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Avatar f tn Got a new dr i love him he is older guy..he thinks i need to up my prozac..the other dr had me playhing around with it and i was on 30 mg..this dr wants me to go up 10 mg a week till i reach 60...i dont know about that..he switched my adderall to ritalin for my refractory depression and i toook 2nd pill thsi morning but im afraif im gonna be allegic to it,u all know my fears..i alos haved somazation syndrome and hyperchrodriac..which this dr told me are 2 differnet things..
Avatar f tn I was taking wellbutrin & ritalin & didn't have probs with seizures ever. The problems with seizures they've had with them are like you said people prone to who have had one before. Or by overdosing. That's why most dr try to stick with sr as appose to xr cuz you're not taking as much at a time. wellbutrin can act as a stimulant-like drug though too so that it combo with the ritalin made me a little more anxious...
Avatar f tn i want my sex drive back but i dont want no seizures with or without beer...i will still be on the xanx and prozac and i guess the ritalin...of course i will ask my dr...they might add wellbitrin a couple days ..
Avatar f tn Maybe I'm getting Adderall and Ritalin confused then. Could have sworn I lost all motivation for life on Adderall and became even more hyper on Ritalin. Did I mention I'm dyslexic? But no Sandman is right.
Avatar f tn I would contact your doctor right away to see what he has to say. Anytime something new arises you need to let him know. He will know if it is anxiety or your medication combo. Take care.
Avatar f tn im a bit bettter but my dr said prozac is very stimulating and im not finding that im still depressed and dragging around....are others on prozac and xanxax with luck.....dr is thinking of adding a amphetimine when i next go back to see thinking like ritalin or something....its been almost a month shouldnt i feel better...does xanax make the prozac not help with depression or something?
2083581 tn?1332307861 Does anyone have suggestions for supplementing this with another drug. I have heard wellbutrin works well with Ritalin but I would like to here from someone with experience. Ritalin is the only drug that has ever helped me but when it wears off I am depressed again. (and I have tried Concerta and did like it) Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn Does anyone have these same symptoms with child on Prozac. By the way the Prozac is helping the OCD. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/1118126'>My 7 year old is having disturbing thoughts..</a>.
Avatar f tn i do have mild add i found out dr changed me from adderall to also on xanax was on prozac dr changed it to wellbutrin sr..i have been reading where these meds can cause a seizure...
Avatar f tn said i could still have my couple beers with my long does ritalin take to work im on 10 mg but could take another 10 in the afternoon i was on 30 mg adderall i heard ritalin is scared i will be allegic to ritalin as im afraid i will allergic to all new meds..and it is deiffernt than adderall pharmist said she has rarely heard of anyone being alletgic to these kinds of drugs but i thought i was having hard time breathing yesterday..
Avatar f tn Can anyone offer some insight?
Avatar n tn Your child may have a dual diagnosis. Seroqual will help with anxiety and hypo/manic symptoms, which are far different then ADHD. Seroqual only had the tardive dyskinesia in high doses. It's a first rate and front line drug for BP. Children with BP tend to exhibit high levels of anxiety and it's very painful, and I can say this from a personal perspective. It's common to also add an ADHD med like Ritalin, it will actually calm down an ADHD child.
Avatar f tn Been on prozac since March dr messed with dose till finally by late June i went to 50 also on wellbutrin,well weight gain and other problems dr said to cut back on prozac 10 mg a week,been doing that im down to 30 mg but i have bad depression like when i first began prozac,i was added a estrogen patch this past friday,i have no energy and im tired all the time..
Avatar f tn When taking Ritalin with a T4 med, it can accelerate the Ritalin effect.....basically like taking a double dose of Ritalin. Maybe you should ask your Doc to cut it down a bit as its well known that Ritalin does interact with a T4 med. I dont care what any Doc/Endo says...thyroid issues do cause anxiety, depression, panic disorder etc at some stage when levels arent right.
