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Avatar n tn So is it possible for it to be ulcers but yet painless and causes bloating, burping, flatulence and constipation? And I would also love to have advices on my diet, or any thing I can do meanwhile before I see the doctor(which might take another week due to my exam). Sorry for the length and thanks beforehand.
Avatar n tn I don't have constipation, diarrhea, or vomiting occuring, but I am having problems sexually. I've taken urine and blood tests all coming back negative. The blood tests were to check my blood counts etc., whether I had an infection, and to check my organs. I'm not pregnant as well. Does anyone have an idea as to what it is and what it is from?
Avatar n tn I have for the last 20 years suffered from Anxiety but I have been able to keep it under control. I have been stressed at work lately and went to my Dr and he prescribed me Clonopin to relax a little more. My first question is could Anxiety be the reason for my Prostatitis ? Second I usually masturbate several times a week and I have read at least a 100 times that this is good for the prostate but could it be harmful ?
Avatar f tn I’m still waiting and worrying. It’s just never been this late and my bloating and constipation is getting worse I have a doc appt next Monday.
Avatar f tn I am a the top of the ranitidine dose at 300 mg twice a day and take O.T.C. liquid anti-acid and suckable tablets to augment, along with generic Metamucil (which I was told in the past could help with G.E.R.D.) and generic Miralax to try to help with constipation, etc.. I sit around after my main meal for quite a while mostly and usually because of my heart situation with trying to digest. I know some meals I eat I especially want to do this- like pancakes w/syrup, etc..
Avatar f tn Green tea extract (Walmart, nature antihistamine, make you feel good) 4. Zyrtec and Ranitidine (prescription or overcounter, H1 and H2 receptor, these two combination is important). Pepcid could replace ranitidine 5. Drink large amount of water or green tea (better ) (help clearance of histaine, make you feel better) 6. Avoid greasy food and meat, eat vegetable and brown rice. Do not get your blood dirty. I saw effect within 2 days. If the above does not help, talk to your doctors.
586373 tn?1312035391 I'm delighted to see that the new trackers are up. Here are some thoughts. EXERCISE TRACKER For starters, I've just opened this up and it's lost yesterday's data. It's great that it includes "moderate" and "vigorous" exercise (for the stationary bike); could you add "gentle"?
Avatar f tn When we got home I couldn't stop throwing up violently every half hour to the point of uncontrollable dry heaving and couldn't keep any liquids down, and we were worried someone had spiked my drink, so I went to the hospital and they gave me Gravol and a throat/stomach numbing liquid, and the doctor prescribed some Ranitidine and said I wasn't drugged or anything. The ranitidine made me feel better, I didn't drink really to begin with so I cut out alcohol completely.
Avatar f tn But since I don't have health insurance I went to a medical clinic and they told me that I have an ulcer and prescribed ranitidine 300mg But it doesn't seem to work sometimes. I just recently bought this over the counter antacid that it's actually working. I finally got some relieve after months of constant pain. I don't eat a whole lot though because I still nausea and pain.
Avatar n tn The last day or so, I've been having constipation (The inability to pass stool easily and at a natural pace, Malformed stools, A low volume of stool in respect to high volumes of food intake). is the bloating/pains attributed to the constipation? It feels like there is stool remaining after I go to the washroom and it was misshaped this morning. Should I go see a doctor or is this a side-effect of Zantac? Or something more serious? Thank you for any help!
Avatar n tn The GI doc has me switching off omeprazole (prilosec) in the morning and ranitidine (zantac) before bed. Switching the two helps and of course watching what I eat and drink, Right now I am uncomfortable from my dinner - the giant milk shake was a bit too much milk and sugar for me. I have no saage advice for this one.... but can definitely commiserate.
1778046 tn?1318440702 I was given samples of Nexium (which I never took) and prescribed 2 Ranitidine 150mg tablets daily from the 21st-28th. I was then prescribed Bentyl 3 times daily on the 28th when I went back due to the symptoms worsening in my anal/rectal area. I then developed constipation and difficulty urinating from the 30th to August 1st, when my physician took me off the Bentyl. On August 3rd Abdomen X-Rays were taken and no obstructions were found.
Avatar n tn He had his 2month shots and then spiraled out of control. He went to the hospital because he wasn't eating and his reflux seem extremely aggreviated. The hospital took adomial ex-rays (which were normal) and ran some blood tests that were normal. The hospital couldn't run certain tests because his blood kept clotting. His dose of Zantac was increased and he was put on Nutragamin formula. He was even worse after this.
541465 tn?1219431486 teeth, constipation, weight gain. I have heard of a cocktail of phenergan, phenobarbitol and chlonodine help with the withdrawals. Did you do this or what? What wre your withdrawals? How long? and how severe?
Avatar f tn senokot (a stool softener/laxative combo) miralax lactulose Metamucil mineral oil in addition, it is important to hydrate as much as possible If the bloating is from fluid build up, intermittent drainage of the fluid (paracentesis) will help your symptoms Other addition supportive measures include: an antacid type medication (ranitidine, omeprazole) medications with simethicone: mylanta, mylicon heating pad to abdomen take care
Avatar m tn Ranitidine seems to help some with stomach mucous. I find it works better for reducing mucous than some of the other stomach reflux reducers. It seems to help somewhat with mucous. However,eating smaller meals seems to help too! Although when I have this mucous it seems that I cannot get enough to eat to push it down. Tea and hot water does also help. Benedryl can help with mucous so does sucralfate helps with Bile reflux by pushing it down. I have been taking it for years.
