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Avatar n tn i just quit smoking aand have been having these anxiety attacks. also chest pain and back pain. anyone have simlar results when quiting smoking? it bothering me and i am getting very frusterated.
Avatar m tn day 2 , not to bad , just tired, trying not to chew to much nicorette, but i know im dreaming
Avatar m tn Well amen to you for being such a great friend. It's sooo hard to quit smoking much less trying to do it without the support of friends and family. I've been there and failed many times due to no support. So, about the patches. None of them are "worthless". It just matters how badly you wanna quit and how much support you have around you. Quitting will be difficult no matter what your friend uses. These are only aids to (help) with withdraw.
Avatar f tn I usually smoke half a pack but I'm only smoking 4 or 5 smokes a day. I want to quit but its very hard. How can I quit smoking?? I have tried limiting, cold turkey but I just can't do it. What can I do to help!?!
Avatar f tn I felt so much better and I was no longer tired. I remember smoking making me very tired.
Avatar f tn They've just released a new study saying that some of them have more cancer causing agents than real cigarettes, so I imagine there's more harm to the baby. I quit smoking when I found out, but my doctor did tell me that if you want to quit you should slowly get yourself off of them.
Avatar f tn There is no better reason to quit and all i kept thinking was if i dont quit and something happens to my baby i would never forgive myself. It's hard but it just becomes like everything else you can't have while pregnant and gets easier i promise.
Avatar n tn I know your body is going through alot of changes after you quit, but I didn't expect to feel this tired. I checked my blood pressure when I was feeling really bad and it was 86/48 with a pulse of 56. My normal blood pressure when I was smoking was 120/70 with a pulse of 75-90bpm. I can't stand not having any energy to do things. I quit to feel better not to feel like this.
Avatar f tn now that ive quit the oc's i seem to be smoking alot more.....replacing one habit with another i guess.....i quit oc's c/t maybe i could quit smoking c/t lets see what could i replace smoking with? lol....thats seems to be my problem.......
Avatar f tn Remamber that everything U do to urself aka smoking, drinkin, taking drugs(talking about pharmasy drugs to). Will go in to ur sistem, blood, breastmilk and that will also feed ur baby. Even the baby can get reaction to the food ur eating if it is allergic to some type of food(U can see that if its change in ur babies skin, body etc). Remamber I had antibiotic while breastfeeding, and I notice that she wasnt reacting the same way as she use to.
Avatar n tn I am having a hell of a time trying to quit smoking. Heres the thing, I quit smoking eleven years ago along with all of the street drugs I did. I smoked cigarettes for 15 years, and when I went through detox and rehab I started again. I feel like I want to quit, but after all I went through giving up my opiates, this is the strange part, I don't want to let go of the cigarettes. I am wondering if my addicted brain is somehow trying to keep any kind of addiction going on.
595141 tn?1239975414 So happy to see you had a nice day with your daughter and didn't smoke. Yes, whyquit.com does advocate c/t, but so what. Lots of people need an aid to quit smoking and that's okay. Which ever way you choose to quit is the right way for you. You did great today. Just take it one day at a time and one minute if you have to. Post as much as you need to.
897990 tn?1248272556 Don't beat yourself up over cigarettes, if you can muster up the strength to quit, then that's great. My mom also quit easily, but that's only after my dad got emphysema and copd from smoking...everyone is different, ya know?
Avatar f tn I'm seriously tired of everyone smoking in front of me. Like, can you please take into consideration I'm pregnant? My fiance's dad and my mom both smoke. Honestly, I CANNOT stand it. I've never liked it. I've tried so hard to get my mom to quit just because of her health but no matter what I'd do, it'd never work. Eventually, I gave up and was like "whatever, it's your decision." Anyways, I just wish they'd take into consideration that I'm PREGNANT. Ugh.
Avatar m tn They are generally taken for 10 to 14 days. Also, quit smoking and limit the amount of sugar and yeast containing foods you eat, foods such as bread, beer, and wine encourage candida growth. Regards.
