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Avatar n tn Hi, I have had an itching rash on my arms and legs for a week. It first started with a small area on my right arm but the rash became bigger, then on both my arms and now on the front of my leg. The bumps look like pimples and got inflamed/raised like a small mosquito bite when scratched. It fits all the descriptions of a heat rash but it has been a week now and they are not on the neck, in the groin, under the breasts, or in elbow creases. Just on my arms and legs!
Avatar n tn What could be a raised non-red rash only covering arms, hands both top and palms, this is very itchy and on a 7 year old.
Avatar n tn A rash recently developed on my sons legs 13 years old in an isolated pattern. The rash appears to be 2" above his knees and then down to just above his shoe line. The areas are red and appear to be taunt/tight. Their is no oozing or head to the bump, howver it does appear to be raised 1/8", circular in shape and mainly on the front and sides and very little on the back or calf area. I would describe it as appearing to be a lot of mosquito bites.
2006488 tn?1340906952 I noticed a red rash on my 18 year old son's arms the other day. It didn't itch, was just red and spotty around the edges, it doesn't look raised, there is no discharge or bumps. Within the next hour or two it was gone. We happened to be at the endocrinologist at that point and asked him about it, he said that it was most likely a heat rash - it was a horribly hot day and we had no a/c in our car that day. Today he has the same rash again!
Avatar f tn My daughter is 16 and has raised bumps that are sort of red but only on her forearms and hands. She had one on the palm of her hand. They itch but not like insect bites.
Avatar m tn One week ago I started noticing a rash on my arms and legs. I htought it may be poison ivy and treated it with cortisone cream and oatmeal baths. two days later it had spread to cover all of my arms and legs. I went to a doctor who prescribed prednisone in a decreasing dose as well as benadryl and a topical steroid cream. none of these gave complete relief and i ended up in the emergency room with severe itching and raised, blotchy welts.
Avatar n tn my son woke the other night with a rash that at first looked like he was flushed, then it changed to raised bumps but still flushed look with it, he is scratching and it is spreading to inside of legs, backs of legs a little on his neck a bit on his arms,he is complaining of a si9ck tummy but is not fevered, he is very itchy, gave him benedryl but doesbt work put calamine lotion but is still itchy
Avatar n tn I had on pants and thinking it was just a mosquito bite or something similar, I scratched it. Then next thing I know, there is a itchy red raised rash in that place that was about one inch wide and three inches long. It was extremely itchy. Following this, I started noticing that I was getting the same kind of itchiness on my arms, neck, and legs and stomach. These were mostly single bumps.
Avatar m tn My wife constantly breaks out in some sort of rash. Raised red splotches that itch and drive her crazy. No common area. Anywhere from the bottom of her feet to her palms. Legs, arms, breasts, stomach. Can break out anywhere. The meds she is given just works for each single outbreak. I am just trying to find out exactly what it is and how to prevent it as it is very painful for her and for me to watch. Any help would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn Shortly after, i broke out in small red randomly dispersed rash or small (cm) bumps on my arms, shoulders, upper back and legs. There is a concentration on my upper back and shoulders - no cluster or pattern just a concentration.
Avatar n tn red raised itchy welts, blotchy area on inner arm from elbow to arm pit and inner groin lasts a day to a couple
Avatar n tn my partner has come up in raised red rashes on his arms and is gradually spreading to his body and legs. we have tried allergy tablets and creams ad everything under the sun but it does not seem to be shifting. he has had it for just under a week now and it is getting bigger. we have no idea what it is or what could have caused it. help.....
Avatar m tn Hi, I am glad that you posted your question here and we will try our best to help you with this. Vitamin B 12 also called as Cyanocobalamin and is usually administered as injectables for those ho require it. Like any other pharmaceutical product, this may also cause unpredictable allergic reactions. I think this may be the reason for the rash that you have described.
Avatar n tn It's only on my arms and legs starts out looking just a bit smaller than a mosquito bite, but then after scratching more bumps appear in like a patch. What could this be?? It's driving my husband crazy as well because I will just lay in bed and itch at night, but by morning the rash is gone so it will be hard for me to show it to a doctor. I did take a picture of the bumps I plan to ask my ob when I go back but it's really driving me crazy!
Avatar m tn I would like to know why I have red hands and feet also my legs now I have notice my arms have red spots, like small bumps. Can you tell me what this is please?
Avatar n tn i have some little red, raised bumps that have appeared on my arms and lower legs(calves). they itch horribly. they first appeared on the back side above my elbow and spread to my arms the first day and onto my legs the second. i went fishing the day before(exactly 24 hrs) these appeared. they seem to only be where my arms and legs where exposed that day. also i have been under a tremendous amount of stress, could either one of these have caused this.
Avatar n tn Shamefully, for almost 8 years I have been getting very small itchy blisters on various spots on my arms and legs. The small blisters develop and immediately itch intensely, which is how I know they're there. They have a clear fluid inside, with no puss. When I scratch them in my sleep or when they break, they often weep a little amber colored liquid. Also, when I scratch them, more tiny blisters will develop around the original blister, signifying an infection.
Avatar f tn Rash; I'll show you rash! Just joking. I'm 7 months in and now it's doing the arms and legs chicken pox thing you're describing. It's usually caused by the riba; it's most famous side effect after lowering hgb. In the dry winter months, I found running a humidifier very helpful. It and lotions are less effective now that humidity is going up outside. I did recently start with 1% hydrocortisone gel and it has been terrifically effective.
Avatar n tn Does anyone develop a skin rash either just prior to worsening symptoms or during ?