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Avatar f tn This psychotic episode remitted dramatically approximately 2 weeks after correction of hypomagnesemia. . . . . In general, psychotic episodes occurred when she was hypocalcemic, hypercalcemic, or hypomagnesemic. From 1987 to 1991, when serum calcium was normal and she received only low doses of antipsychotic medication, relapses of her psychosis continued to occur. Serum magnesium levels during this period were initially normal but became low.
Avatar n tn She was an angel on my shoulder - prescribed a small daily dose of dexamethasone as I had a steroid (prednisone) induced psychotic episode when dx with bc, and my gastro refused to prescribe any more. The Onc prescribed a vitamin/mineral nutrient rich juice, Fortijuice, which the hospital pharmacy delivered direct to my home.
Avatar f tn onset usually in REM sleep dream like state appearance of full consciousness hallucinations and/or delusions behavior or visions typical in dreams ability to engage with the environment and other people as in full consciousness, though often behaving abnormally, erratically, or failing to be coherent complete amnesia or assimilating the memory as though it was a normal dream on regaining full consciousness Although hallucinations may occur during simple partial seizures they are differentiated
Avatar m tn Some recent studies involving genome-wide linkage analysis of mood and psychotic disorders have raised the possibility that there is a common gene for susceptibility to BPD and other psychiatric disorders and that is may lie in a specific chromosome region. This statement of mine does not examine developments in either genetic studies or other objective blood tests for the treatment of BPD.
Avatar m tn PREAMBLE The many manifestations of health problems like neurotic, personality, psychotic and non-psychotic mental disorders is now one of the leading causes of death globally.(1) Mental disorders also account for a significant percentage of the non-fatal burden of disease. This is my personal story and experience of bipolar disorder(BPD). It is my life-narrative and my experience with a special focus on the idiosyncratic manifestations of BPD in my life.
Avatar n tn I have not had any recurrence of any actual attacks for over a year now, and none since quitting paxil. I have started an excercise program and have started eating healthier as well, along with vitamins. I'm hoping that they don't come back again, I still have some anxiety from time to time, but nothing like the attacks before.
577132 tn?1314270126 The speed with which one can go from mild depression to a psychotic episode is not always a slow progression where IFN is involved. All too mant times people will have to discontinue because of this. No one wants to be in a severe depressive state for the weeks it may take for an AD to reach a therapeutic benefit. And if the first AD is not a good fit then the process of finding relief from depression or worse will take even longer.
Avatar n tn I thought I had a very bad ear infection. I'd thought I'd slept in a bad position and had a stiff neck. (Leading up to this episode, I'd been under a terrible amount of stress for weeks...very tired...had some cold/flu like symptoms, including loose bowel movements. ) I went to the emergency room at 2 AM because I couldnt tolerate the worsening pain and the facial paralysis had me frightened. Doc checked for an ear infection and there was none.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with Raynaud's as a teenager, but haven't had an episode in years. I thought this new popping thing might be related, but I couldn't find anything to support the theory. I do consume a ridiculous amount of caffeine daily (coffee, iced tea, cola) and generally consume an alcoholic beverage at night during the work week. On weekends/holidays, I might indulge in 2-3 cocktails in the same day. I also recently began taking a low dose of aspirin at night. Keep the posts coming!