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Avatar f tn d been having terrible tooth pain and had developed an abscess on the gum above that tooth. At the same time, I was experiencing a pressure/pulling sensation down my jaw, around my ear and down my neck. I was first given a round of antibiotics, and the pain, abscess and pressure/pulling sensation all went away.
Avatar n tn About two weeks ago I was referred to an oral surgeon for wisdom teeth extraction. All four teeth are impacted and need to be extracted, and it is quite painful. After they took the X-Rays, they told me what procedures I needed to have done. They told me I'd need to have the teeth extracted, and that I'd need a bone graft for each tooth that was removed, and that the bone graft was $350 a tooth.
Avatar f tn s 11 and 12) extracted, and bone grafting done this coming Monday the 23 of February. My general dentist will be pulling them. Tooth #11 has a crack in it and they both have an infection of which I am taking antibiotics presently. I have never had two permanent teeth extracted before and bone grafts. Also, tomorrow, I will be having my three month cleaning and getting impressions taking for the flipper like device which I can either wear or not wear while I am eating.
Avatar f tn it happens often. the ligament around the tooth can get inflamed from the procedure, so when you bite on it , the tooth hurts. make sure that you cannot touch this tooth with the opposing tooth when you close your mouth with no food. if you can, the dentist needs to reduce the tooth ever so slightly so you cannot hit it when you bite. this will help thing calm down. it is also possible the tooth has a fracture but I would not jump to that just yet. ask the endo who did it.
Avatar m tn To have it removed along with another tooth that I need pulled would be roughly $3000 which includes pulling and a bridge. That would mean about $2000 out of pocket if I don't get a root canal. I'm not sure what to do, as I don't think those are the best odds and do not want to pay for the root canal only to turn around and pay completely out of pocket to pull it and put a bridge in. thoughts?
Avatar f tn So I have not called either dentist or perio -- b/c I feel like this tooth does not need crown lengthening. I have had the procedure done on another tooth with good reason -- it was obviously broken below the gum line. I just think that I have already spent $1100-$1200 on the tooth and have no pains or problems even with a temporary crown staying on or being sensitive.
Avatar f tn Before the mold was taken the dentist said he had to grind my tooth off down to where the crown would fit. During the procedure I could rub my tongue over that tooth and feel the tooth had been drilled down to within 1/8 to 1/4 inch of my gums. Why would the dentist have removed the good side that could help support the crown? After he drilled and shaped my tooth, then they did the mold for the crown. How would they know what my original tooth was like after whittling it away?
Avatar n tn So i went back to my dentist to get x-rays and he said that there was nothing wrong with my tooth. I got some prescriptions for my tooth but i still had pain. Two days ago, i went to my dentist again and told him that i was still having pain in the tooth. He told me that my pain was from the root canal and that it is a rare case. He finally told me that i can either keep the root canal or get my tooth bridged.
Avatar f tn It is a harmless procedure, the biggest complication being chipping a tooth from the blade used to guide the tube. In many cities paramedics are trained in this procedure and can perform it on the street. In the case of a serious asthmatic attack it enables the patient to be "force fed" air to open up the most congested and restricted passageways. There are no afteraffects from being intubated. One a tube is in place it is "slightly uncomfortable", but not intolerable.
Avatar f tn It has appeared to have been loose and tonight she thought she was pulling her tooth and just the stainless steel cap was pulled off. The small amount of tooth underneath is still inplace and does not appear to be loose even though she has pulled the ones corresponding to it on the opposite side. There is no pain. Will it eventually loosen up and be pulled or is this a trip to the dentist? She cannot get a good grip on it since it is so small. Thank you for taking the time to answer.
Avatar m tn i couldnt have done it myself with pills at my house....pulling a tooth should not be too bad....my mom had a root canal a few weeks ago i had told her about my tab issues...she maintained on ibuprophen...think i may have scared her a bit...poor thing...doesnt even drink and now whe is scared to take a pain pill...often have wished i had not told her but i needed someone to keep me in line...to be accountable to...
Avatar f tn okay my wisdom tooth is killing me it has a hole in it and very painful will they pull it...it feel like its on a nerve....
