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495035 tn?1221756692 To. OHWILD, quit those Dam things about 26 years ago!! cold turkey!! and had very bad withdraws. I smoked about a pack and a haft a day!!! I never did it for myself I did it beacouse of my husband , was concerned about my health. but anyways I bought LOTS OF HARD CANDY!!! jaw brakers , hard type and stayed real busy!!! I smoked for about 6-7 years. Just THINK of what chemicals you are putting in you body... so very bad for you!! OOO and, I was a *****.... I hated everything around me..
Avatar m tn i am smoking from my age 17 now i am 22 . i am scared of my health .
Avatar n tn My normal blood pressure when I was smoking was 120/70 with a pulse of 75-90bpm. I can't stand not having any energy to do things. I quit to feel better not to feel like this. Is this low blood pressure/ pulse normal after you quit smoking, or should I see a doctor to see if something else is going on. Anything I can do in the meantime when my pressure is low, so I don't feel so bad. Should I be taking any extra vitamins to help in the healing process?
897990 tn?1248272556 Don't beat yourself up over cigarettes, if you can muster up the strength to quit, then that's great. My mom also quit easily, but that's only after my dad got emphysema and copd from smoking...everyone is different, ya know?
Avatar n tn My question is this though. I recently quit smoking marijuana. I quit smoking cigarettes about 3 years ago and have not touched them since however, I've been smoking marijuana for the most part on a daily basis since I was about 17/18 or so. My concern is, especially after reading up on it, that I may have done irreversable damage to my lungs and have permanently doomed myself in terms of contracting COPD and lung cancer.
Avatar f tn Mentally I feel excellent about my decisions on the other hand my body aches and I have no energy but that is because of the vicodin withdrawals. I have no cravings for a cigarette. All the years I have been smoking and I knew if I went 1 day without I could stop. I never got addicted to the nicotine, to tell you the truth I don't think I inhaled all the way. I think I got it to the back of my throat but never to my lungs.
1097782 tn?1257447663 Have you completly quit smoking after 3 years including the inhaler. I want to quit in the worst way and was curious what the final outcome for you was. Thanks for the insight!! Weather or not you you acutually have stopped smoking is what Im look for from you. Im not hear to judge but to learn from others like yourself. Thanks for your feed back. Or for that matter anyone that cares to commet.
Avatar n tn I knew that I had wasted my money. I quit for about a day and started smoking again. I know people say that you can not get addicted to pot but I do not know for some reason I knew I was. It was weird; I had never wanted something so bad. However five months ago I decided that enough was enough I knew I needed to quit. I could not afford my habit anymore. I was spending all my money on pot rather than rent, food or anything else that is of prime importance. So I decided to quit.
Avatar f tn Hello. I dont know if I'm pregnant or not yet, I took a pregnancy test when I was 8 days late around 7pm & it was negative. However, I have so many symptoms. Backache, headache, increased urination, sleeplessness, weird dreams, fatique, nausea etc. I'm 12 days late now, still no sign of monthly. I feel guilty continuing to smoke cigarettes & drink my energy drinks. I cut back by a lot but I haven't stopped completely. If it turns out I am pregnant, I'd be about 6 weeks.
Avatar f tn not only did i have no and i mean no energy i was gaining weight fast. i went to my regular yearly physical about 4 months after quitting.she then noticed that my thyroid was enlarged and did some tests. when the doc. called back she told me i had a underactive thyroid and needed to see a specialist. now, myself being me said ya right. i dont have anything wrong with me and i am not going to that dr.. i would say about 6 months of not smoking and i couldnt take it, i still felt lousy.
797340 tn?1240511297 At first everyone kept telling me the weight gain was because I'd quit smoking, but I knew it had really started BEFORE I quit. Anyway, I kept getting more and more fatigued and gained more and more weight and I finally asked my pcp to let me get my thyroid tested. Yep - we have a problem!! So - where am I going with all this??
Avatar n tn How about, according to your information, that when you're fifty, you'll have same risk of cancer as a nonsmoker. I quit smoking over 15 years ago. My father died of lung cancer preceded by congestive heart failure and emphysema. Lung cancer always metasizes to the brain. It's not a good way to go.
Avatar f tn Hello. I've quit smoking for 3 weeks now after 32 years of smoking. I am using the patch and my doctor put me on zyban when I saw her sept 5 because I couldn't stop crying. The crying has gotten better I feel terrible. I think I'm obsessed with my breathing to the point where I feel it all the time. My chest feels tight. I feel myself inhaling all the time. I've been to the emergency room twice now in two weeks. Chest films taken. They put me on high does prednisone for.
