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Avatar n tn My doctor knew we were trying to get pregnant, he told me to have an MMR vaccination, 4 days after getting it I asked him if it was safe to have intercourse as we might get pregnant. He said it was fine and we went ahead, I must have conceived in that same week. Now I discover that I am 4 weeks pregnant and that I should have waited at least 3 months before trying to get pregnant. I am extremely worried about the effects of the vaccine at this crucial time of development.
Avatar m tn I had already got the first shot but then when i went to clinic fto get the second shot, they said that i was late to get the 2nd for about 4 weeks then the paramedic staff told me to restart vaccination I restarted the first shot and second shot a month later but I forgot to take the third shot six month later. This is my result: In 2009: i didn't have hep B vaccine, USG: normal, Body weight 92 kg (obese), chol 151, LDL 106, HDL 40 In 2010 my hep B vaccine tier : 139.2 (active).
Avatar m tn Hello, For 4 Month now, I do suffer from Post nasal drip. It started after I quit smoking about 6 month ago and taking some homoöpathics. Since then my ENT did a nose sirgery, I went a little better since then but I still got this sick "glumb" in the back of my throat. So now, after reading alot on the internet I figured for myself that maybe a poor immune system could be the cause for my PND. How I come to this.
Avatar m tn I eat very little now days (to lose weight) but feel very full. I've also quit smoking and heard this causes some gastro symptoms as well but trying to narrow down some of the possiblities. I'm in very good shape otherwise these days. When one is bloated from hep b virus, how bad is it? What is the risk of transmission through protected sex? I go in for testing next week but just trying to figure out the symptoms and possibilities I have gotten infected to help ease my anxiety.
Avatar n tn After a pneumonia vaccination 5 year ago, I haven't had so much as a cold since. I quit smoking 7 months ago but smoked for 30 years, about one pack/day.
519156 tn?1265185387 I did what they said.....QUIT SMOKING, after I found out I had HPV. Best thing that happened, actually! Thanks for your Post!
Avatar f tn No I'm not promoting smoking, just saying that while it could have something to do with SIDS it doesn't always. I quit smoking before getting pregnant with my youngest 3 and they all have mild asthma/allergies. I have lost a child. I lost my first son to an umbilical cord accident at 37 weeks gestation. I went into labor and he was still born.
Avatar m tn I had already got the first shot but then when i went to clinic fto get the second shot, they said that i was late to get the 2nd for about 4 weeks then the paramedic staff told me to restart vaccination I restarted the first shot and second shot a month later but I forgot to take the third shot six month later. This is my result: In 2009: i didn't have hep B vaccine, USG: normal, Body weight 92 kg (obese), chol 151, LDL 106, HDL 40 In 2010 my hep B vaccine tier : 139.2 (active).
Avatar m tn I remembered about 6years ago I had a test for HVB and I was told by the doctor is cleared up from the system but I need no vaccination . Before the text I have been a rear alcoholic with cigarette smoking. I quit smoking Cigarette about 9month ago and quite the alcohol 1 months ago after I went for another test to confirm my status again Where I was told I have the HBV active in my blood.
Avatar n tn I asked for a waiver from my school district for my now 14 yr old. I do not see the point in vaccination for the popupation at the least risk. Healthcare workers, at higher risk, are not mandated to vaccinate. Universal precautions should be the norm, not the exception. Babies get too many vaccines at the point when their immune system is not developed yet. It is crazy in my opinion.
Avatar m tn I’ve been a phone buddy with the Lung Cancer Alliance (lungcanceralliance.org) for a few years and because of this association, I’ve been asked to attend the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Update Committee for the ASCO unresectable NSCLC guideline as a patient representative panel member. Clinical practice guidelines serve as a guide for doctors and outline appropriate methods of treatment and care. I was told I would attend a meeting in Alexandria, VA on Oct.
Avatar n tn I was still having daily cocktails and shouldn't have. Now I quit drinking, period. Doc wants to wait five weeks, do all new tests and see about starting treatment. He said most patients like me would wait a long time to start treatment. I can't understand why one would wait. If it can be cleared, why not clear it now instead of later? Can use some input.
Avatar n tn I have been on transplant list for 4 years. Needless to say, no alcohol allowed plus I had to quit smoking. No fun but at least I hv my life. Right?!
657020 tn?1238041118 I meant to quit smoking (smoking= dumb I know, esp with hpv) but never did. I am actually quitting this Sunday. These are my questions: Has anyone here ever had a leep performed and was able to become pregnant and have children? I think I will end up needing a leep because it's been so long and the virus is still active. What else is everyone doing to clear their hpv? All I am using is exercise and vitamins.
