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1687493 tn?1305603966 You could try Quetiapine (anti-psyc), which I am on, it really didnt effect my sex drive, however I gained over 30lbs on this, but I am pretty inactive, plus I also am on anti-depressants (Prozac), and that in itself affects weight gain and lower sex drive, so I would say that if you take any anti-depressants you will gain some weight, and your lower sex drive - however, there is a large weight gain with the anti-psyc. Im on...
Avatar n tn Im also schizophrenic and taking a low dose of quetiapine (seroquel) 300 MG AT 9pm daily. My endocrinologist ordered 200units injection every 2 weeks injection but my psychiatrists says No dont do it. What should I do? Ive read so many opinions online - some MDs say take the testosterone and some MDs say dont take the testosterone!
Avatar n tn friend when he explained to me the dose-dependent effects of the SSRI and SNRI effects. No wonder I have no get-up-and-go. At 75 mg I am mostly gettin serontonin effects. No libido, not caring much about my appearance, and weight gain. I swore when I lost the 70 lbs that I would never gain it again, but thanks to Effexor I've been prven wrong. I am weaning myself off and have started Wellbutrin XL up to 300mg now. I agree with the withdrawal symptoms.
Avatar f tn last year the baby i was 33wks preg with was stillborn, i called him marcus after that i fell into deep depression understanably i think, then was diagnosed with bpd, and put on quetiapine and sertraline, i have been trying to get preg since sept 2010 but nothing has happened, when i got preg with marcus it only took 2 months and i wasn't on any drugs of any kind, now i'm wondering if the drugs i am on now are affecting my fertility?
Avatar f tn cats eat meat and i eat meat this doesn't mean i am a cat. At your age people have increased libido and being unsociable adds to its abundance. Don't feel guilty at all about that taking olanzapine won't cause you much harm except few more pounds in weight but may straighten out your mind and see things clearer. Depression though is the worst part in BP. My view is - echoing with paranoid_... - is that you are right now in the middle of a hypomania from what you describe.
Avatar m tn 3 Some of the personal context for this illness over the lifespan in my private and public life, in the relationships to my family of birth and my two families of marriage, in my employment life and now in my retirement are discussed in this document.
Avatar m tn 1 In BPD episodes of depression occur alternately with manic or hypomanic episodes during which the mood becomes euphoric and labile, the capacity for deriving pleasure increases, behaviours aimed at deriving pleasure increase, energy and psychomotor activity, libido and self-esteem become elevated. Thus, the same domains are implicated in depression and mania, although the characteristic disturbance in emotional behavior within these syndromes appears opposite with respect to emotional valance.
605458 tn?1265086851 I was recently changed to Seroquel XR and the side effects are so different than regular Seroquel, and one of them is sexual side effects. Anyone else? The other new med I am on is Amitiza, which is for Irritable Bowel Syndrome and didn't have sexual side effects listed. I have been under a lot of new stress lately, but that has never caused this problem in the past.
544292 tn?1268886268 This is the place to be if you want off Tramadol ... you'll get support here. We're so glad you found us!
Avatar n tn One person can take 10mg of Valium and feel alert, awake, aware and unaffected, another person can take 1mg of Valium and be so drowsy they cannot function or stay awake. It's more common with alcohol; we all probably know someone who can knock back 5 drinks and still look and act sober, whereas some of us drink one beer and we can't even walk a straight line. Working in the mental health field, I have seen Effexor XR prescribed and have amazing and wonderful effects.
Avatar n tn My b6 blood level was 81 - the maximum safe level in this test was 32. When reading about b6 toxicity one reads about tingling hands and feet and being "wobbly on your feet" and things of that nature. It can be much more than that. Be careful with Vitamin b6. It's not known if the neurological damage is reversible. Some studies show it is, some show it is not.