Avatar m tn Organic foods with live-enzymes, specialty wheat organic breads, rolled oats, oat bran (not in a box) have ended the mucus, bleeding, bloating, cramping, constipation, gas and overall strain. Straining only puts pressure on the necessary muscles. I know it’s difficult not to strain when you think you’re going to evacuate, but trying to hold it will help exercise and strengthen the muscles, and work the process naturally.
Avatar f tn RX strength nexium at 40 mg/day and nefidipine ER at 30mg/day and over the counter ranitidine 150 mg and famotidine 20 mg once in the morning. i often take the otc in the late afternoon if needed. i have had non-alcohol hepatitis c for decades and am aware of the nexium warning regarding use with liver disease. every now and then i take a break from the nexium and double up on the otc meds. i then have some mild symptoms that are manageable but only when i take a break from the nexium.
Avatar n tn i had an adverse reaction to ct contrast , treated in er and am still having low blood pressure, constipation, and fatigue three weeks out, benadryl and ranitidine are helping the bp and heart rate. is this made worse with my hashimotos. what can i do? i cant live on these meds forever and i cant do anything because im so fatigued.
Avatar f tn I too was prescribed zantac (Ranitidine) and I began taking them last week for nausea and was having light chest pain.( Less serious Zantac side effects may include:headache (may be severe);drowsiness, dizziness;sleep problems (insomnia);decreased sex drive, impotence, or difficulty having an orgasm; or swollen or tender breasts (in men);nausea, vomiting, stomach pain; or diarrhea or constipation so yes those are some of the side effects your having.
Avatar n tn The past week I keep having these constant muscle spasms all over mostly in my legs, I sleep about 2 hours a night, and so much anxiety. They have me on ranitidine, could the muscle spasms and not being able to sleep be a side effect of the medication. My stools have also been green the past week.
Avatar n tn I have had constipation for about 6 months -- and I believe it is from the medications that I am taking for Atrial Fib and cholesterol - especially the Rhymol Simcor 500mg , asprin, Rhymol 325mg ,Beta Blocker 25mg, Warfain and Ranitidine 300mg ( acid reflux) My stools have been hard - and recently I have had bright red blood in my stool for about two weeks -- it did stop for about 5 days until the last two days where it has come back ( but in very very small amount) I tried a stool softener
Avatar n tn Doc felt my constant high level of BUN (avg 20 of a high of 20)and my anti-reject med triggered this episode. No sides and am okay now. Oh, and they don't know if it will return either.
Avatar m tn Then I started having stomach pains and I was put on the antacid pantoprazole and a stool softener for constipation. After about a month and a half I was feeling so good I stopped taking the pantoprazole after consulting with my doctor. A week later I was having bad GERD and went back on it. I still don't know what initially caused the bloating, why it ramped up to GERD so quickly off the medication, and how damaged my LES is now.
Avatar n tn I'm a sixtish male with a history of mitral prolapse/systolic functional murmur, PVCs and PACs. I take very low dose Atenolol. I was told that I have mild acid reflux, but decided to restrict diet rather than take a prescription for that. I often get what I call "lurches" that seem to be centered in the area of my diaphraghm. These lurches (spasms?) seem to correspond to the old phrase "my heart leaped into my throat.
Avatar n tn I went to my doctor and she thought maybe the constipation was causing it and prescribed Reglan to combat it. I seemed to feel a bit better when I took the Reglan but it made me so tired that I couldn't function at work and when I was home I slept almost constantly. Shortly after that I had loose stools for about a year. It also caused a considerable amount of anxiety an hour or so after I ingested it which exascerbated the problem.
170935 tn?1225374676 75mg of Ranitidine (Zantac)----one first thing in the morning and one before dinner at night, and the arrhythmias WENT AWAY COMPLETELY. Your results may vary, so please don't take this as medical advice--I just wanted to let you and the group know (and the MD's and cardiologists if they are reading this) that there is a definite connection between digestive tract acid, vagal nerve stimulation (or destimulation) and heart arrhythmias.
Avatar m tn (hormonal change etc. I'm 14) The doctor gave me Zantac (ranitidine-hcl) and said it would help with my symptoms and it should go away in a matter of weeks. I am feeling slightly better but today I felt nauseas, bloated and had an upset stomach and I had to go somewhere in the morning (maybe I was just worrying, anxiety?) And during dinner I had an upset stomach, nausea and I just didn't feel like eating. I was eating fruits and non-junky food for a couple of days and I did feel better.
Avatar n tn I had acid reflux problems three years ago and was on medication,so the Dr. thought it might be acid reflux..He prescribed Nexium(once a day) and Ranitidine (twice a day). I have been on this medication for a week. I still have bloating and gas attacks with some back pain. I do not associate any of the attacks with eating. In fact sometimes the attacks have occured on an empty stomach.
Avatar f tn Usually, you may be prescribed a combination of medications like a proton pump inhibitor such as omeprazole, lansoprazole or pantoprazole empty stomach in the morning and an antacid gel after meals or H-2 blocker such as ranitidine for complete relief. Apart from this you will need to follow some lifestyle changes such as: Drink cold milk. Avoid heavy meals and eat frequent small meals.