Avatar m tn (His 100% animal lard diet probably was not all that advantageous either.) My father did quit smoking a couple of years ago, but his health has been permanently altered. Given my father's genetic factors, I feel that if there is one key thing he could have done to change his health, it would have been to have never picked up a cigarette. Secondary to that would have been a change in diet.
Avatar f tn i know all drs are different with what they feel is safe, heck i have friends whos drs told them its ok to drink in moderation (dont get me started) or if you cant quit smoking cut back! some of you had so many u/s so early what was the reason? there has been an incredible increase in autism, "add adhd" , there has to be something to that.
Avatar n tn I just went off my zoloft for about a week and I am feeling dizzy also when I move my eyes mostly from left to right and I also hear the whoooosss in my ears I think It might be a withdrawal sysptom I've taking zoloft for 6years and have stop cold turkey.
1185591 tn?1264652044 In the early 80s I snorted a ton of coke, daily for a number of years, was in really bad shape from living on lots of coke for many years, I should have died of a over dose! I have not touched drugs since 1987 when I quit doing coke. I have never injected coke, no blood work, nothing that I would think that I could get Hep C from, so I have to ask if this is possible. yes of course I shared the dollar pill, straw, etc. with a number of people you were always coke addicts like I was.
Avatar n tn I have an intolerance (not allergy) for ibuprophen, which caused me to have accute renal insufficiency several years ago (high levels of creatinine and BUN). I am a 60 year-old, non-smoking female in very good health. I do have managed hypertension. I take three medications: Premarin .625, Lisinopril-HCTZ 10/12.5, and Paxil 30 mg. Help!!
Avatar m tn hi, i just got back my baseline pcr and labs. labs all look good and got the ok to start tx. but i'm worried because my vl more then doubled since june when i was dx'd with hcv. my vl was 9 million then and this vl was almost 20 million! what would cause this jump in such a short time? i had the hep "A" vaccination about 3 weeks before this pcr, i think i had read it can cause the vl to go up, does anyone know about this or have any other explanation for this?
Avatar n tn I lost 20 lbs and in some ways felt much healthier but the fatigue remained and seemed to be getting worse which weakened my resolve. I started smoking again in a moment of desperation. Dumb! The old nicotene addiction was stronger then ever but the effects of smoking were poisonous. I managed to substitute nicotene gum 5 months later and started tx for 6 months. Pegasys Genotype 2B. Last shot Aug 1, 2003. 30 days after tx feeling better, SVR. 90 days post tx; ALT 145, viral load 1.7 million.
Avatar f tn Ladywiz, thank you for the reference to the Drosera. I may try that. And try and quit smoking in which I believe this cough has nothing to do with either because i have only been smoking for 6 years and have dealt with recurring bronchial crap for 14 years now.
Avatar n tn 7 then on July 3rd ended up in the ER because I could not breath and my Hepat Doc said that it was because I quit smoking prior to treatment. My hemoglobin in ER was 11.7. That was 2 weeks after treatment. Went back for bloodwork on August 1st one month later and now my hemoglobin is at a 9 and she says that is no concern of hers. I still have a hard time breathing.
Avatar n tn I have virtually no medical history and have never had to go to the Doctor outside of my back problems this is all new to me so I am a little anxious. I was also wondering how smoking affects the enzymes? I know I have to quit and am using the patch but does the patch effect the enzymes?
1199040 tn?1265239024 I'm sure that you must realize that this is a hot button for many people. Many vets were infected using a process which is a vector for transmission. Vets have been fighting for recognition that air gun injection was indeed a factor. The government has not been willing to own up to their responsibility. I was reading a HCV pamphlet distributed by the VA in.....2005, or thereabouts and it still did not list air gun injection as one of the risk factors.
Avatar m tn I intend to loose a few more Kilos (not that i have that much to loose) and quit smoking (smoking suppresses our immnue system) B4 I Tx again. If you flick me an email I'll send some of the info I have if you like.
Avatar f tn It was wonderful I had stopped smoking within 2 weeks of the program. I had been smoking for almost 17 years! But I got a call that my mom was in the hospital, I jumped in my car headed down to the hospital & stopped by a gas station & since that day I was secretly smoking behind my husbands back. He knew he just never said anything. So I know no matter how strong I am right now, there will be a braking and I am going to need someone or something other than a bottle.
Avatar n tn My doctor was really p-off at that dipwad doctor and he told me that number one I didn't have cirhosis and number two, he wasn't gonna let me die. Within a month or so I became toxic and quit using everything, period. I still don't have cirrohsis, but I do have HepC and need to get tx'ed. My doctor told me at the time that a person could live for years with as little as 40% of their liver functioning. It may not be good, but it made me feel better.