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Avatar f tn can smoking harm your baby like if you go outside and smoke and come back in and be around your baby will it hurt your baby.
Avatar f tn I'm currently 28 weeks 3 days and before I became pregnant I was smoking for 4 years a pack and a half a day ... I found out I was pregnant at 6 weeks but I didn't quit until 8 weeks.. every time I smoked in those 2 weeks I felt so sad that I would hurt baby so one day I just threw cigs away and honestly I was so excited about baby that I didn't even have time for withdrawals... I don't think I could have ever quit if I weren't pregnant but cold turkey is always the best option.
Avatar n tn Like I said I have quit smoking.
Avatar n tn If you land up taking neupogen, your lungs will be very glad if you have quit smoking. I still walk up the ridge for my exercise. I can barely make it a few feet after my neup. My husband has tried to quit many times. Now he chews that nicotine gum all day, and still smokes occassionally. You could try accupuncture; it'll get you used to being stuck while you quit! Good luck.
Avatar f tn You are almost therr hun, your little one is breathing in amniotic fluid and trying to build up its lungs right now though so do what you can to make it easier on your babe! I know its hard, if it didnt make me sick then I would prob still be struggling with this. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Once I took the test that was jt , no more. I love being able to take a deep breath and not have my lungs hurt. I want to be a role model for my children so I'm done. Do I miss it, sometimes but is it worth it to stop, yes!
Avatar f tn However, you have to make a choice - keep smoking and hurt my baby or quit and give the baby the best chance possible that he/she deserves... its really that simple... good luck!
Avatar n tn Thank God I have been able to quit smoking for this pregnancy. I feel much better about it and my lungs feel so much better.
Avatar n tn I don't judge b/c my husb used to smoke. It was hard, but he stopped. If you can't quit, cut down--doesnt sound like you are smoking much, anyway, so should be easier.
Avatar f tn I have been looking at things to help me quit smoking. Smoking aid sites have given me the first feeling of calm I have had all week from the panic of just THINKING about quitting. I buy cheap smokes and my aid can't cost very much more than my habit. I will starve lol I smoke 1 carton-1 1/2 cartons a week for 20-30 dollars Canadian. I do not have many dollars more than 30 a week to help me quit, but to go cold turkey means I will go insane. I am not kidding.
Avatar n tn I smoked on a regular for the past two years. So I just cut down to one hit a day. It helps me keep food down stay relaxed helps me want to eat. I also did tons of research and they cant find Anything wrong with the babys it has not effect. The only thing is your baby is more alert. My sister also smoked with her son he is 3now and super smart great talker walked early can almost count to ten. I am 39 weeks and my son is perfectly health and the right size heatbeat is always right on.
Avatar f tn therefore given the dangers associated with smoking, you should quit it as early as possible. Further you may try OTC pain killers ,local applications and hot fomentation for now and await relief for one-two days. in case the pain does not cease or gets worse you should visit your doctor immediately. You may also rest a few days and avoid exercises such as swimming. Let me know if you need any more help.
Avatar n tn Smoking marijuana can hurt your lungs, like smoking regular tobacco cigarettes can. There are other bad effects too. I urge you to try to quit all smoking. Maybe look for smoking-quitting groups in your area where you won't be alone, while working on quitting. It's always hard to quit a habit that helps people "escape" (temporarily) from problems, etc., but it will be worth it, to get your health back!
Avatar f tn Did any of you have to quit smoking when you got pregnant? How did you do it? With my first or was easy because it made me sick but now I'm craving one all the time!
Avatar m tn i have an intermittent-throbbing kinda pain coming from the back of my chest if that makes sense, i've just quit smoking cannabis and cigs 24 hours ago, after 6 years, im 21 and quite fit, i this normal? its really stressing me out and i just want to have a cigg!!
Avatar n tn What would be the best way to quit after such a heavy dependance on smoking the past 2 weeks? Appreciate the comments. My lungs really hurt! I was just in a daze and smoked and smoked and smoked. It was coffee and smoke, coffee and smoke, coffee and smoke every 15 mins past 2 weeks!
Avatar m tn I have read on the internet that this tends to happen to pot smokers and the solution is to quit for awhile. Well i have decided to quit for good. Should i be worried about the sore lungs or should i Wait and see how a week of not smokin makes them feel?
