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Avatar f tn She refused to take the bottle, so now I want to try to do both.. I bought a breast pump, so I'm wondering how does the whole freezing your milk process work? How long is it good for? How do you unfreeze it? Or boil it? Thank you for your time!
Avatar f tn I'm returning to work soon so I bought the Tommie tippee closer to nature breast pump. It's my first time using a pump. Could anyone advise on how to get a lot of milk during the pumping sessions. At the moment I'm not getting much milk......
Avatar f tn i dried up when my son was 4 months old, but i had enough milk frozen for him to still be exclusively on breast milk until he was 10 months old and we just moved to milk from there...i know i know...people tell me he was too young. also, drink plenty, i mean, ALOT, of water while nursing. that is why i dried up..thought i was getting enough and wasnt...good luck. nursing is one of the best bonds a mommy can have with her baby!!
7845638 tn?1395845067 i got this expensive pump as a gift and i want to make sure i do this right because my milk didn't last long with my first pregnancy and i don't want to waste the pump lol
Avatar f tn But as i tried pumping yesterday and today, ive only got 3 oz altogether. Not good. I need to have some milk pumped by Thursday but dnt knw whats going on. And why this is such a problem. I exclusively bf, no substitues.
Avatar f tn How much should I be pumping? Every how many hours? I came to the conclusion that my son didn't really like to suck, so I just pumped and pumped out about an ounce. When should I pump next?
Avatar f tn It depends on your milk. Everyone is different. Mine took about 15 minutes on each side and I got more the more I pumped.
4654179 tn?1382646814 As mentioned before, I'm only pumping my milk and bottle feeding, pediatrician stated that this will make me dry up faster, is this true?
Avatar f tn I pump now but get about 5-8 oz a day and that is pumping several times in order to get that. How will I produce enough milk to keep her breastfed while I work? Also I have a Medela Swing pump is there a better pump out there maybe mine isnt stong enough. Any help would be great. Oh and is there certain foods that help produce milk?
Avatar f tn How much milk should I be getting by now? And how long can I take the Fenugreek for? Any Other Ideas I could be doing? I tryed pumping every 1-1.5 but I dont get anything really when I do this....
1396867 tn?1433524301 what pump are you using? they say hospital grade is the best. how long are you pumping? at least 10-15 minute? Have you tried manual expression or even a manual pump? different speeds on the electric pump? I found that i emptied twice as fast using the manual medela harmony than the pump in style advanced. However, since the manual only did one side at a time, total pumping time was the same. And since amount of stimulation affects long term output, i primarily stuck to the electric.
Avatar n tn The one thing I do recommend is learning how to had express - I always did this at the end of my pumping session and got more milk and then it you ever forget a part - you have way to get milk in an emergency. Good luck and congrats.
689528 tn?1364139441 So let's say I just fed him completely on my left breast....would I pump the right breast afterwards? I've only been feeding him from one breast at a time to prevent a fore/hind milk imbalance. Also, when I start to pump...that will make me produce that much more milk right? So will I have to keep pumping often just to keep up or can I just pump when I think I'll need it later on in the week or something?
1528695 tn?1360585920 I can Only get about an oz out of one breast which is why im concerned. I dont want the supply to decrease! How long do you go at night without pumping? i just purchased the pumping bra last night & I love it!
8526246 tn?1405605476 How long after pumping is breast milk good for without refrigerating or do I have to refrigerate right away? I want to pump and feed without having to refrigerate and thaw but not sure if its not ok to do so.
964234 tn?1331952807 Also, I cannot find any help on how/when to start pumping my milk and if I do start now (I have an electric occasional use pump because I am staying home at least 6 months from work) when do I pump and for how long? Nurses at the hospital were against pumping for the first month so they were not much help. But, it's my baby and I want to start storing for nights out for a little later down the line. Any tips?
Avatar f tn I'm 29 wks and already producing milk I looked up online to see how long breastmilk stays fresh while frozen and it says three to six months. I was thinking what if I start pumping now and will have a good stock on breastmilk when she's born cause with my first daughter I only produced till around 6 months and maybe I could have her fed longer I don't know this was just a thought I don't even know if it's safe to pump now I've never heard of anyone start pumping during their pregnancy..
3588173 tn?1357320784 Alright looks like I will be setting a couple alarms during the night to pump.
1080032 tn?1326417986 After pumping can I leave my breast milk sitting out if my daughter will be eating 2hrs later? I don't have a bottle Warner so I would hate to put it in the fridge.
11367320 tn?1421803559 I Put It In The Fridge For Later On Till I Go To See Her But I Was Wondering For How Long Is Breast Milk Good (When U Put It in The Fridge) To Feed Your Baby?
Avatar f tn when you started using the breast pump how long did it take for your milk to flow easily am have a steady flow.
8146913 tn?1396734198 I have a few questions 1. How often and long do I pump? 2. How do I know how much milk to send with whoever watches baby? 3. How do I get the baby to take a bottle and breast?
Avatar f tn when you started using the breast pump how long did it take for your milk to flow easily am have a steady flow.
Avatar f tn My question is, is it possible to just pump and bottle feed my little one? And if so how long does stored breast milk usually last ? I won't be able to commit to breast feeding as I will have to return to work and won't be able to be there all the time to feed little one. I don't need anyone telling me I can still breast feed, I just want info on pumping instead .
1123420 tn?1350564758 org/posts/Breastfeeding/Exclusively-breast-pumping/show/1146998 Here's a post about exclusively pumping in the Breastfeeding forum. Join us in that forum as well and I think you'll get much helpful info and tips.
Avatar f tn Anything you take in passes though your milk and gives it to ur baby. It is not known how long thc stays in the milk so pumping may or may not work. Either way its not worth the risk. If you are going to take anything in harmful to your baby u should not breastfeed and switch to formula. Good luck.