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Avatar f tn It lowers the seizure threshold and that may cause seizure but if you happen take a benzodiazepine like the Xanax, I think you currently taking, you are veyr unlikely to have a seizure. Lowering the seizure threshold doesn't mean it causes seizures but people that are likely to get seizure might trigger them more easily on Wellbutrin and therefore it's why it's not suggested to epileptic patients­.
Avatar f tn My guess is that this is the Effexor withdrawal, not the Prozac, as the Prozac will take about 4-6 weeks usually to start working. I also don't think it will help much with the Effexor withdrawal, as it's in a different class of drugs, no two drugs work the same or target the same neurotransmitter receptors, and you might get new side effects while getting used to the Prozac.
Avatar n tn i tapered very slowly and had horrible headaches and brain zaps that were very very scary. While tapering my doctor put me on 20 mg of prozac and I think that helped somewhat. but three months later im still having occasional brain zaps Are these symptoms going to be permanent? im afraid that the effexor has done damage to my brain.
Avatar f tn I remember something vaguley that the withdrawal of Prozac can bring on orginal symptoms and that they will pass with the withdrawal process. Or am I feeling like this because I need prozac and I should never have come off and never will come off?????? I also have the physical symptons of bloating , stomach cramps insomnia, vivd dreams etc but accept that these will go away in time. But the question is am I a chronicly unhappy person or is it just the withdrawal and it will pass?
Avatar n tn A little over a month ago, I completely stopped the use of Prozac. I was on 30mgs for about a year and just happened to stop taking it because I no longer felt the need. I did not consult my phsychiatrist prior to stopping use. About two weeks after stopping, I began feeling these mild electric shock type feelings in my head that sometimes feels like it runs up and down the body It sort of feels like a twitch inside the body.
Avatar f tn When should i be feeling the feel good effects of prozac i'm coming up to 4 weeks tomorrow and at first felt ok but have gone a little down hill i was just wondering weather its my body trying to adjust to the med. I'm currently taking 20mg in the morning does anybody think this needs to be upped if i have felt good and now gone a little down.I also take omega 3 fish oil and vitamin b complex. having few side effects off the prozac shakes feeling sick and diarrhea.
Avatar m tn I've been off work for 3 months now and have just maxed out on Wellbutrin SR to help with major depression. It's not helping so now I need to try another AD. I took Prozac a few years ago and had good success for a few years, so I think my next step to try the Prozac again. I tried Effexor for about 8 months but it never really helped. I experienced extreme withdrawal from it while switching to wellbutrin.
Avatar n tn my 10yr old was put on prozac in december 2007. about a week later he fell asleep on my bed and i noticed a hard jerk after he had already had the regular jerking when you first fall asleep. i told his pediatrician and she said she didn't think it was related to the prozac which is on for anxiety and behavior problems in school. about 5 weeks(after being on prozac for about 7 mos) ago he fell asleep on my mom's couch and we saw him jerk different parts of his body for about 30 minutes.
Avatar f tn s a very individual thing. I would have taken it slower, but Prozac is tricky. Usually withdrawal is thought to be less than with other ssris because this drug stays in your system for about a month, whereas the others leave in hours. This gives your body a chance to adapt.
Avatar n tn let's see..Have been taking prozac for about ten years. Started getting very bad suicidal thoughts so first doctor upped dosage to 60 mg. Got worse. Next doctor sent me to psychiatrist. He weaned me off prozac and onto zoloft. Not good.So now I am on nothing. So now I am having horrid episodes. Suicidal thoughts and thoughts of violent actions. They come on very unexpected. Don't trust myself to get in car. I have been taking 2.5 mg. valium for theses episodes. These are not dr.
Avatar f tn Can anti seizure meds cause acne? My doctor says no, but I am on 2 anti seizure meds as well as prozac & my face has cystic acne.
Avatar f tn Recently, about two weeks ago, his psychiatrist decided to re-prescribe Effexor XR 150 mg QAM, Depakote 500 mg BID, and added on Prozac 120 mg QAM, and 20 mg at night since the Depakote and Effexor has brought him out of depression in the past and try him on a weight management program instead. About a week later, he was omitted in the hospital for falling down and acting confused.
Avatar n tn Now, because Paxil is so hard to withdraw from for some people, what some psychiatrists do is put you on a little liquid prozac to ease the withdrawal. Also consider that Prozac isn't usually as effective with anxiety as Paxil, and has a much longer half-life in the body, so it takes longer to get Prozac in your system and out of your system than it does Paxil.
Avatar n tn George, The main risk of premature discontinuation of treatment with Prozac may be a recurrence of whatever psychiatric disorder the Prozac was being treated with. Prozac has a long half-life, and thus a low risk of "withdrawal symptoms".
Avatar f tn A lot of people don't get withdrawal. A lot do. Those two drugs aren't the worst for withdrawals. Prozac stays in the body for about a month, whereas the other ssris such as Zoloft leave in a matter of a day or less. So if there is going to be a withdrawal from Prozac, it's usually so long after quitting that shrinks probably don't attribute it to the Prozac.
Avatar n tn I recently (over a month ago) quit taking Prozac with no problem. What is the best way to withdraw from this drug. I know that if I have depression re-occurance, going back on the med is indicated. My doctor has not suggested I stop the medication although he thought I would have problems from getting off Prozac and did not.
Avatar f tn Remeron is extremely sedating, while prozac can be stimulating, and you could still be in withdrawal as well -- you don't know because you went on another medication instead of slowly tapering and letting the withdrawal play itself out. Taking another class of medication might mitigate the feelings of withdrawal, but doesn't do anything physiologically to stop them. Obsessive thoughts is a classic side effect of Paxil, and of its withdrawal as well.
Avatar f tn Hi all, So I was on Effexor for a few years and recently weaned off of it (a slow taper over several months), but the withdrawal was so bad for me that my pdoc put me on 10mg of Prozac. After a week she determined it wasn't the withdrawal anymore and that I was just depressed - she increased my dose to 20mg. I have now been on the Prozac for three weeks and I still feel pretty bad.
1422233 tn?1282701102 Prozac is probably better for depression generally than it is for anxiety, and Paxil for whatever reason is very strong, probably because it also has a strong effect on choline receptors.
Avatar f tn Wow this withdrawal is sooo hard. I was taking Prozac for panic attacks and OCD. I was being brave but didn't mentally prepare for this. I haven't really slept in the last week and have been having major stomach problems and OCD. I also have this weird thing where I stop breathing and when I realize I've stopped breathing I would take a big breath and that is almost every 5 minutes, and it happens in my sleep too.
Avatar m tn Hi all just wished to find out from others past experience of the drug how long one should expect to experience withdrawal effects from prozac. Been off prozac myself for 2 1/2 weeks after changing to mirtazapine and now have buily up to an 45mg dose after 8 1/2 weeks but i'm experiencing a range of strange sensations over this whole period.
1331182 tn?1275475604 I started feeling dizzy when I went to 37.5mg. The doc said to basically make a clean switch to prozac, for example Tuesday take last dose of effexor and Wednesday take Prozac. I have read and read and read everything I could find about tapering and withdrawal. I have NOT read one thing about anyone just quitting effexor and being okay. It is because of the short half life of the drug, meaning it is out of your system the next day.