Avatar n tn Certainly 2 a day is better than even half a pack so congrats on that. I don't think there is ever going to be an easy way to quit smoking and my best advice is to just go cold turkey. You can't use any of the smoking cessation methods on the market while pregnant can you, so do you really have a choice? Good luck to you hun and try to think of those tiny little lungs that are forming. You don't want to do anything to hurt that precious new life forming in you.
Avatar n tn I am back at home and had some weed left over from before I went to the ER that fatefull night. I have been smoking a little and am wondering just how bad this is for my condition. I know it cant be good, but is it as bad as smoking cigarettes and what about drinking a little. How much is too much. I am only 46 and know my party lifestyle from the 80's and 90's is what landed me here. I know that I am going to have to quit it all if I expect to live much longer. It is very hard to just quit.
Avatar m tn im very glad your choosing to quit smoking weed but you should have stopped when you found out you were pregnant. my mom smoked weed when she was pregnant with me and i have depression, anxiety, asthma, thyroid disease, other numerous health problems and i went through withdrawls when i was born. i was also born 2 1/2 months early and weighed 1 pd 3 oz. i fit into the palm of my moms hand when i was born. ive had so many problems bc of her smoking weed.
Avatar f tn He didn't want to upset me by telling me he went back to smoking, but I told him that by lying to me and saying he quit is more upsetting than hearing he is still smoking. His parents both had cancer - mouth/ throat and both due to smoking. His father died from it and thank God his mother was cured. So thats why for the last 20 years I have been hoping he would quit and up until now, I thought he did. Did anyone have a real hard time giving up cigarettes and knew that they needed extra help.
Avatar n tn In addition to your breathing difficulties, there is a history of cancer in your family so you really have to quit! I haven't smoked for 7 months and 4 days. Before my quit I was smoking for 38 yrs. and using an inhaler for the last 3 yrs. Since my quit I find that I use the inhaler about once every two weeks, not bad from twice a day! You are young and have many, many years ahead of you so you need to do it now and not waste anymore time worrying about it.
Avatar m tn The twinges do seem to pretty much clear sometimes but then come back, mainly after smoking. Why would my lungs now react so badly to smoke?
Avatar n tn Spirometry, a simple breathing test, measures how your lungs are working and will often identify a problem in your lungs before you may have symptoms. With your smoking history, it would be helpful for you to have spirometry testing done at least once a year. As you know, quitting smoking is very important and the best health decision you could make. Good luck!
1565702 tn?1295296430 Dont wait until the choice to quit becomes to either quit smoking or to quit breathing. Or both. It is very very hard to get the mindset, but it is all about the mindset that will get you thru, not alternative therepies or tapering or anything else. Just lay em down and keep going and dont look back.
Avatar f tn Im 4 weeks pregnant just found out yesterday. Im trying to quit smoking. Only had one today and I used to smoke half a pack a day (10+). Whats the best way to handle this? I dont want to hurt my baby but im afraid that the stress of a nic fit will hurt my baby too. Any other moms find success quitting? I need to hear some success stories!
Avatar f tn I am 10 weeks pregnant and I just found out 2 weeks ago, before I found out I was smoking weed and cigs really heavly I was wondering would that hurt the baby ? Like my doctor told me to slow down and not to quit cold turkey but I would just reallly like to know whatt the effects are . And those first 2 months that I didn't know would that cause a lot of damage ?
Avatar f tn Nicotine (and the other toxins from smoking) go into your lungs but then go from there into your bloodstream, and that is how they reach the baby. They cross the placenta and enter the baby's bloodstream. It's not about the baby's lungs, the baby doesn't breathe smoke, it's about the baby's blood not containing damaging substances. The embryo is growing at an almost incomprehensible rate (millions of cells a day) at this time, and you just want the playing field to be as natural as possible.
Avatar f tn I was able to quit cold turkey. I've been smoking for awhile so I was definitely addicted to it but once I found out I was pregnant I stopped. I'm 25 weeks now and I still crave but I won't touch a cig while pregnant but if I do deside to smoke again after I give birth I won't do it again round my child either. Second hand smoke is worse than first hand smoking.