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Avatar f tn she has 4 teeth at top and 4 teeth at bottom she also has 4 big teeth at back, she dribbles terrible and often gets sores on her face where she dribbles during her sleep. i have now got her a dentist appointment for Friday. when she smiles her bottom teeth completely cover her top teeth i think it may be a protruding lower jaw than her teeth not being straight. hopefully i can get some answers Friday thanks for reply!
Avatar n tn Hello,my name is Amy and this is my first post,so I'm excited to say "hi" ;-) anyway. I am 38yrs old and I'm 20 weeks pregnant with my 4th child. I am having my top teeth pulled this month and I am having concerns. I had the 1st six of my top teeth pulled and I don't feel right.I know everyone is thinking "of course you don't feel right, you had teeth pulled". In 7 days I'm getting the final 6 pulled.
Avatar f tn If they are back teeth and wisdom teeth will come in later in life anyways to fill up that spot. I was just wondering if that is an option. I didn't bring it up with the dentist yet.
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Avatar f tn I was first given a round of antibiotics, and the pain, abscess and pressure/pulling sensation all went away. I then went in a few weeks later to have the cavities filled as there were 2 right next to each other that were very close to the root, but the dentist was able to just repair them with a filling and not a root canal.
Avatar m tn I normally do not rinse mouth with water afterwards, leaving the coconut oil remains in mouth when spit out. so does it clean the teeth, gums and mouth at expense of your enamel?
Avatar f tn I need to have 7 upper teeth pulled and dentures put back in the same day. Is there a place in NC that will sedate you when they pull your teeth. I have a real fear of dentists and my family dentist sedates me for fillings, etc. So far I have not found a dentist that will sedate you for dentures. Please help me.
Avatar f tn just curious if any one else flossed there kids teeth at 3 (besides making her happy and getting her use to it) cause her teeth hardly touch or have food stuck in them yet.
Avatar n tn t mind her in your bed it is in my opinion okay .Above you will see the link Hair pulling and eating..Dr Kennedy has some words to say about it ..
Avatar n tn I've been pulling with canola for a couple of weeks and my teeth are definitely whiter... problem is ive been reading coconut and avocado are better, like here https://www.mapleholistics.com/blog/oil-pulling-benefits/ Thoughts?
Avatar n tn ve never heard of pulling teeth due to an absess. So maybe, just maybe, the teeth were pulled due to another or additional problem? They don't do root canals either until you've taken antibiotics (which is weird since antibiotics cannot enter the tubules). Far as swelling after extractions this varies widely with the pre-extraction condtion of the teeth. I had a week long swelling after my one and only root canal which I wish I hadn't had done.
Avatar f tn What can cause extreme pressure pain and a pulling sensation in my upper teeth with gum sensitivity to touch? Denstist thought is was maybe from my wisdom teeth. No obvious tooth problems otherwise. A few days ago I had an upper wisdom tooth removed and a lower impacted tooth removed on the same side where I am feeling the pressure. (thinking it may help) So far, I have not had any relief. A few months ago I had a root canal on tooth #3 that still has not healed and is still very tender.
Avatar f tn White spots on the teeth can appear after changes have occurred in the mineral content of a person’s teeth (which often happens childhood and leads to eventual deterioration of enamel if left untreated). White spots can also appear in connection with a condition called fluorosis, which is the result of having an excessive intake of fluoride. People who live in areas where drinking water contains a high fluoride level often encounter this problem.
Avatar f tn Pullling out one's hair is called Trichotillomania. It is an anxiety disorder. I might suggest you google this phrase to learn more about this issue - "children and trichotillomania". You should be able to find lots of information on the internet. It might be wise to mention this to your daughter's pediatrician on your next visit. I hope this helps ...
Avatar n tn t afford a total new bridge...can the space under the teeth that attaches the bridge to my natural teeth be made bigger...in effect making the teeth on the bridge longer and there by covering the part of my teeth that are exposed ?
644083 tn?1282604175 is anybody who have tmj and have constant pain in the teeth only in the right side is like something is pulling my upper teeth is a horrible pain no pills take the pain they say i have tmj plus a bunch of oher things the back of my head and my showelders are in a lot of painis like my all body is going crazy is any body who have a lot of pain in the teeht please tell me what can help my new thing right know is taking something call tmj relief plus a bunch of new vitamins if is helping d
Avatar f tn Here is my story in a nutshell. In 2005 I began have nerve pain and muscle spasms in my mid back. One time the muscle spasm was so intense that it literally traveled up my back, thru my left neck side and pulled the left side of my face down. After that it developed into neck pain, front and back, and excrutiating arm pain frequently. I felt and now feel all the time that something is pulling my mouth down. It feels like my neck muscles and then my mid back pulling everything down.
Avatar n tn I am very sensitive in my cheeks, not my teeth, to cold and sour foods all of a sudden. My general just looks at me, trying to get back in with my dentist and am thinking of also going to an ENT. Thank you.
Avatar f tn my 20 month girl is pulling out her hair about 5 months now she's quite bald i'm loooking to know if anyone had this problem and went anywhere about it because it's getting worse