Avatar m tn For about a year now, I have quit smoking, but I have been tired all the time, even on my days off. I am trying to figure if it from job stress, leading to depression, then fatigue, or if my body is still in shock from no cigs for almost a year. From time to time I get a small craving for a smoke, but I can resist it with no sweat. I also wonder if I am going thru what is known as mid-life crisis.
Avatar f tn 17, exactly 24 hours since I quit smoking. ( cigarrettes, I never smoked pot...it made me paranoid, lol) I have only smoked a few years, and never tried to quit...is the RLS I am starting to feel just in my imagination? Someone please tell me it is!! All I keep thinking is "Here we go again"...I've been clean from painkillers since Dec, and I HAVE NEVER forgotten the w/d's...and the thought of going through that again is scaring me...for those of you who have quit smoking...
Avatar f tn I quit smoking 10 weeks ago and I never took up eating to take the place of them. I am walking 3 miles about 50 min 4 times a week and I do upper body weights as well 4 times a week and I am still gaining weight. I am eating about 2000 cals a day some days a little less. Lets say I am 50 years old :) My arms and legs are toning up but the mid section is getting bigger! Will this even out as my body gets used to no smoking? Not looking to lose pounds but inches, lots of inches!!
1464308 tn?1286150311 Congratulations, Dave! Sounds like you've quit more than one bad habit with the smoking quit. That's excellent and keep up the good work!
1223071 tn?1266982616 I have quit smoking and am on the way to a healthier way of life! I've been smoke free for two weeks now and going strong. :D I barely get cravings and breathing is MUCH easier (go figure lol)!! I thought I would gain weight from quitting but, I think one of my meds made me lose two pounds. :( I read that weight loss was a potential side effect....not happy about that. I'm skinny enough as it is and tired of the anorexia comments...jerks.
250701 tn?1320978365 I am trying to quit smoking while on treatment but it is so hard. I have smoked a long long time and with tx and stress at work it is impossible. Anyone else smoke?
Avatar m tn I'm sure there's going to be some discomfort, but we've all (those who have quit smoking) gone through discomfort with both the smoking cessation AND being hypo until we got to the correct level of medication. If you test just prior to quitting and even increase your thyroid medication a little bit (if your endo will allow it), then retest in 6 weeks, since it takes 4-6 weeks for the dosage change to take full effect, you'll know how it's all going to affect you.
Avatar n tn I knew that I had wasted my money. I quit for about a day and started smoking again. I know people say that you can not get addicted to pot but I do not know for some reason I knew I was. It was weird; I had never wanted something so bad. However five months ago I decided that enough was enough I knew I needed to quit. I could not afford my habit anymore. I was spending all my money on pot rather than rent, food or anything else that is of prime importance. So I decided to quit.
397539 tn?1233261697 I have been pushing myself to quit for..me...and Im tired of quitting... I have joined an exercising club, and trying to do good in my life and for my family... I am done with smoking....
Avatar f tn it's very difficult to quit smoking. Everyone keeps saying why don't you stop? Just quit it'll be easy! It's like umm no its extremely hard! Just take it day by day.. oh and my son was very healthy he weighed 8 pds 3.2 oz and now he's 2 years and amazing! (: I'm 13 wks pregnant and working on cutting down.. it's even hard just to cut back.. but you got this!! People are going to judge because there so prefect but just ignore them.
Avatar n tn Thats the only real reason I quit doing it. I never had withdrawls when I quit well I did have I quess you would call it Psyc withdrawls not really physical. Maybe tiredness. The way I finally had to stop was getting away from everyone I knew who does it and believe me it was not easy. I never miss it now.
Avatar n tn I have a history of epilepsy, haven't had a seizure (grand mal) since 1983, my question is this when I try to stop smoking I appear to have absence seizures can anyone help me I am so tired of smoking!
1442059 tn?1340244552 Welcome to the forum! I am sorry to hear you feel so bad but the bright side is you are starting treatment. I was a smoker and coffee drinker for 43 years. Never thought I could survive without both of these crutches. I quit smoking 2 years ago with Chantix and the support of a "quit" class at a local university. The Chantix worked well for me and I laid it all down within two weeks. I quit taking the Chantix at that point and never picked up another cigarette.