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Avatar n tn Have you had her heart checked by the vet... coughing is a symptom of heart disease ... but would be rare in a puppy ...but something to check anyway just in case...
Avatar f tn My 4 1/2 month old puppy chewed up a cup and now keeps trying to cough up pieces. She is eating, drinking and bathrooming normal. She just keeps periodically coughing up clear saliva. I think she has a piece of something in her throat that keeps annoying her. I tried feeling around with my finger but I don't feel anything. She is behaving like a puppy and doesn't seem to slow her down. But whatcam iI do to help it pass tthrough or come out?
1880256 tn?1322569908 He may have some virus going on. Have you changed his diet or added anything to it? If this has been going on for a week and, with the symptoms you've mentioned, it might be a good idea to take him in to the Vet for a check up. I'd take a fresh stool sample with you.
Avatar n tn Google: "Reverse Sneeze" and see if that fits....Other than that, it's possible that the puppy has a heart defect & IMO, should be checked out......Let me know what you find....
495284 tn?1333894042 Whenever you acquire a new puppy, even if it appears to be in perfect health, making an appointment with your own vet to have an introductory examination done should be the first thing on your list to do. So even if the puppy is fine in the morning, call your vet and make an appointment to have him completely vetted.
147803 tn?1234399660 What signs do I need to look for other than labored breathing or coughing? He is a puppy, so he takes naps several times a day, but always loves to play and run. should i not let him do these things? What is the life span of a puppy with a grade 5/6 murmur w/o surgery? Will he get better as time goes on? As Max gets bigger, does it make more room for the enlarged heart?
Avatar f tn I have a small dog I took in 8 years ago and he is now 15. A mix of poodle, terrier and something else. The past 3 weeks he has been having episodes. Always had breathing issues just like pugs but? He starts hacking and then seems to lose motor control and equilibrium. Tries to stand but can't get his bearings. Rolls his head around like he is out of it. I thought his time was up and took a week off work to be with him but a week later and he was good,like a puppy again.
1367690 tn?1278179850 I Recently took my 10-12 day puppy to the vet she is a female(She Has No Mother Was Abandoned) she was dehydrated and constipated we've been giving her the antibiotics and vitamin liquid that the vet gave us and the at home enemas that we have to give her but she ran out of enema medicine and still cant "go" on her own we've been trying the warm rag on the anal area to stimulate her to go but she still hasnt,,she is very bloated and gags occasionaly,and when she gags it sounds
Avatar m tn My vet heard a heart murmer and said he will start coughing (which he has just started) has anyone had this problem and how to deal with it? Also are there alternatives to dog toothpaste? human toothpaste? any suggestions?
Avatar f tn She is 11, almost 12 years old. She had a couple of fainting episodes within a week that the vet said would happen from time to time. After adjusting her meds she was much better. Now about a month later, she started coughing and had another episode. It wasn't nearly as long, but I can't help but panic. We also noticed that lately she holds her urine until someone comes home. She used to pee on puppy pads during the day and now she absolutely won't.
7378022 tn?1390751481 t get any better within the next 2 to 3 weeks, get your vet to prescribe antibiotics to treat it. Next, try to keep your puppy out of the cold and try using a harness instead of a lead as it will help with the coughing, particularly if your pup strains against the lead. Next, has your young pup had its vaccinations?
Avatar m tn My bichon/poodle is 12 years old. He has an enlarged heart that he has had for a couple of years. He's just been getting slower and coughing some. I give him meds for cough only when needed. Vet's been watching it and it's not bad enough for any other meds. Just recently I took him in to vet because he seemed out of sorts, breathing harder and barking out, like in pain. She did xray to compare last xray to see if heart was larger or fluid in lungs, etc.
Avatar m tn Our 11 year old Golden who seemed fine up till about a month ago when she started breathing heavily, panting, coughing, sleeping all the time (when we let her) and now not interested in food. She was a voracious eater until just now. Took her to the vet, he listened to her heart and heard nothing disturbing. I am taking her back on Tuesday (today is Sunday) for a chest x-ray and a cardiogram. She seems to get worse with every passing day. She seems sad, if that computes.
Avatar f tn How old is the puppy? When was the last time the puppy ate?When was the last time the puppy drank?Is the puppy updated with vaccination? When was the last vaccination? Could the puppy have eaten anything or gotten into something that could be poisonous? Is there any other symptoms tired low energy change in bowel movements fever etc.? How long has the puppy been like this?You did not give any helpful information for anyone to really help?
Avatar n tn Get your puppy into the vet!
Avatar n tn My 4 and 1/2 year old Black Lab/Chow mix was diagnosed with a significant heart murmur as a puppy. My mom took her to the vet after noticing her coughing. The vet said that she had fluid around the heart and placed her on Lasix and also said she'd be lucky to make to Christmas. I wondering if there are any other treatments available that might help?
1812469 tn?1316613488 If you think your puppy has parvo, you need to get him to the vet ASAP to get a positive diagnosis. If it IS parvo, he will have to stay at the vet to receive supportive care. It is EXTREMELY difficult to pull a puppy through parvo at home as they often need IV fluids to prevent them from becoming dehydrated. Also, if you have other dogs, it is important to keep the puppy separate from them, something that you really cannot do at home.
Avatar n tn I have a puppy that broke her jaw on the left side my vet quoted me at 500.00-1000.00 I was denied for care credit and I do not have ccrd. I have no family that can help is there any assistance programs that may be able to help. I am the only one working and I only make 400.00 every two weeks.
Avatar n tn Please take puppyto see vet. This could be sarcoptic mange, which is contagious to humans... until you see the vet and your own doctor, keep the puppy and yourselves in 'hands off' mode (do not accept handshakes, or puppy petting) with other people. This is just precautionary, as you would not want to spread this around.
Avatar m tn This puppy needs to see the vet. He may have contracted something from the tick.
506570 tn?1215836300 I just took my 7 week old Alaskan Malamute puppy for his first vet heck and vaccination. The vet listened to his heart and immediatly told me he suspected a heart murmur. He comment that is was only slight and wanted me to bring him back a couple of days later to let the other vet who works there give a second opinion. Upon a second opinion, the other vet confirmed a heart murmur. I was not given a grade for the murmur.
Avatar n tn You need to get your puppy to his Vet for proper worming...DO NOT use any OTC wormers on this puppy....They are dangerous & normally don't work anyway.... Your Vet will be able to give proper worming medicine.... Please hurry...A worm overload as you describe can kill a puppy......Not eating in such a young dog can be fatal also...Make the call now & get your guy the treatment he needs..... Don't waste any more time on the internet...Call your Vet....
Avatar f tn Puppy was still not doing well Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, so the vet suggested a hospitalization observation for all day Wednesday. Vet gave puppy another parvo test, also negative. Puppy was discharged with nutrient rich food. Same symptoms continued on Thursday, with pup sleeping a lot. Thursday night, puppy was beginning to have very watery diarrhea, and Friday morning puppy was seeming almost incontinent, so back to vet. Still negative for parvo.
Avatar m tn 2 days puppy head injury my brother put on foot puppy head recently blood come puppy mouth please help what i can do know