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Avatar f tn When I started pumping I looked to see how much I've pumped out so far but it wasn't milk it was just blood. I called the hospital and talked to someone who knew about breast pumping. She said she's only heard of it being breast milk with a little red tinge, which of course is the blood. Mine was ALL blood. She said maybe I should take a break for a couple of hours.
Avatar f tn So im kinda stuck in my ways. I would love for my baby to have my breast milk....but I dont like the idea of my nipples being chomped on. My other daughter was extremely lactose and tolerant so she wouldn't breast feed once the milk came in. But I remember that it did hurt when she did try. Is it wrong that I want to pump the milk and bottle feed? Any other moms out there that has done this?
Avatar f tn Look up breast feeding on YouTube they have how to videos that should help
Avatar n tn I am 35 weeks and haven't produced/ leaked any breast milk, I didn't produce any with my first till a couple days after he was born, just thought I would be producing something by now.
Avatar f tn So my hubby would like for me to exclusively breast feed with our child and mentioned to today about looking into breast pumps. Since I formula fed before I would just like some insight on breast feeding and also a good pump for a first timer.
10843549 tn?1425100223 You can also do it hands free if you have a good pumping bra. If you plan on pumping exclusively or going back to work a double pump is much more efficient. If you are breastfeeding exclusively and pumping occasionally a single electric pump will be fine. But if your insurance pays for not definitely get the double.
Avatar f tn I have never really gotten any milk from my left breast, the right one I can feel the milk coming out and she prefers that side and the left she just doesn't care for. I always start with the left side, but is there any way I can build my milk supply in both breasts so I can feed her less formula. Any advice, I would like to do it without medication if possible.
Avatar m tn I was wondering is it possible to breast feed without the baby actually feeding from my breast. I mean me strictly pumping milk. I know it's not as easy as it sounds trust me. But is it doable?? For my son I'm willing to do whatever it takes for his best will. I have heard stories where some will pump for hours and get little milk. Some would swell up from not getting enough milk out. And what about when I drop him off at day-care?? As he gets bigger will I make enough milk to satisfy him??
Avatar f tn When I Have My Baby Girl This Will Be My First Child & First Time Breast Feeding. Does Anyone Knows How To Use The Pumps & Where Can I Find Some Cheap Pumps & Breast Pads?
Avatar f tn If you pump go for electric. When storing milk they sale bags for breast milk at Walmart I'm the bottle section when freezing only freeze 2 to 3ozs at a time. Because breastfed babies only eat 2 to 3ozs after a few weeks and further on in life. You can save the milk in the fridge in those same bags for 5-8 days and never shake the bag just stir the separated milk back together.
Avatar f tn the pump will come with bottles to pump into but you can by bags and pump into them if you know it's going straight to the freezer...you can heat refrigerated breast milk bottles or frozen bags with a bottle warmer or just hot water (microwaving is not recommended)...breastmilk is good in the fridge for 3 days and around 3 months frozen...swirl to mix if it separates but don't shake hard like you would with formula...
7385294 tn?1412109339 I waited 2 weeks before introducing a bottle so she wouldn't get confused or lazy knowing breast milk is a little harder to get, unlike a bottle. She is almost 4 months and we're still going strong. Going to breastfeed as long as I can. It hurts the first 3 weeks regardless if your baby is latched correctly. The initial latch and sucking hurts the worst at first. Your nipples get sore, cracked and can bleed.
428506 tn?1296560999 Lactation consultat said I only need to try for 10-15 minutes at a time and not every feeding. Even if I can't get her to latch I hope to continue to feed her breast milk by pump/bottles.
Avatar f tn Hi. Since April I have had pain above my left breast. It's not constantly there, but it comes and goes. Sometimes it feels like a burning pain, other times it feels like a cramp. I've also felt it in my armpit at times and it will also creep up over my shoulder. Although I VERY RARELY feel it on the right side, it DOES happen once in awhile. But for the most part it's been my left side.
184674 tn?1360864093 Although many health care providers promote the benefits of breast-feeding, parents around the world have criticized Berjuan, saying the idea of breast-feeding is too grown-up for young children -- and may even promote early pregnancy. "That's not cool," Lori Reynolds, of El Paso, Texas, told KFOXTV.com. "No, I would never get that for my child." But other moms said they support the product.
Avatar f tn Do i have to take something so my milk drys up?...or...do i just stop pumping and the milk just goes away n stops comming in???
Avatar f tn Hey ladies I came back on here to ask a question for mothers that breast feed, I was going to bottle feed but now I decided to breast feed and my breast is so sore n swollen with milk I cant even get her to latch on to my nipple so I got a breast pump and it took me one hour to produce 2 ounces of milk which was enough for her but it took a hour to get it so what do I do to get my milk to flow out I really want to breast feed her and im trying not to give up on it please somebody help me
Avatar f tn If you've noticed a decrease try oatmeal, drink plenty water.Water helps the milk flow, oats are great for lactation.Go to YouTube and search What's Up Moms.They have great vids.There's one they have witha recipe for lactation cookies!!
Avatar n tn If it is in the breast because you are a new mommy your breast are probably engorged from milk being to full. You can relieved that by pumping for 2 to 5 mins each breast or you can hand express which you can find some awesome videos on YouTube that will show you how. The milk you express. You can freeze for later on to mix in baby food.
480331 tn?1310407129 Ok, I know what compressions are, but can someone explain how you do that whilst your pumping.
11102939 tn?1415368074 I just had my lil boy 4 days ago and my breast milk is coming in and my boobs hurt so bad. Everyone has told me that i need to ice them but thats not helping. So i thought maybe by taking a hot shower would help but they said dont face the water directly. Why cant i let the hot water hit my boobs ? Any tips on easying the pain?
8586765 tn?1402226016 Im a FTM and its hurts when im breast feeding cause the baby isnt latching right. I was thinking of getting a breast pump tomorrow... but for as of right now, what can i do to get some of the milk out??
Avatar f tn I juss had my baby 2days ago but i dnt have any milk...will i get any or how can i have some..i tryed putting her on me but nothing juss clean liquid came out...
Avatar f tn So ladies I need help. I had longgg labor, & ending up having c-section. I was in hospital since last Thursday & I got discharged today. For the 1st few days I didn't have milk in my breast but last night it was full. After she was born Saturday, the next day I did breastfeed even though there was nothing, the nurses told me to practice & I did. Today my breast was sooo full & was hurting so I tried to breastfeed my baby.
287071 tn?1365196113 It seems weird- before this baby I had little to no feelings in my breast/nipples (sorry TMI) and now that I can feel the milk refilling. There is times where I feel full and may even look it, but only get 2oz when I pump, I think they are like overkill now- extremely sensitive.
Avatar f tn Sorry if its a stupid ??
1529131 tn?1360210141 She gets maybe 3 to 4 wet diapers a day, so far. I only get less than one ounce out of both breast at one pumping. Do I combine all the milk that I pumped that day and than offer it to her? I have a double pump, and I pump both breast at the same time, should I only do one? Would pumping right after her feeding increase the milk flow?
Avatar f tn Congrats! Yeah its not easy and its painful but try maybe pumping you breast first for a bit with a breast pump, so you canget your nipple more in shape ready and pointing out more.
Avatar f tn I was also told they can be lazy bc they have to work for the milk from the breast but get immediate gratification from a bottle.