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Avatar n tn m on Medicad and after my baby is born I only have it for 2 months, right now they pay for my pulling and teeth. My dentist wants me to wait 8 weeks after all top are gone before fitting me for top dententures. I need my top teeth fixed while I can. Idk I'll ask my OB cause I don't want to hurt my baby or myself.
Avatar f tn Local which is just numbing it us ok. Laughing gas and enastisia is not ok while pregnant.
998387 tn?1257864128 t eating very much, and is biting and pulling on my nipple..... it hurts!!!!!!!! why is she behaving like this? It's like she gets mad and rips on my nipple, I don't know why she's acting out but am continuing to bf even so. Is this happening to anyone else? ???? hm........ i thought maybe she was getting sick because she wasn't eating much and throwing up but nope...*thank goodness* the worst part is the biting and pulling.
1448936 tn?1363206346 All of my wisdome teeth are grown in so no surgery is necessary. Just good old fashioned teeth pulling. He asked if I wanted to be sedated and I told him no. He offered the laughing gas and I explained how with my anxiety I'm just not comfortable with it and he is completely fine just using a local anaesthetic. That takes a lot of stress and worry out of my life. Luckily I found a really nice dentist who just wants me to comfortable and happy with the procedure.
Avatar m tn The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of oil pulling with sesame oil on the count of Streptococcus mutans in plaque and saliva of children, using the Dentocult SM Strip mutans test, and to compare its efficacy with that of chlorhexidine mouthwash. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Twenty age-matched adolescent boys were selected based on information obtained through a questionnaire.
Avatar m tn I recently learned about oil pulling / mouth rinsing and have tried it with extra virgin coconut oil. After doing it ~ once or twice a day for ~5mins a time, l can confirm it does make teeth shades whiter, as if had teeth scaled and polished at dentists. However want to ask does the acid, Lauric acid, being one, actually erode the enamel, making teeth thinner? I normally do not rinse mouth with water afterwards, leaving the coconut oil remains in mouth when spit out.
Avatar f tn I know that you cant have the laughing gas because it is bad for baby. I have to get my teeth cleaned soon and they have to put an iv in, since you cant get the gas, because of how bad my gums are on the bottom. They are growing up under my braces.
Avatar n tn bloating, gas, intestinal cramping, chronic diarrhea, constipation, heartburn and other. Allergies ( including both food,drink and environmental ) Severe pre-menstrual syndrome (F) Impotence (M) Memory loss, mental fog, severe mood swings. Recurrent fungal infections like " jock itch "& athelete's foot Extreme sensitivity to chemicals, perfumes, smoke etc Vaginal or urinary infections and Prostatitis.
Avatar n tn Yes it is an ongoing habit best to see if it can be 'nipped in the bud' its a way of soothing herself, perhaps good to introduce a teddy or a blankie she may use that to soothe .It would be better not to put her into the bed with you that is another little habit they get into , however if you don't mind her in your bed it is in my opinion okay .Above you will see the link Hair pulling and eating..Dr Kennedy has some words to say about it ..
Avatar n tn I've been pulling with canola for a couple of weeks and my teeth are definitely whiter... problem is ive been reading coconut and avocado are better, like here https://www.mapleholistics.com/blog/oil-pulling-benefits/ Thoughts?
Avatar f tn You can do dental work when pregnant, and if there is a cavity, impaction or infection, it is a good thing to do. The teeth can put all kinds of bad bacteria into the body if they are having a problem, and you don't want that when pregs.
Avatar n tn ve never heard of pulling teeth due to an absess. So maybe, just maybe, the teeth were pulled due to another or additional problem? They don't do root canals either until you've taken antibiotics (which is weird since antibiotics cannot enter the tubules). Far as swelling after extractions this varies widely with the pre-extraction condtion of the teeth. I had a week long swelling after my one and only root canal which I wish I hadn't had done.
Avatar f tn (feels like my teeth are all being pulled by a string and pulling on the nerves of my teeth, especially on my left upper teeth which is opposite of root canal side). I will see the pain specialist if I don't get this resolved.
Avatar n tn getting that lying man to confess the truth will probably be as successful as pulling wisdom teeth with your hands. but, you already have your truth. life is hard. take this as one of those hard chapters that life is throwing your way. if it's necessary that you go through some pain, some lack all to begin anew DO IT. your life is all you have and you must take care of you to ensure your happiness.
280369 tn?1316702041 I have posted before about Jeremiah possibly teething...I have heard that pulling on the ears could be a sign? He seems to do it a lot though...he either pulls on his ears really hard or has his hands up by his head and pulls down. Also, he pulls on both ears, but seems to pull more on the right one....that's the side his gums get inflamed on. A few days last week he had really loose/watery stools about 4 times a day. That is much better now.
Avatar n tn It is very difficult to diagnosis from this forum, but I would want to know if you clench your teeth or if you are a bruxer. I would start with your general dentist and possibly a dentist that specializes in TMJ dysfunction.
Avatar f tn Well, see if he will go jogging up the street and back, to where he breaks a sweat, and then see if he winds up with the same burping. IF he does, then he has too much gas in his digestive tract that needs to be reduced. If he does not have that burping after running all around the neighborhood, then could be in the evening he is eating or drinking something that creates gas, like carbonated drinks or certain foods, which I will mention below, that he should not indulge in at that time.
1397075 tn?1333356282 Iam seeing my Psc Dr.2 wks ago,I had a feeling of being manic,again.Also,my teeth or gums seem to be pulling,but not hurting??? I,was given Zepreza;however,this pill caused sweeled ankles.So,now just taking Depaokte.Is,this pulling a sign of manic?
Avatar f tn I had all four pulled at the same time with no gas just numbing shots and stitches before I got pregnant and I was on bed rest for days!! I would wait unless your Dr says you must have them out out now.
178590 tn?1294176767 s my good sleeper but I noticed he kept stiffening out and so I gave him some tummy meds and gas drops.....does the stiffening out mean his tummy hurts?? He kept falling asleep then waking up screaming....just wondering if I did the right thing?