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Avatar f tn How do you go about handling worms in a puppy? My puppy is vomiting and also threw up worms which i witnessed moving, what do i do or how do i go about takning care of this matter, please help!!
Avatar n tn Also, if a dog is on regular heartworm preventive meds that lowers the possibility of a dog having many kinds of intestinal worms. I rescued a puppy in a deserted rural area in 1990. He was skin and bones and had every parasite a dog could have except for heartworms. Our vet wormed him 3 times and we thought that problem was finally over.
Avatar m tn A few days ago she ate a dead frog and threw up and ate her vomit and threw up 2 times, and then 2 days after that she woke up vomiting again. And today after feeding her she vomited he food. And Im just going to list some of her symptoms or her recent behavior. She keeps itching herself, she bites and attempts to swallow any small object she can get in her mouth. Sometimes she denies her puppy food(puppy chow). She has been eating very little.
495284 tn?1333897642 Take a stool sample with you because most puppies have worms, and even if the breeder wormed the litter, it's best to have them run a fecal exam to make sure the puppy is free of internal parasites. Internal parasites can cause a puppy to vomit, so since you're experiencing this with him today, make sure he doesn't need to be wormed.
Avatar f tn I too wonder if you have seen any worms in the stool? Most puppies do have worms....Has yours ever been treated for them? You don't mention if your dog has ever had any of his puppy vaccines, so it's highly possible that this is Parvo..... Going it alone has a 50/50% chance of survival.....Treatment at your Vet ups it to 85-90% if caught early......Please come back & Let us know what happens.........
Avatar m tn I have a 10 month old Lab mix puppy. Several times this past week, she has vomited at around 3-4 am...its mostly liquid and she tends to lap it back up (eeuuww!). Otherwise she is fine - eating, drinking,playing as usual. She still chews things, but doesn't ingest much, except paper when she get hold of a napkin. I was reading other answers and it sounds like perhaps its the acid in her stomach. She eats twice a day, with the second meal being at around 5 pm.
Avatar n tn She was vomiting up her food because she wasn't chewing it so we started feeding her bits at a time and the chewed that and didn't get sick. She'll drink water from our fingers. Also, I don't know if this matters, but she always gets sick at night. Like 7 p.m. and later.
Avatar n tn I thought my dog had worms so we got her some worm medicine. She started throwing up shortly after. She threw up 3 times yesterday and has started it again today. I am suppose to give her 2 more doses of the medicine but am afraid too. Is it the medicine or could she be sick from something else. And what can I do for her. Thank you.
Avatar f tn Well, you don't want white or pale gums. How old is this puppy and has it been wormed? Worms can cause bloating. Food can cause bloating. Not much info to go on. I'd take it to the Vet for a check up and, if you can, take a stool sample with you so they can check for parasites.
973741 tn?1342346373 We have gotten a new puppy. She is 7.5 weeks old and tiny at 2 pounds. The place I got her were feeding her a food I couldn't find---- so I switched her cold turkey to Nutro Ultra small breed puppy. It's high protein and rated as a decent food. I shouldn't have done this I am now finding as our puppy has diarrhea. She plays rambunctiously (and sleeps a lot which she has since we got her), drinks water and was eating pretty normally.
12980073 tn?1429819661 I am not sure if that had anything to do with any of this, but I have had no experience with worms, puppy vaginitis, Lepto, or kidney issues in puppies, so maybe there is a correlation? Thank you and I am hopeful for her recovery and happy to be part of such a supportive and informative community!
Avatar n tn you should take the puppy to a different vet to see what they have to say. Did you get the puppy from a breeder or petshop because this little baby could of come from a puppymill.
657315 tn?1319494987 That's what we already feed our cats and it's what we bought the first puppy. When we went to pick up the first puppy, the breeder had just fed the litter and that's NOT what was in the pan. I don't know if the breeder lied about anything else. It's pointless to ask her if the mother spent time with the pups, but they were in a playpen and the mother was nowhere near any time I was there. I actually went there 3 or 4 times.
Avatar n tn Just refuse them or she could have a serious side effect...Possibly Fatal! If she had picked up a poison somewhere, it would have showed up in the bloodwork as Liver/Kidney damage....So, it's not that! Anyway, good luck and please keep us posted on her...I sure hope you get to the bottom of her illness......Take care & I wish you both well.....
2095738 tn?1339828843 Today I was cleaning up the yard and noticed worms in her poop. The vet said when she starts taking her med, don't be alarmed if there's worms in the poop, it's just her body getting rid of them. So can her body naturally be getting rid of these worms without the med or did the worms have babies or something and is now affecting my puppies health even more?
