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Avatar f tn I'd wait if you can, the pain is intense and you wouldn't want to be on pain meds. I had a root canal when I was 5weeks along and I didn't take any pain meds, and I was up for 3 days in excruciating pain. I had my wisdom teeth out years ago but the pain even while medicated was worse than the root canal. Put it off if you can... I think your dentist is crazy for saying he or she would do it. A wisdom tooth can wait! Don't put yourself through the misery!!
Avatar n tn i am being treated for infection that has gone to my jaw bone. Will the root canal work or will my body reject it after several months???? Am i better off pulling these two teeth now?? It is a very expensive precedure and if i'm going to loose them down the line i rather just pull them out now and save to have implants later on.
Avatar m tn I broke a tooth and I have a little pain with it, my options are root canal or extraction. If I get the root canal do I have to get a crown.Does not the root canal destroy the nerves thereby rendering the tooth dead and eventually it will break causing you to get the extraction anyway. For it is alot more expensive to get the root canal and crown than having the tooth extracted.
Avatar n tn 22 months ago I had root canal on tooth. Tooth was confirmed as needing root canal. Pain continued. I was concerned about crowding in front teeth perhaps contributing to pain, so after 4 months I started ortho work with Invisible braces (I was 55 at the time). Teeth were straigtened out in about 5 months, but I continued to wear retainer in evenings. Pain never let up.
Avatar m tn hello my name is semaj i am 16 i recently had a root canal done on september 15th 2011 and its been about 2 to 3 weeks after and my tooth has become so loose that i can push it out with my toungue.
Avatar n tn My root canal is being done in two visits. First an opening was drilled in my crown. That was last week with partial root canal done at that visit..... Now my tooth under that crown feels like it is really lose. I have pain all the time. If I touch it with food I could scream the pain is so terrible. Is there a possibly after all of this I could lose this tooth and my crown? As of right I think pulling it would give me some relieve.
Avatar m tn If it is not, he will not have to start the root canal and will not have to charge you for a full root canal. Call his office and ask what the fee would be if he could not do the root canal, as it should not be anywhere near the cost of the full treatment.
15266454 tn?1439491614 Looking to get a number of teeth pulled to cut back on infection. A root canal I have the post in poking into my right sinus and causes me to have a sinus infection that I have had for years now. Also to get rid of a lot of sliver fillings. Has anyone pulled teeth and had great results on the MS side of things?
Avatar f tn Did any of u ladies have a root canal or pulled a teeth while being prego. Did it hurt?? Did u feel the root canal Or them pulling ur tooth out??? Im nervous because the dentist said I need 3root canals and one tooth pulled And I know thwy cant use good numbing stuff because of the pregnancy. How long did it take what happend Tony ladies during before and after???!!
Avatar f tn Unfortunately the blood supply/flow to a tooth is poor, hence why the body isn't as effective in healing or removing the infection. A root canal (or a retreat) will clean the canals again of the bacteria and allow the body to resolve any issues in the bone. You may also want to weigh the cost of treatment. Do you need a new crown, a possible post or core buildup?
Avatar f tn Problems can occur immediately after a root canal or even months or years later. Proponents have no science to back up their safety claims but, instead, use self-serving testimonials from dentists who use it without any input from the patient...'cause they never told the patient.
Avatar n tn These accessory canals are hard to see on X-rays but are small branches of the nerve trunk. 3. The tooth may be fractured, since root canal teeth do get dried out internally. 4. The root canal has become reinfected. The process of performing root canal therapy is typically quite successful. Over time, however, problems can occur because the tooth no longer has internal fluids or blood supply.
Avatar n tn No dentist likes to pull teeth unless it's absolutely necessary. I once needed a root canal, but at the time didn't have dental insurance. So, I had it pulled. I wish I hadn't because it threw my bite off. When you pull a tooth it makes room for movement of the other teeth. Besides, to get a tooth pulled you still need freezing. Is the nerve still alive in your tooth? I have had many root canals and one of them I didn't need any freezing because all the nerves were dead.
Avatar n tn I am still having unbearable tooth pain exactly like before the root canal. Will this pain go away or will it be there until the crown is on there and the other 2 are filled? When will this pain go away? I have read that if you have pain before you will have pain after but this is cripiling pain I am in...it's all the way into my jaw by my ear and down under my jaw bone by my throat. I had the root canal to get rid of of this pain but it's exactly like it was before.
Avatar m tn I so relate. I had a root canal on one side after an awful toothache. Had another toothache two weeks later on the other side. had another root canal. Pain went away for one week. Came back. It turns out it's the tooth next to the last one I had root canal. So i had three root canals in 1 and a half months. And I still have pain in other teeth. Does anyone out there know if this is normal? to have so many in such a short amount of time? It's been soooo painful. Help!
