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Avatar n tn My eyelid skin started to thin from the inside just a quater inch and i felt this was my body finding an exit point, it hurt like mad and it started to develop a tiny head but its sort of going down tho the swelling isnt. At the beginning a line under the skin appeared thru the brow going up into my hair line and that has got much wider and also 2 more have appeared...
Avatar m tn but it is so bad on me and in me in my nipples vagina and inside my body under my skin i can see a clump under my skin move about as i blow dry hot heat on my body. it sickens me my daughter moved out. I have a micro scope now and i have shown my roommate the bugs larvea and she knows now i am telling the truth. Tomorrow i see my doctor and i hope like hell he can help me. This has been going on since August and both my littledogs are so itchy and sick and i feel so bad for them.
Avatar n tn Just think what's at the end of the rainbow...SVR my friend. Just keep the faith and all will work out.
7002065 tn?1443077214 We are all different so the tx affects each of us differently. Please hang in there. You are young, your body will bounce back. After tx my skin looked awful. I looked as if I had aged 10 years. I now feel much better about my skin, it has improved tremendously. It is about one day at a time, one step at a time, some times baby steps. I know how impatient I was when this happened to me. I went back and read my journals of where I had been, how I felt and could see improvement.
1028452 tn?1537452084 The third one states that G*d is Spirit and incorporeal (has no body). By logic, G*d, having no BODY, has no gender. We have a lot of names for G*d. Hebrew is a gendered language - no neuter gender - no "it". Many of these aspects of G*d are female. One of the best known and most beloved of these "Attributes" is "Shekinah" The indwelling Presence of Holiness.
507875 tn?1423163861 o) I prob need that EXTRA POWER kick special too. (ha) We have worn you out with all these request hun?...go lay yo' body DOWN. I mean, doing all your manic dance moves...kicking up dust wit da BIG OLE fan & what not. ;o) Sass: So glad no cycst...time to get it started woman. ;o) I'm not sure when I ov'd either, but no way I could give my own shots...I rather like getting a "tude" with hubby. ;o) Amberlee: Big Congrats on your "14" Lady!
Avatar m tn Leave it to you, my dear MrGreen, to confuse "masturbation" with the fine art of being a "Master Baiter!" It's probably no wonder you've never caught anything larger than a "trouser trout!
1797925 tn?1341099804 ) Skin rashes Aggressive behavior Insomnia Lack of energy in the beginning There you have it :)
203342 tn?1328740807 I took her to the surgeon to get evaluated and he came in and said he wouldnt even chance surgery on her hips because he suspected Cushing's because of the thin skin, pot belly, hair loss and drinking alot of water. We did the testing and confirmed it. We arent doing any treatments just a pain pill everyday. The vet says to treat her like a hospice patient now because she has too many strikes against her.
Avatar f tn Our vet drew up a dozen or so prefilled syringes, and we administered them just under the skin at the back of the neck. If you're already doing sub-q fluids, this won't be any different. I take phenergan myself for constant nausea, and discovered late in the game that dogs can also take phenergan. It didn't work quite as well as the reglan, but at that point we tried anything we could get our hands on.
Avatar f tn by Carolyn Coleridge, MSW You are too sensitive. Don't be so sensitive! Many people on the spiritual path have heard this criticism over and over again. It is usually meant as a put-down to someone who has a high sense of intuition and a sixth sense 'knowing'. This comment is usually stated with disdain and contempt as a major flaw in an individual's personality. In fact many lightworkers have heard these words, especially as children and it has caused them to close down this gift.
Avatar n tn Now why the h*ll can't i get myself off of the small amounts of oxys/loracets in twice the time without feeling like i'm going to jump out of my skin. Good luck to you, and i wish you the best in getting off of your meds. I'm working towards the same thing, and plan to taper, slowly using loracets. I tried back 2-months ago, and was doing pretty well, but slipped back into it.
Avatar n tn the anxiety is being driven by the adjustments going in on your body right now. it takes a few days to get your body balanced again, but having just finished a detox myself I found the following really really helpful. I used a combination of Xanax and Trazadone for sleep. If you have a dealer ask them for Xanax and get enough bars to last for 3 days or so. The xanax will put you right to sleep. however can't get xanax then try valerian root and melatonin combined.
Avatar n tn I had to move away from my wife eventually to save my own skin. We were simply bad for each other. We had to go our own ways to be able to heal ourselves. If you really love each other you may someday be able to get back together as we have. I won't mention NA or AA so don't worry. But they will always be there for you in case you change your mind. We got help from every imaginable source once we admitted that we needed it and wanted it.
Avatar m tn The human body already knows how to be healthy. All you have to do is give your body outstanding nutrition so that it has the building materials it needs to heal disease and rebuild itself from the inside out. You must also avoid all of the foods and food ingredients that cause disease. Today, more than 95% of all chronic disease is caused by food choice, toxic food ingredients, nutritional deficiencies and lack of physical exercise.
17568 tn?1424977159 thx for destroying my ipicture of portannes pear formed body in high heels . From now on i will see bill in high heels standing in the kitchen and I guess the imagen of that sight and a man sneaking up from behind will haunt me in my dreams for a long long time .
1647691 tn?1363727302 Pre implantation this time, my phamacy sold preconception vitamins, which are really to prepare the body for pregnancy. But you meant to stop them before embryo implant. Also All I drank was this berry herbal tea. I was so careful to eat a really balanced diet this time, I also put myself in an very laid back state of mind. DH found it quite funny that i was so calm with situations at home that would normally stress me out. I truly believe that added up to my success.
162948 tn?1205256292 I had my IUD removed in July 2007 and since then my body has not been the same. I noticed that I have a strong odor that smells like old blood and a clear jelly-like discharge whenever I wipe myself. This did not occur immediately after I got my IUD removed. This just started happening. I went to the doctor ran ever test on me imaginable and they all came back negative. Is this normal? Is it normal my body to go throught this......Please advise. Thank you!!
Avatar n tn I cut most all sugars and a lot of fat from my diet to keep from gaining weight as I age, and I think that has actually hurt me some to, even though it is a healthier diet. I think my body is reluctant to steal energy from fat cells or something when it coems to sex. In any case, holding back on porn/masturbation seems to help.
1462588 tn?1345065395 I only wish that the fat could be distributed more evenly around my skinny body....but no! It's all around my stomach, hips and tights! I look like a spiderwoman ;-) How were your labs, by the way? Did you start taking any meds?
1294995 tn?1330666336 Is my crazy body not bleeding because of my lil bean…or is my body just not working properly.,.. lol…..well see! But I am more and more following about the moons, and dreams, and signs. Not reading to much into it. But things are just happening.
Avatar n tn Super crampy, brown discharge, and very sore all through my body.....(like I got beat up) and tired afterwards. I did have an hcg trigger shot 3 days prior and on my 5th round of clomid. Is this just the side effects of the shot or the iui???
Avatar f tn I had my second transfer a week ago and am going for my test in 3 days. First transfer didn't work and I got a very painful and extremely heavy period 3 days before my test. Both transfers were with blasties. With the first transfer I didn't get any symptoms at all. With this second one I've felt a little bit of breast soreness, mild nausea and fatigue. I have also had a lot of cramping, but mainly in my hips and back, rather than the usual lower abdomen period pain.