Avatar m tn (He never had ADHD by the way, just ADD, he never had the hyperactivity) He is 31 years old now, 10 years since he was diagnosed with Attention Defecit Disorder with Anxiety Disorder. He still takes his Ritalin every day, but is going to be weaned off them after he finishes University........he is just going into his third year of an engineering degree, and is doing a Masters due to his First grades in every unit. Im so proud of him and hes come so far.
Avatar n tn For example, there are a number of different interactions that can happen if stim meds are used with bipolar meds. If either Prozac or Paxil was used, the stim meds will accumulate with resultant anger, rage, etc. (p72, New ADHD Medication Rules, Dr. Charles Parker). And you said that Ritalin didn't work. There are other stim meds that would work better because they are a longer release and smoother. But, one thing to think of.
Avatar n tn I experienced a sort of rebound effect from Ritalin as well, but it dwindled over time. After discussing it with my doctor, it was decided that I should take 5mg of Prozac as it was wearing off. I'm not sure if this will help your son, but it did help me a great deal. Based on information I've read from various forums, it seems that such rebound effects aren't all that uncommon.
719785 tn?1232901518 Hi I am 39 and have been diagnosed with BPD and biolar. Both of my children 16 yr old daughter and 14 yr old son exhibit all of these traits. I have sought help for them in the past but they basically either refuse to talk to the therapist /when they find one they like the therapist leaves the clinic. I am seeking help at another clinic now but in the meantime my son who is 14... has been on Prozac 20mg for over a yr.
Avatar f tn i have been on remeron in the past made me to fat and as it is my hubby wants me to lose twentyfive pounds i was so depressed yesterday and that was on prozac wellbutrin ritalin and xanx,,i dont really know what to do.........
Avatar f tn hi, so 2 months ago my psychiatrist diagnosed me with substance abuse depression and anxiety.
Avatar f tn I was on Atenolol in the past as well, but not in combination with Prozac. I am curious to know how this cocktail works out for you. I wish you luck!
628735 tn?1273875777 that Sprouts produces they have a big article and it is all about the same, it states Try a blend of EPA and DHA at 250mgs for ages 3-6 and 500mgs 7-11 1000mgs for age 11 plus also stating that instead of reaching for Ritalin or prozac consider if they are getting enough magnesium.says the author of Magnesium Miracle" Carolyn Dean MD ND some interesting stuff that I am going to digest.
Avatar f tn t there anything cheaper that would help? I heard sometimes people take Ritalin with Wellbutrin - would that help to lift my mood and keep my energy up? Thank you!
Avatar n tn I started taking Prozac (40 mg) at age 24 and it helped a bit to be less sad but not with a mixed disorder that includes severe anxiety, obsessive compulsive personality disorder, self sabotage, excess sleep, total lack of concentration and in general lack of interest in life. It´s like having an enemy inside constantly sabotaging your life and making you have negative and obsessive thoughts most of the time. It is exhausting.
Avatar f tn if he has ADD he should be taking aderral not ritalin. Ritalin is for ADHD, that is supposed to calm him down so the person is not always hyper. Aderral should help with the concentration problems.
Avatar n tn However, over the years, I have smoked a joint or two while on prozac and xanax.. with no ill-effects (expect that it tended to make my anxiety worse). But I can't imagine that regular use is a good idea - with or without the meds you are taking. There is a lot of stigma surrounding MJ use, so a lot of people won't talk to their doctors about possible interaction effects. And for liability reasons, most doctors would tell you just not to smoke it.
Avatar m tn The symptoms has started after i used Ritalin. The doctor did echo. It is normal. My holter results are below. Conclusions : The average heart rate was 71. The minumum heart rate was 39 at 01.10. The maximum heart rate was 168 at 10:07 ,pauses greater than 2.0 seconds were 0. Ventricular ectopy was 54 with 1 V-Runs and 4 V-Pairs , Venticular Bigemy events were 0 , trigemy 0. Supraventricular 14 with 1 SV-Runs. Supraventricular trigemy bigemy 0 . Total A-Fib(Flu) were 0 min 0 second.
Avatar f tn hi, so 2 months ago my psychiatrist diagnosed me with substance abuse depression and anxiety.