Avatar n tn The endodontist may also let you know if the previous dentist who did the root canal did not seal the tooth properly or missed an additional canal in the root. I worked for a endodontist for over 4 years, as a dental assistant. We saw alot of cases where the general dentist would do the root canal, and since they do not have the additional training or the equipment that an endodontist does, they can miss things or not seal the canals properly.
Avatar m tn He wants me to do 10 more dives proir to pulling my teeth. I don't want my teeth puulled. I would rather have root canlals done and have them crowned.I dont want to open a new can of worms by pulling my teeth! I take very good care of them and thank this is my best option. Opinion please?
Avatar n tn Since the root canal wasn't done properly I would assume that either this caused it, or the damage was done before the root canal. My dog had the same issue, the pus and infection underneath the tooth. I would talk to your new dentist about it because I would say there is a good chance the old one could be at fault.
Avatar m tn However, after root canal, when went to dentist to get permanent crown, dental assistant spent 20 minutes pulling, trying to get temp crown off. They finally had to drill it in half to get it off, and she then put on permanent. Am wondering if she could have cracked underlying tooth during all this, and being just the assistant, wasn't aware of what she did?
Avatar n tn Get the root canal and crown and hope the fracture holds, or I'm sure they would suggest having the tooth extracted and getting an implant placed there. Because it is the last tooth your dentist may suggest nothing but an extraction, if all else fails. A root canal would be the first step. If there is already a fracture and it is wide enough, it will be seen during the procedure.
Avatar f tn I just learned a relative with heart disease had 3 root canal teeth pulled. He insists he felt better afterwards than he had in a long time. He recommended the book to me. I've had a root canal since I was a teenager and smashed my front tooth on a pool slide. I'm struggling to get well and seriously wondering if this could be part of my problem. Anybody out there feel better after pulling a root canaled tooth?
Avatar n tn The X-rays do not show a crack, but my dentist still thinks I may have one. The pain is bearable, but since my root canal, I have shooting pains in the rest of my teeth. I have had several X-rays but my dentist sees nothing wrong with the rest of my teeth. The pain seems to move throughout my mouth to both upper and lower teeth. Is it possible that this pain is referred pain from the tooth that had the root canal? If so, would pulling my tooth help with the referred pain?
Avatar f tn (feels like my teeth are all being pulled by a string and pulling on the nerves of my teeth, especially on my left upper teeth which is opposite of root canal side). I will see the pain specialist if I don't get this resolved.
Avatar f tn he gave me antibiotics and ibuprofen until i decided to get a root canal treament or pull my tooth out. i didnt ask about my facial cheek/temple pain but im pretty sure its related.
Avatar n tn Place a teaspoon of virgin coconut oil in mouth and swish it around as long as possible also good for dental problems, called oil pulling Don't pull your teeth out or you'll be more sorry. Abcesses can be relieved with determination. Stop eating and drink fresh green vegetable juices. Eat fresh green cabbage. Blend half a small onion with one stick of celery in a cup of water. Drink slowly, swish around in mouth.
Avatar n tn I’m in a very similar situation like your right now and I was wondering whether you have found the cause of your problems. I had a root canal on my lateral and surgery on #11 two months ago. Ever since than everything is going worse; I have this massive pressure on my upper teeth, especially the tow middle ones, with a pulling and an overcrowding sensation (like they wouldn’t have enough space anymore). Sometimes is so bad that I wish I could pull them out my self.
Avatar n tn After that I had biting pain in one area. Tried new crown etc. Finally had root canal, last january, after root canal had biting pain on all areas of tooth and can even feel something when touching sides and top of tooth. Last molar in back on bottom. I do have tmj, I can feel a high point in that area when I have my mouth closed. Dentist, endo and oral surgeon say they see no high spots, so I guess I must be crazy, it's only my mouth!
1793142 tn?1315382976 I kept going back to the dentist, sure they missed something because after the root canal and two fillings the pain got so much worse, I was sure I needed one or more root canals again. However, it was just my facial nerves going crazy and giving me the worst pain I have ever had... and this is saying a lot! After the pain, then that side of my face goes numb and I can't move it properly (as if I had a stroke.
763612 tn?1385235350 I am 59 years old and have lost # 1 and # 16 Wisdom teeth when I was in my late teens or early 20's. And I have lost two failing root canals # 3 several years ago and # 2 recently. I had just capped # 2 eight months before the #2 root canal tooth failed and I had to have $1,300 worth of work pulled for $ 189.00.