Avatar f tn I had wormed the dogs for round and hook worms, but didn't for tape worms. The young puppy is exhibiting the same lethargy, lack of appetite, vomiting and loose stools that the 9mo puppy had shown prior to being tested for parvo. She will be going to the vet tomorrow, but what are they going to tell me?? Parvo? Tapeworm? Both? Something fishy is going on with the vet office that currently has our 9mo puppy.
624274 tn?1262713353 Has she been Vaccinated? (Against Parvo?) Vomiting and/or diarrhea is very dangerous for a puppy. Dehydration can cost them their life very quickly. She needs to see a Vet ASAP. This could be internal parasites (If she hasn't been wormed), or an intestinal bacteria. Either way, she's in trouble....You have to get her some help. Also, please ask the Vet about food choices. They will probably try to sell you a prescription diet for intestional upset. Buy a few cans...
Avatar f tn We changed his diet to Iams low residue puppy. He then had watery diarrhea and vomiting so bad we took him back to the vet. They gave him fluids and tested him for an enzyme deficiency. This came up negative but the blood test showed an "overgrowth of intestinal bacteria." He was put on Tylosin powder 1/8 tsp bid for 6 weeks and switched to Purina Hypoallergenic food. We also gave him small amounts of boiled ground beef as treats.
730826 tn?1317946934 I didn't even know dogs could puke up worms from their stomach- I thought worms set in later in the lower digestive tract. Thanks for posting the info.
1943833 tn?1349280189 Please look up our posts here, Buyers Beware. Inam sure all you wanted was a nice, healthy puppy your family could love and enjoy and this dies not sound like the case. Have you contacted the person you got this puppy from? I am surprised your Vet dudn't suggest that. Personally, I think you should contact whomever you got your pup from and ask for a refund and return the puppy. Get something in writing from your Vet and copies of the bills.
Avatar f tn So, really long story short, I took her home, my husband was a bit upset with me calling me the bleeding heart liberal, but then saw how sweet and loving she was dropped it, and she has had a huge appetite, we have regulated her food, to 1 cup every 2 hours and then moved it up, were concerned about bloat, up until today she had a healthy appetite and at first she had horrible diarrhea, then about 2 days ago she started having solid stools, but today, this morning she was fine, playing ar
Avatar n tn Today- 2 days later he has started with watery diahrea and some vomiting. He is just throwing up water. He can keep water down most of the time but has thrown it up a few times. Other than these symptoms he is playful, seems ok. We gave him 1 tsp of pepto a few minutes ago but it hasn't been long enough to see if it worked. Is this something we should rush him to the vet tomorrow or is this pretty normal and should we give him 24 hours or so to recover on his own?
Avatar f tn A bored frustrated dog who hasn't burned off their energy is more likely to do destructive things, or find SOME mischief to get up to! (maybe including eating bunny-poop!) Worms are a different matter. I don't honestly know if it's possible to get worms from rabbits' feces or not.
530976 tn?1213059819 I was allowed to watch the surgery, as they were afraid they might lose him, and when the doctor opened him up he found that he had a blockage in his intestine. It was actually horse manure that he'd eaten (I train for a living) and he'd not passed it due to a hole in the mesenteric wall the Dr. said. They removed that entire section of intestine.
1415174 tn?1453246703 Other than the health issues, I have two kiddos and a new puppy, all of whom crack me up all day every day. Life is good and we have a new home to enjoy. Looking forward to our first Christmas in our new place. How about you? I shared my story and would like to hear yours. Have at it....
Avatar f tn On that scale that Misfits gave me it was a 3 probably, looked wet but pick up able. Went to town early afternoon and picked up another bag of the Wellness Core puppy, she was almost out and not enough to start a transfer w/ a new kind of kibble. So I brought it home and around 3:30 was time to feed her again and she ate it up like the old Gracie! I couldn't believe it. I wonder if it just tasted fresh or something??? Same way w/ bedtime feeding at 10:30, she ate no hesitation at all.
Avatar m tn I had a 2 yr old Shepard Rottwieler mix,this Sunday he threw up his dog food,after a few hours he threw up blood and was drinking lots of water,I took him to the vet emergency and he died overnight. How could my healthy young dog just die like that? any ideas?
Avatar f tn I think he has been ill for a while off and on. The weight loss, vomiting intermittently, the seizure last month. Im handling it ok. So far. My husband was a blubbering mess and all I wanted to do was punch him. I loved him very much. Its so painful but in a way I was prepared for this. With my babies being older/senile you love on them all you can while you still can. I said goodbye to him. I couldn't stay to watch. I knew that would kill me. We took Beener up there to see him too.
Avatar n tn My young puppy just went through this and ended up being a stomach like flu he gave her some intestinal med to calm her stomach and after 2 days she's eats like normal