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Avatar n tn I made an appt to see my doctor for Thursday morning, just to make sure that I don't have H Pylori bacteria (I never did have it, but just checking again since it has been a couple years since my last check) and then ask her whether my prilosec/ranitidine dosage needs to be increased. I am just so tired of dealing with gastritis....I wish I could just cure it completely!
Avatar n tn While travelling last weekend, I intermittently missed a few doses and suffered with severe pain that felt like labor contractions for several days this week until I was taking the Ranitidine regularly again. Another time I tried to reduce the dosage to 150mg 2X/day and I had more of a constant pain higher up in the abdomen. I have had numerous GI tests, including an upper GI, CAT scan, gallbladder ultrasound, and a colonoscopy, as well as an OB workup.
Avatar m tn In order to treat Acid Reflux/GERD I have been taking Ranitidine/Zantac per doctors advice. I started developing various side effects several months ago. To verify the side effects were caused by the ranitidine I would stop for a few weeks and use TUMS instead. I repeated this cycle several times. The symptoms would go away each time I was off the ranitidine for a week or so.
Avatar n tn i had an adverse reaction to ct contrast , treated in er and am still having low blood pressure, constipation, and fatigue three weeks out, benadryl and ranitidine are helping the bp and heart rate. is this made worse with my hashimotos. what can i do? i cant live on these meds forever and i cant do anything because im so fatigued.
Avatar f tn That statement is really more to do with what NOT to take with harvoni, and that means acid reducing meds such as calcium and magnesium based over the counter meds within four hours of the harvoni dose, or anything but the lowest doses of the longer acting GERD meds such as omeprazole, ranitidine etc. those can be taken 12 hours apart, or with the meds. But there is a dosage restriction that needs to be checked for the med if you are using it.
Avatar n tn I saw my doctor last week about my gastritis, and she said that the 20 mg omeprazole that I had been taking before breakfast everyday for the past few days was not enough dosage, which is why I also had had to take one 75 mg ranitidine before dinner. So she prescribed me 40 mg pantoprazole to take once a day before breakfast. I did read that the light side effects include headaches and diarrhea. I took the pantoprazole for the first time this morning, and it made me feel...not well...
2006603 tn?1331332927 His doc gave him ranitidine(sp?) on Sept 12th in a 30 day supply to see if it helped, well while trying to get it in a dropper to give to him i accidently dropped the bottle and spilled about a week and a halfs worth of it ( i feel horrible about it ) well his doc upped his dosage 2 days ago and i asked the doc today to call in a refill for me since i spilled it and was pretty much out of it.
Avatar f tn I 14 weeks and I suffer from acid reflux for many years. My doctor suggested to take Ranitidine is an over the counter med for acid reduction. The dosage is low for me so I take one in the morning with breakfast and the next one I take it for dinner. Tums does not work for me either. Milk helps me when I run out of my meds. Just be alittle more cautious with what you eat that way you can monitor what gives you heartburn.
Avatar n tn Gastritis is causing all the pain. It's a killer. I have to laugh when doctors say, "Oh, everything is fine, just a little gastritis." Gastritis is awful and extremely painful and it takes a year and a day to ever go away. Are you taking any PPI's to help heal the gastritis? I took protonix for about 8 weeks and it was the "Only" thing that helped me. At first I had bad headaches, but knew I had to ride it out in order to heal myself.
Avatar n tn I am at wits end. My main complaints are upper respiratory symptoms (either stuffy nose or post nasal drip) and reflux. I've suffered with the respiratory symps. all my life. Finally was tested for allergies 5 years ago; showed allergy to molds. Treated this with occasional Allegra and lots of Flonase, the latter which I've used for years. About three years ago, I developed reflux...or perhaps this was long my problem.
Avatar n tn If the Aciphex has not imporved symptoms in 7 months, it is past time to try something else or to increase the dosage if possible. Effective treatment of acid reflux should eliminate the feeling of having that lump in your throat. Get back to your dr and see what other options you have for treatment. Some times people require both a proton pump inhibitor ( PPI - like Aciphex) and an H2 blocker (Zantec, Pepcid...) taken at strategic times during the day to really control their reflux.
709686 tn?1277435759 OTC H2 blockers include Pepcid and Zantec (ranitidine). Nexium is eomeprazole and is very similar to omeprazole. I am not sure what the chemical name for Protonix is, but I do believe it is defferent. Both of these medications are in the PPI category. These medications can have side effects when take for a long period of time. OTC omeprazole come in 14 day "kits". They want you to only take the medication for 14 days at a time.