806553 tn?1238145380 They also have an answer to pretty much any question you might have regarding your quit and help you stay quit. We are also here for your support so you can write whenever you are struggling, or just to say how well you are doing : ) Good luck!
Avatar f tn When you say "the pill" to quit smoking, do you mean Chantix? I used it to quit 5 yrs ago and had no trouble with it, at all; however, my husband started on it, then read the possible side effects, got scared and quit taking it. I have not had a cigarette for 5 yrs, he still smokes. Keep in mind the side effects are not inevitable; some people get them, some don't. The drawback to Chantix is that it's expensive and is not covered by insurance......
Avatar n tn Tried many methods to stop smoking and always went back. Have been smoke free for 4 months now with the help of Chantix. this is by far the easiest method I have ever tried. It completly removed any cravings and anxiety from withdrawal.The only side effects I had seemed to be the reverse of the stated ones, except for the dreams. Some pleasant some not so pleasant but all vivid. As I said I have tried just about everything in the past, quit hundreds of times. That`s the easy part.
Avatar f tn Another way to get it is to tell him you are trying to quit smoking. It's a mild drug, and is often used for that. What it does is act as a dopamine and Noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor.
Avatar f tn I also don't worry about tommorrow or the day after - all I concern myself with is not smoking today - this mindset has made it easier for me to quit. One day at a time! I have found though that my energy levels are not any better since quitting and I guess that it will take some time for me to notice a difference (thought I'd be able to 'spring' out of bed by now :-))!. My main concern is that I still suffer from breathlessness.
190673 tn?1259206866 If you are sick of this government, then quit smoking and quit giving your money to them. What a great new anti-smoking campaign that would be: Sick & Tired of the Government telling you WHERE and WHEN you can SMOKE? Avenge Yourself & Get Back At The Government: QUIT SMOKING ! off my soapbox now!
334876 tn?1229982896 That's right it's time to quit being the Marlboro man and quit smoking, my doc finally gave me the rx for chantix so I guess this is day one and I should see how good it works in about 7 days as it tends to taper off the well to smoke Wish me luck Cowboy
Avatar f tn He also went to the doctor today and he has empysema and does not want to quit smoking. I have stayed out of work for the last 2 years since his liver transplant to take car of him but with finances and the rages I need to get some distance. I do love him we have been together for 32 years but this disease is tearing us apart. Well thanks for letting me vent I feel alittle better.
Avatar f tn Im going to try to keep really busy with things i love to do so i wont have time to smoke and also to take my mind off the cravings i know ill have.Iv joined the quit smoking site and am going to go there to so that i hope will also help.I learned to smoke many years ago now im going to have to learn how to not smoke or thats the way i see it.
1718855 tn?1401760439 Fantastic! I carried small straws in my pocket. I put them in my mouth & drew on them like you would a smoke. It gave me something to do w my hand too. I quit 25 yrs ago. After I quit smoking & I was terrified I'd drink & forget I quit smoking. So I quit drinking too, for 12 yrs. I'm very happy I only quit once. It's very very hard.
2120637 tn?1336002977 Hi everyone. I quit smoking just over one month ago. I've been wanting to quit for several years now but finally took advantage of a situation I was in and carried on with it. It all started with some sort of stomach virus. Experienced the usual not so fun and pretty gross stuff that go along with any stomach flu. During these couple of days, I couldn't eat and the throught of smoking or drinking coffee totally repulsed me.
Avatar n tn I don't know about the relationship between smoking and palps, I quit smoking before I started having problems with AFib, but I can say stopping smoking is the right thing to do.
Avatar f tn Great advice. I work as a volunteer in a cardiac trauma wing of a hospital, and I'm asked to speak with loved ones of patients and also patients as I was the poster boy of bad cardiac behavior and even though I continue to have cardiac issues, in the words of Elton John, I'm Still Standing. My eyes glaze over when I read the research like the Courage report, common sense tells me that quitting smoking, losing weight, controlling diabetes and exercising will extend the life of cardiac patients.
Avatar f tn Just wish it would help me quit smoking, lol. On tx, I find it a bit obvious during the other 10% of the time I don't take it. It often helps with a womens libido, I hear. Vertigo--are you drinking enough water? Any sinus congestion? I also get some vertigo right out of the blue, kind of scary. Sometimes water is the culprit. Other times it just comes and goes, more so on tx. Good luck. I always say we must know ourselves better than our doctors and you sound like you do.
Avatar n tn I have lost my motivation to work, although I usually get my act together in time to meet my deadlines so far. I have no energy. I wake up, take the pills on my way to work, languish all day in my office, rush home to take a couple more pills and start drinking. I fart around on facebook with droopy eyes and knock out around 10pm. What a life. I realize from reading these posts that I've really been addicted to these pills for a long time.