Puppy vomiting yellow foam

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910699 tn?1242773068 For the past few days I have noticed that my puppy has vomited up yellow foam. I have also noticed that she does not want to eat much. My dog has never liked to eat dog food so we have been given her eggs, chicken, and other meats that we might have at meal times. When she does eat she tends to eat fast, but lately she does not want to eat these foods. She drinks water on a regular basis and goes to the washroom regularly everything looks normal. Should I take her to the vets?
Avatar m tn I have a 7 week old Pit bull puppy that threw up white foam this morning and has been sleeping most of the day. He only gets up to drink some water and pee. His stool is loose and a bit on the yellow side. He has no appitite or energy. This came on suddenly as about 5am this mornign he was in my bed playing with me and he got down went to get some water and stared to spit up some foam. Please Help!!~!
Avatar f tn I have a shih tzu 6 months old puppy. Since yesterday shes been feeling bad gagging & trying to throw up but most of the time nothing comes out. Yesterday i gave her a spoon of oil & salt & a while later she threw up yellow foam but only once. Later on she then threw up clear & now she just gags but with no vomit or liquid coming out. She wont eat or drink water.
1448838 tn?1284738852 Sometimes your dog may not eat enough one night and the next morning it will throw up yellow or white foam. Then they will also puke if they eat too much, it is a delicate balance. Allergies can also be the cause. Allergies are another thing that they are sensitive towards, when my allergies act up, I take a Claritin before bed, and the dog gets half a Benadryl tablet (about 10mg). One last thing, Shih Tzu are, again, sensitive dogs. This time I am talking of their feelings.
Avatar n tn My dog had what looked like a yellow jelly like poop and was throwing up white foam stuff, and she died tonight. What was the cause? She hasnt had any of her shots yet(including deworming shot). Shes maybe 8 weeks.
Avatar n tn my dog does not want to move nor eat and he is puking yellow foam ...i just want to know whats going on with him... and if there is something that can help him please let me know ???
2154088 tn?1336595980 My dog has been having the symptoms of hypoglycemia for most of his life, which have started becoming severe lately. He has a serious food aversion from an illness he had as a puppy, so he tends to miss meals and be an extremely picky eater (an issue we are constantly working on). There are times he may go without eating much for nearly 24 hours and when this happens I give when Nutri-Cal or a product called Stat.
9702001 tn?1405379554 maybe because she doesn't eat well she has some deficiency?.. She also throws up a little yellow foam in the morning once every few weeks when it happens to not have time to check if she ate all her food in the evening. I understand that is gastric acid, so I believe she sometimes doesn't eat enough.. I will be monitoring her and I really hope it turns out to be something else..something curable.
1832268 tn?1326819610 maalox, ranitidine plus rubenal plus some antibiotic (?? I wondered if it was okay in kidney failure?) this June she only had two good weeks but the rest she was in a really bad state. that was the first time when I realized that it was over. But I didn't give up. I still tried to find remedies, I even went to a homeopath for animals, I read, actually re-read everything about kidney failure.
Avatar m tn While upright she appears fine and not in pain, she plays and runs as much as usual, so much so that people still think she is a puppy even though she is over ten. I've been to the vet probably ten times in the past six weeks or so. She's had multiple xrays to see if she's swallowed anything and to check her organs. Everything looked fine in the xrays, the vet said the 'wall' of her liver may appear a bit thin (I believe that was the wording used).
Avatar f tn I know people will think it's silly, but he was like a child to me or a best friend. I've had him since he was a puppy. He should have had at least three more years. I'm completely broken up. I moved 3 months ago, and he had been in kennels for nearly two months while we waited for a flat. He would have been back with me in just over a month. I had a call yesterday to say that the lady who runs the kennels had gone in to clean him out and he was asleep, and had died in his sleep.
Avatar f tn A few weeks ago she started vomiting uncontrollable just a yellow fluid that lasted a few days but since has not vomitted any. I just wish that there was something anything I could do.
Avatar n tn I am not just talking his eyes, he was yellow from head to toe, even his tongue was yellow. Again he did not progress as most cirrhosis patients do. He stayed very much awake and lucid. Yes, he was still coughing up the blood, and evenually they had to switch to suctioning the blood out, but as he laid there, he wanted everyone to come in so he could talk to them. We spent from roughly 7 pm to 3 am talking to my uncle.
Avatar m tn My chihuahua has been on pb for about a month & has experienced all of these same side effects in varying degrees & has mostly addapted to his new self. However, he has developed a few sore spots on his neck & upon my further investigation it appears that his skin has thinned to the point of the blood being right below the surface.