Avatar n tn Dentist said to wait 2 more weeks??? It's a gum abcess...He also said to build up my bodies resistance by eating a lot of vitamin c. It's just the gum under the tooth that's bothering me (looks like the gum is pulling away from my tooth) it doesn't really hurt or throb only when I press on it. He said if it's still bothering me after 2 weeks I will need a stonger antibiotic???????? I'm confused. Does this sound right?
Avatar n tn Hi, It does sound like a fracture. There are really only two things it seems they are suggesting you do. Get the root canal and crown and hope the fracture holds, or I'm sure they would suggest having the tooth extracted and getting an implant placed there. Because it is the last tooth your dentist may suggest nothing but an extraction, if all else fails. A root canal would be the first step. If there is already a fracture and it is wide enough, it will be seen during the procedure.
Avatar m tn Hi Niko thanks for the input. My dentist said i have a dead front tooth due to the abcess, he said i should do a root canal or infection could repeat itself. thing is i have been oil pulling for a month now with coconut oil. i still have very little pain that happens once and awhile but looks like it could work. But i'm not sure if oil pulling will regenerate the tooth. I don't want a tooth extraction cause its my upper front tooth.
Avatar f tn I went to the dentist who detected an abscess above the tooth next to it and, thus performed a root canal procedure on it. I was given two courses of antibiotics. However, the pain in my front tooth never went away and so the dentist performed a root canal procedure on that tooth. There was quite a bit of pain from that procedure, of course, but over the next week my sensitivity disappeared and the pain seemed to be subsiding.
Avatar n tn Am pregnant and my tooth was extracted and now I have a infected gums and hurts bad what can I take for infection and pain
412969 tn?1224334248 its gonna be a very long day, but it worked out allright cause i had an infection in my gum so they wouldnt have been able to pull anyway... but i could really use someoen whos been through the awake tooth pulling procedure to tell me what its like? what happens? so im prepared and not so damn nervous!
Avatar f tn No obvious tooth problems otherwise. A few days ago I had an upper wisdom tooth removed and a lower impacted tooth removed on the same side where I am feeling the pressure. (thinking it may help) So far, I have not had any relief. A few months ago I had a root canal on tooth #3 that still has not healed and is still very tender. The root canal was complicated and had to be treated at least two more times.
Avatar n tn after removal of an abcess tooth (#31), how long will swelling last? I still have painful swelling in lower jaw line soft tissue. Family dentist only prescribed enough antibiotic for 3 days before and 3 days after extraction, will that be sufficient? Her receptionist says I have to ask oral surgeon if I need more. The oral surgeon is at a clinic and is not reachable. We are going into the weekend, who do I call for more antibiotic?
Avatar n tn I always pull the tube out of the holder and withdraw the needle because of fear that I may damage some tissue, etc of my patient. However, I am informed that pulling the tube out is the last step with butterfly needle draws on the fragile veins of the hand. First, pull the torniquet, then needle with vacutainer tube attached (sometimes with vacuum still in the tubes), then finally disengage the vacutainer tube. Would appreciate a response.
Avatar f tn Hello, I would like to kindly request if it is safe to do another root canal procedure for new tooth after a surgical extraction which is infected & in the process of healing Already there is sever pain on this extracted tooth area & the other tooth procedure is it safe to do or do I have to wait until it heals.Thank you for the advice.
Avatar n tn I'm scheduled to have a crown lengthening procedure done to a tooth that has already had a root canal and the crown kept popping off every year, after 3x, my "new" dentist, if you know what I mean, said I had to get this done or have it pulled. Yikes, needless to say I'm ansy. Can you please tell me how this compares to a root canal? I've been told it is much easier, I'm doing a lot of research, I imagine it depends on much gum needs repositioning.
Avatar n tn Yes, a crown is required after a root canal, because the tooth is weakened by the procedure and needs permanent protection otherwise it risks cracking right through the root. As for costs, I don't know how this translates into Canadian dollars, but in the U.S. almost all of my crowns have averaged about $1000 each and the root canals were also about $1000 each (depending on the tooth.
Avatar n tn While it seemed as though the surgery went well, I discovered i had a chipped tooth that I am positive was chipped during the surgery. I could tell that the oral surgeon wasn't too thrilled that I was claiming that he chipped my tooth, but the chip was in the front of my mouth and besides being physically noticable, I could feel it on my toungue immediately. Anyway, 10 days after my surgery, I bit down on a soft piece of bread and heard and felt a horrible crack.