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Avatar n tn i just quit smoking aand have been having these anxiety attacks. also chest pain and back pain. anyone have simlar results when quiting smoking? it bothering me and i am getting very frusterated.
Avatar f tn Im feeling so discouraged and just cant take being sick. Is it possible to get sick back to back? Im not going back to smoking, i guess this is my punishment for waiting so long to quit. I swear i dont get more than a few good days inbetween all my problems this whole pregnancy. And the hormones just make me wana cry... Ugh!
Avatar f tn I tried everything to quit smoking and finally did at 22 weeks. im now 26w3d and its so nice to say i quit. I tried everything to quit and i guess after my ultrasound it hit me that i really needed to try n quit once n fer all not just fer a day or two. I ended up quiting cold turkey and asked for my husbands help. He smokes. I wouldnt have any lighters cigs or money to buy em around the house and picked up a new habit. Going on walks....im here fer u if u need someone to talk to. Thatll help.
Avatar f tn I quit smoking the day after i found out too. I was a smoker for 5 years until september when i found out i having a baby. To me its all in the mind, and you have to be strong and know that you dont need it , its bad for you and your baby. My husband helped me get thru it , my baby my family is too important to me than a cigarette. Just remind yourself that your strong , you dont need it, its all in the mind. Whats in the heart is what matters.
Avatar f tn I have tried to quit numerous times however when I do I get stressed and get headaches almost like I'm sick. Can this put my baby uder stress? I simply just don't have the willpower to quit.  Is there any pregnancy-safe medication to help quit smoking???
Avatar f tn I'm 10 weeks and smoke sometimes but it makes me throw up. I've smoked for 9 years as well. It's hard as hell but the baby will make u stop. You'll get sick from the smell. At least I did. If you can't stop speak to ur doctor.
Avatar f tn They've just released a new study saying that some of them have more cancer causing agents than real cigarettes, so I imagine there's more harm to the baby. I quit smoking when I found out, but my doctor did tell me that if you want to quit you should slowly get yourself off of them.
Avatar f tn I had a hard time at first. But I had to quit. It made me so sick. Now I can't even stand it.. Just try to think of how nasty it is & just how icky the smoke is. Lol, just try to make cigarettes seem completely disgusting.
Avatar f tn I have tried to quit numerous times however when I do I get stressed and get headaches almost like I'm sick. Can this put my baby uder stress? I simply just don't have the willpower to quit. Is there any pregnancy-safe medication to help quit smoking???
Avatar n tn Plus, you've probably seen on tv where someone tries smoking for the first time and it makes them sick to their stomach- perhaps you are sensitive to it, like some are to medication. You can get help from your doctor to quit the smoking- it is risky anyway (can often lead to cancer, compromised lungs, etc), and it will save you money to boot!
Avatar f tn Dont let rude comments get you down. It took me a few months to quit. I just slowly cut back and was able to convince my body i was going to get sick if i smoked. Also mint gum helps too.
Avatar f tn I'll be 26wks Friday and I have a big problem smoking cigarettes. I actually quit my entire 1st trimester. And then I started craving them...and now it physically makes me sick not to have one. I wanna quit so bad!!!
Avatar f tn Made me super sick after smoking a half a cig this morning. I believe my baby will play a big part in quitting when I can feel them way more. Know your not the only mom that's having a hard time quitting.
Avatar f tn I'm 7 months an I'mstill ssmoking have not been able to quit an wen I do quot I get sooo sick
Avatar f tn I have a few friends who didn't care to even try to quit. I quit three years ago and it was hard. It took me a year to fully quit. Good luck and God bless!
495035 tn?1221756692 I still haven't been able to quit yet. Got the pills, but was afraid to take them. Had heard they could cause Neurological issues. So, I decided to try them out on the hubby 1st. (that wasn't very nice, I know) Didn't tell him what I had read. After a few weeks in, he started saying to me that he kept forgetting stuff, was cutting things all backward, etc (he's a carpenter). I said, OMG, that happens to me all the time! LOL....
Avatar f tn My husband & I were smokers when I got pregnant with my (almost) 3 yr old. We both decided to quit when we found out we were expecting. I smoked about 1/2 pack a day & quit by smoking one-two less every day until I was done. My hubs did the same & though it took him a little longer, he quit completely, too. He had lung issues & was probably the last person who should have been smoking. He commented to me one day, "I can take a deep breath without coughing.
Avatar f tn I'm sure someone is gonna get mad for my comment but I'm so sick of people saying they can't quit. If you honestly wanted to quit you could, smoking is really a mental habit. Ill be honest that if I wasn't pregnant I wouldn't have quit, I loved smoking. I'm not gonna start again after I have my baby I've already came so far so why start again. I know this doesn't help your post I just had to let this out.
Avatar f tn There is no way at all that smoking while pregnant is ok or safe for the baby. I know its hard to quit. I still get cravings for one especially when I'm stressed but I think about my baby and how it would be unfair to him. If you really want to quit, talk to your OB about it and see if she can give you advice on what you can do or take to help you stop. Just please think of the health of your baby.
Avatar f tn Even though they go out side the hospital to smoke while their child is admitted they come back smelling awful and their small hospital room is so full of that stench that it's hard for a healthy person to breathe. All the while the poor sick baby takes forever to get better. For your infants health I urge you to quit.
Avatar f tn i quit the day i found out i was pregnant, if u really care for the health of ur child theres no excuse to not quit smoking. just do it.
Avatar f tn Now that I am older, it wasn't even a question if I would quit with this one. It took way too long to get pregnant with this one to risk anything!
10743983 tn?1440213810 My boyfriend quit when we found out we were pregnant. He quit with me. Now he's smoking again, has been for about two months. Honestly, I feel like ripping my hair out some days because I want one so badly. It takes everything in me to not grab one an hide it for a day when he is working. It was different when we quit together. But I just don't feel strong enough most days lately. And I want one so badly, it's a lot harder then it should be. I feel like I'm going to snap.
Avatar m tn How do you encourage a person to quit smoking that has been smoking since the age of 16?
Avatar f tn If your wondering why there can be such problems an on nurse explained to me that smoking causes the placenta to harden such as your lungs will if your a smoker and it can cause your baby to not get enough oxygen and nourishment no matter how much you eat or try to be healthy otherwise. Personally I'm not a smoker but my sister in law is and luckily she got 4 healthy babies but I wonder if her smoking has caused them to be sick more frequently, seems like every couple weeks they are sick.
Avatar f tn Drink ice cold water when you crave and still take your five mins... sit were u usually smoke and drink your water.. Also each time you crave Google "effects of smoking to fetus' I quit immediately because the guilt was too much lol . You can do it... I'm off them since 5weeks wen I found out. . I'm 19weeks today and I can't stand the smell of cigs lol.. I smoked 15/20 a day for 10 yrs!
Avatar n tn I had a friend who smoked with her pregnancy, and now her baby has breathing problems (asthma) and he is constantly sick. I don't think its a good idea, all doctors tell you not to smoke. They have programs and websites to help. If you would like I can get some information on them for you.
Avatar f tn now that ive quit the oc's i seem to be smoking alot more.....replacing one habit with another i guess.....i quit oc's c/t maybe i could quit smoking c/t lets see what could i replace smoking with? lol....thats seems to be my problem.......