Psychotic episode recurrence

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Avatar f tn Go to the internet and look up "Cymbalta psychotic episode." You will find your answer. Very scary.
Avatar n tn can a bipolar person who used a lot of cocaine fall into a psychotic episode .
Avatar n tn 5 which I feel fine.. As of late I have been waking up with what my friend believes is psychotic episodes, moments of ultra confusion for me as I usually have no recolection. It is now getting to the point where I could hurt myself as I thrash about and walk into walls. I had a CT Scan which showed no problem. These attacks which I thought where TIA"s (Transient ischaemic attacks) mini strokes if you like proved otherwise..
Avatar f tn Is it possible for an antihistamine to cause a psychotic episode? Maybe not even a psychotic episode but short term memory loss, insomnia, personality loss/change, but not enough that the person doesn't realize that they are being inhibited mentally? Then all of it stops after the antihistamine is discontinued?
1256303 tn?1291752568 For schizoaffective, you have to have the psychosis part (the part A criterion for schizophrenia) for at least 2 weeks without being in the middle of a mood episode. If you only ever have psychosis while in a mood episode, then it's probably bipolar with psychotic features. But it doesn't really matter from a treatment standpoint; you'll need an antipsychotic and maybe lithium/an anticonvulsant mood stabilizer as well to control the bipolar and the psychosis either way.
Avatar m tn Let's say i suffer from psychotic depression.I read it is treat with a combination of antipsychotic and triciyclic antidepressants.
5051252 tn?1362970368 What you are experiencing is in the class of neurological events called (loosely) a psychotic episode. I have them, too, but mine are very mild... I just see some shadows that aren't there sometimes. Please see your doctor about this as soon as possible, to rule out things like your brain not receiving enough oxygen, blood work to rule out any danger of diabetes or low blood counts, things of that sort.
1044813 tn?1370494406 Hello all, I would like to request the addition of Seroquel (quetiapine) which is an anti-psychotic to the mood tracker. Seroquel is very commonly prescribed for the treatment of both manic and depressive episodes of bipolar disorder.
Avatar f tn She also said I should probably start taking an antidepressant along with either a Lamictal or Seroquel as I could have another psychotic episode or go manic if I take antidepressants alone like last time. My question is, which option should I take? She has me wondering now whether or not I am bipolar, but she said she can only make a diagnosis after I have filled out the mood chart for a few months while not on any medication to see if there is a pattern in my mood.
Avatar n tn I had a psychotic episode where I felt very paranoid, started hearing voices comment on my every move and talk to each other. I thought people were after me. I might of also been seeing things. Everything felt weird, like a dream. I was 31 and nothing like this had ever happened before. I sought treatment within about 10 days and was put on 5 mg of Abilify.
Avatar m tn My pdoc yesterday told me it's possible to have a psychotic break from too severe anxiety. This scares me bad, what is that? Does that mean I'll go crazy and hurt someone? Myself? Has anyone ever had one of these? Also is there anyone here that has had several months of severe anxiety, then slowly goes back to several months of calm? I'm afraid this feeling will last forever. Just to make sure I'm experiencing this "anxiety" what does it feel like to u all?
Avatar f tn AS you know my husband has been diagnosed with Bipolar 7 months ago (tried to commit suicide, was extremely Manic, Psychotic, Paranoid). On Depakote and Risperdal for 7 months.... Today my doctor was finally able to get something out of my husband's psychiatrist and he told my doctor that he is re-considering the Bipolar Diagnosis to Psychotic Major Depression!!!! How likely is this to happen...
12268405 tn?1427853361 On April 2nd I made the decision to admit myself to a psychiatric hospital due to a psychotic episode. The thing that I'm having the hardest time comprehending is if I induced the episode or not. I convinced myself that I was covered in fleas, I heard voices saying my name and calling me worthless in the past, & I experienced paranoia. I don't know what to think right now. I wish I could know if I made the symptoms worse or not...
Avatar f tn The greatest risk of the blood clot coming back occurs in the first 6 to 12 months following the initial clot. This risk gets less with time, but never goes away. A first episode of DVT (deep vein thrombosis) or PE (pulmonary embolism) confers a higher risk of recurrence than in the general population. Cumulative risk of recurrence reaches about 25% at 5 years and 30% at 10 years. Up to ΒΌ of DVTs and PEs occur in those that have had a previous one.
1360950 tn?1277656603 I am not in an episode and have had hallucinations very rarely, I do not understand why I must take a mood stabilizer and an antiphyscotic? How do they differ?
1439426 tn?1283970705 Is it possible to hallucinate while having a mixed episode? I believe I have.
Avatar m tn I was on Abilify for Four months for an acute psychotic episode. I experienced a weary tension in my muscles while on the drug. I was taken off the drug by my doctor two months ago and I'm still experiencing the tension and discomfort. Are there any treatments for this? Thanks.
Avatar f tn Since Wellbutin, Lamictal and Topaxax all have the same side effects of anxiety,hyperactivity,insomnia, mood swings why use them to treat a manic episode, especially a severe one? My Psych. has me on all three, plus Klonopin, am not getting anybetter and refuse to take anti-psychotic meds.
Avatar n tn You need an event monitor or some way to record your heart rhythm during the episode--EKG documentation of the rhythm at the time of the symptoms and that is the only way to know for sure.
Avatar m tn one year after this episode I had an anal wart removed that had been there before the massage parlour a further year on I have another recurrence of my anal warts. My first question is what were my chances of acquiring the HIV virus during this episode and secondly could the warts have been caused to recur because of this episode Really worried and stressed as im with a very lovely lady now and scared of hurting her..
Avatar f tn Hello. What is a better exam of the brain to see if a psychotic episode history is caused by something in the brain, ex. tumor etc.? MRI or CT scan? And why? Thank you.