Avatar n tn TACHYCARDIA BRADYCARDIA PALPITATIONS & PVC'S so, i think at the appointment in 2 weeks with the clinic i shall mention this to the dr! gah! who knew!!?? ***slaps forehead with palm of hand***. im also going to see if i can get him to cut his dosage in half and see if that makes any difference at all. thank you again for all your help!!
Avatar f tn thank you so much for you answers i will list all my tablets and dosage below: Betahistine 16mg - 3 a day for vertigo. Co-Codamol Capsules 30/500mg - 8 a day for headaches and knee pain. Beta Blockers 80mg - 1 a day for panic attacks. Propanlol 10mg - Up to 4 a day for panic attacks. 100mg Sertraline - 2 a day for depression. Ranitidine 150mg - 2 a day for a lump i get in my throat caused by stomach acid. Buscopan 10mg - 6 a day for my stomach.
Avatar f tn ) After a few weeks, you can tweak your dosage up or down a little until your bowel movements stay fairly regular (no constipation or diarrhea.) That works best for me. If you drink a lot of soda, you may also want to cut back on these as they may negatively impact magnesium absorption. Many people with thyroid problems are also deficient in selenium, so you might want to look into that as well. Here are some websites to check out: http://www.ithyroid.
Avatar m tn I told the nurse at my primary doctors about breathing menthol and all she did was laugh at me. I am betting you need the Omeprazole dosage upped. I was taking 40 mg. a day and they upped it to 40 mg. 2x a day.
1305767 tn?1361196276 Was that antacid prescription by chance Ranitidine?? Bc that's what I was presided and it did work but if I missed a dosage and or meal I was out of commission from the side effects.
Avatar m tn Next if you are NAUSEATED and cannot eat food despite hunger, HAVE CAROM SEED's boiled water. This shall take away NAUSEA soon. 3. A quick dosage of ELECTROLYTE to cure fatigue and drowsiness. 4. Stopped all intake of tea coffee or anything that will stimulate stomach. 5. Immediately switched to BOILED VEGAN FOOD (boiled RICE/plain yogurt MOSTLY avoiding all kinds of flour).This Veg food must be prepared on low flame and shall not contain even a trace of cooking oil for first one week.
Avatar m tn If I felt strong anxiety that day I would take a full pill at night. I also started taking Ranitidine (Zantac75) for possible GERD, after telling the doc I experience some acid reflux, and thought that was probably the case for my shortness of breath. Everything was going fine for about a week until I started noticing terrible heart palpitations. They would happen a few times a day at first, but now they are happening at every waking moment. I think they are PVCs after doing some research.
Avatar n tn ) Now I'm on a combo of Zyrtec 10 mg. twice daily along with Ranitidine 300 mg. at night. Controls angioedema, but hives are daily. Endo. put me on 50 mcg. to see if it does anything for the hives down the road. I'm hoping for some relief. Could the high thyroid antibodies really be causing my hives? I'm also suffering from hair loss the past two weeks -- even before going on the Synthroid.
1574314 tn?1296204882 Unforunately we have to, I am also on 6 puffs of advair 250/25 MDI (yes above the recommended dosage), singulair 10mg, nasonex and still using ventolin and atrovent daily. So prednisone is the only other thing that we can add when the asthma flares which has been regular the last couple of months .... it refuses to settle down and we can't pin point the exact triggers. It ***** because I also have osteoporosis in my family and only weigh 90ibs so I'm small framed which is another risk.
Avatar f tn Your body and several of it's organs need B12 to function, and my body will not absorb it other than by IV muscular injection........ not sure my dosage is the same as people that don't have a blood disorder, but that is my dosage.
Avatar n tn Is there any considerable advantage that Zyrtec would have over generic? What would be the recommended dosage? Thank you and I greatly appreciate your help.
Avatar n tn Yeh, I've had various tests and I'm due a full spectrum of blood tests next week in order to check my drug dosage and side effect possibilities. But nothing is being offered by my cardiologist. My BP was fluctuating and is seemingly under control now with Bisoprolol (10mg) and Candesartin 24mg. I have also been started on Spironolactone (25mg). This as well as Aspirin (75mg) and Atorvastatin (40mg) which was reduced from 80mg due to muscle ache in my legs.
Avatar n tn If you dont think you have a reflux problem,why are you taking prevacid? what is the dosage of your prevacid?
607502 tn?1288251140 I was told that Lithium only really works on BP1, and little affect on BP2 and Cyclothemic BP. Since my diagnosis in July, I have been slowly being upped in dosage of Serequal and Lamactil. I do notice the Serequel is helping with the anxiety big time, I'm much calmer. I take ativan when I get break through anxiety, and it doesn't really dope me out, (maybe I'm used to it, hmmm) I find I am cranky in the morning the worst, so in agreement with my pdoc, I take 50mgs of Serequal in a.