine irregularly? or there is any side effect of taking Ranitidine so frequently. Please advise how I should treat my problem of gas.
Avatar n tn The pain is also accompanied by occassional burping, passing gas and stomach rumbling (anytime after or around meals as well). I went to my pharmacist today and he gave me ranitidine (Zantac). I have taken 2 x 75mg tablets and the pain has not subsided. I do not feel nauseous and my appetite has not gone, although I do feel consistently full. I am a 28 year old healthy female, I don't smoke, my alcohol intake varies from 0 units a week to 8 units a week.
170935 tn?1225374676 Just a quick question......... I have read many many times about trapped stomach gas and/or acid triggering PVCs and even SVT! I have also read that the vagus nerve can be involved when this happens. I read somewhere that if the vagus nerve is stimulated a PVC can be triggered. I was wondering if anyone can explain how the vagus nerve may be irritated by gas/acid/indigestion. Also how is it true that the vagus nerve can be stimulated when you have a bowel movement?
Avatar n tn When asked about his symptoms he says that he has been feeling tired and has little appetite, and when he tried to eat tonight (even a little), he experienced extreme gas which he could not expel by burping, and which caused him to throw up. He became sick upon arrival at his girlfriend's house for Easter, which he was going to be spending with her family.
Avatar m tn Hi, i was wondering if trapped gas can cause chest soreness, chest tightness, shortness of breath, stabbing pain which is severe enough to think you are having a serious heart problem. and if the answer is yes, how does one go about solving this trapped gas problem? Thanks.
Avatar n tn Took Ranitidine around 9.30pm - 10pm. Gas and a little nausea came around 11.30pm until around midnight.
Avatar n tn For a month now and graduately, I have been having discomfort, cramping, and gas. It bcomes worst when I bend over or stoop down. Sometimes I poop alot or sometimes it feels I need to poop. I've been taking Imodium and Ranitidine with little success. I do smoke and drink two to four beers a night. My diet is clean, cooking mostly at home. My past medical history, I seems I have had these systoms before about 8 years ago, but don't know if they are the same.
Avatar f tn The doctor asked that do you feel any kind of stomach gas I told yes.He told the nurse to give me an injection of Zantac(ranitidine).She gave me in my left arm intarvenous.After a few seconds I started to feel confused it seems as my mind is not work I got mentally confused.However I managed to come home and after a while everything got fine.Was this a reaction or side effect of zantac? Is it clear now? are their any chances I can have it again without getting injection?
Avatar m tn the pain eases on takin some effervescent fruit salts or ranitidine tabs.i wanna know if the headaches are causes by gas or by other factors .btw i experience headaches rather than nausea.can somebody also recoommend some alternative meds that m8 be available in india??
Avatar f tn I have noticed that when the pain occurs within an hour I pass gas or use the toilet. I have loose stools very often and am rarely constipated, and have never had blood in my stool. I have excessive gas when the pain is worse (or maybe I notice it more because it makes the pain worse). I can usually "follow" the pain. I feel it begin and then as I feel the gas or stool pass through the large intestine (always around the top "corners"), the pain decreases.
Avatar m tn i have excess gas, pain in the right quadrant which changes from time to time: sometimes at minimum level, sometimes hard. i have hp ylori infection, for which i completed the treatment and will do a test in a few weeks to see if still it exists. during sleeping i have watering mouth. my main symptom is excess gas everyday and the alternating pain in the right quadrant. sometimes, i have rectal spazms.
Avatar n tn For over a month now I have been suffering from stomach pain, nausea, a bit of gas and bloating, and food tasting really weird/gross. I've been taking prescribed antacids for it and lots of generic tums. A similar thing like this occurred a month ago, however, my stomach only hurt when I touched the very lower portion of it then. Today my stomach hurts when I touch it mostly in the middle and when I don't touch it. The pain feels like the inside of my stomach is just raw.
Avatar f tn I started having hot flashes like most women do, but in February started experience trouble with gas and bloating. Went to my PCP and he said it was lactose intolerant, he recommended not dairy for a couple of weeks and to start taking a probiotic several times a day. I did that and it got better for a while, I also increased my fiber intake and I think that was a big no no.
1717180 tn?1309890266 I have acidity, morning sickness(vomiting tendencies while brushing teeth) & gas problems. In this regard, mostly I do avoid fat & oily food. Also, I drink water periodically at interval. What is the remedial measures for complete cure?
Avatar f tn Last night I had about two ounces of red wine and soon after the burping and gas began. I stopped immediately and my stomach was still aggitated for an hour or so afterwards. This morning I had about four drinks of coffe and some mild stomach irritation began. I had a bowl of cereal and that did not seem to bother me. It has been about three hours since breakfast and I am experiencing some burping and some burning in my stomach. Are those any signs of an ulcer?
Avatar n tn It's been about 3 weeks and the pain is easing up but I noticed now that I have a pain under the ribcage that almost feels like when I was pregnant and the babies foot got lodged under my rib. Is this normal or could it just be gas collecting in my intestines from lack of alot of movement.
Avatar m tn Take some OTC antacid like Mylanta.You can also take zantac(ranitidine)or prilosec(omeprazole).These will help.Also keep your fluid electrolyte balance optimum by drinking lots of fluids. If the symptoms persist then peptic ulcers have to be ruled out.Upper GI endoscopy is needed in such cases.Pls consult a gastroenterologist in that case. Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional doubts.
Avatar n tn Symptoms have been persistent for over 9 months with recentslight improvement with use of Metoclopramide 10mg. Has tried Ranitidine, other antacids and gas relief tabs to no avail. Tested negative for H. pylori and other lab. tests WNL. Lower GI series and/or Colonoscopy is being contemplated. IBS is being considered...any thoughts?
Avatar f tn I said i was putting on her a low wheat diet, they suggested maybe no wheat-intolerance. The Ranitidine has helped stop the sickness and wind, if misses a dose more than two days though wiill feel sick again. 4 months had wheat free diet, she still get very bloated...alot of times she still gets constipated and bleeds when goes to the proper toilet. Im am starting to think she may have something else, well Diverticilitus.
Avatar n tn Rice will constipate you making your gas situation even worse. If you baby has reflux it usually is accompanied by bad gas problems. I would do a lot of cycling of the legs, warm blankets on the tummy, trying to avoid rice, bananas or anything that binds. Formula will only make the problem worse (it did for my kids). Your milk is the best for this situation, believe it or not. Both of my kids were VERY gassy even though I eliminated everything that could cause gas from my diet.
Avatar n tn the discomfort never seams to leave. i am always bloated when i pass out gas it is always terrible and the gas is always frequent . i fear to eat and after consulting the doctor i was not made to do any test whatsoever but i was given the following drugs omaprezole chlaritomycin nugel amoxacylin during the time i was taking em i felt a little relief but after the medication was done the discomfort began again.. i only felt a lil relief after re taking the chlaritomycin..