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378102 tn?1215575266 I you can't take any hormone to help with the hot flashes. When I was first dx the hot flashes were unreal!!! I have taken effexor and now am on Elavil which has helped alot. They are not gone totally but I feel 100% better. Maybe it's the time away since my dx. and a combo with the Elavil,but they have really slowed down. I take it at bedtime as it knocks me out,but it has been a while since I have been woken up from a hot flash.
149816 tn?1212686941 Trials suggest 60% effectiveness in reducing flashes, however I've read about nasty side-effects of Effexor (full dose for depression). Has anyone tried it for hot flashes and was it effective, did you have side-effects? Is it as bad to suddenly stop HRT as surgical menopause?
Avatar f tn when I am experiencing these hot flashes, then within 3-4 mins, I am so cold that I jump in bed, with heating blanket cranked on high, and I shiver and shake for mins. after. Someone help me, please. I am 51 and have been experiencing this for over a year. I become so red, that I look like a beet from my waist on up. My face is ruined by broken capilaries, and now my face is constantly red. In the mornings when I wake, it looks like a monster was in bed with me.
1837563 tn?1339907400 Ive had chest pains, dizziness, heart flutters, lighthead, hot flashes, burning sensations in my face, neck, around my ears, my hands and arms get numb and tingly.... im scared!! I feel like im loosing it or dying sometimes! most days i have no life, because im scared to go ANYWHERE!! in fear of passing out, or dying, lol....
Avatar m tn Zoloft is supposed to ease hot flashes, or you could go onto estrace.
Avatar f tn I took Effexor XR for 2 years along with my Tamoxifen, It really did decrease my hot flashes and also some of my down moments. Effexor XR you have to make sure you do not miss a dose, it is a very strong antidepressant. I would start crying and couldn't stop,could not figure it out until I realized it was the medicine. So I weaned myself off with the help of my doctor.
Avatar n tn I was on Prozac, then switched to Paxil because of "advertisement". I was on Paxil for two years when severe depression set in. My psychiatrist decided i needed to ADD something to it, so he prescribed zyprexa. It worked wonderfully, except that I felt euphoric then had extreme weight gain and my skin felt as if it had been burned. After one month, I went off the zyprexa with no problems, then decided to go off Paxil. CAN'T DO IT COLD TURKEY. Had to taper off from 47.
Avatar f tn I was on prozac for 2 years for panic disorder. It worked very well, but I also took xanax as needed for breakthrough anxiety. However, for the first two weeks or so, the prozac made my anxiety much worse. I toughed it out, and it did its thing. I don't know much about any interactions between birth control pills and antidepressants - expect that I've read that birth control pills can sometimes make depression worse, and some antidepressants can reduce the effectiveness of birth control pills.
492898 tn?1222247198 It is also not a good idea at all to do what my oncologist told me to do and just switch from one to the other, and this is true for Celexa or Remeron, from one day to the next but he told me to go down to half the dose of Prozac for three days and then no Prozac for three days and then to half the dose of Remeron for a few days and then to the full dose. Just wanted to share this for whatever it's worth.
Avatar f tn Have you tried it, and if so, did it seem to help? My doctor did mention to me that Prozac helps hot flashes for some people, and said I should consider that before hormones. Have you talked with your doctor about trying Prozac or something like that to see if it is effective? From what I understand, it helps due to the affect it has on serotonin. Yoga is also supposed to help--Haven't tried it yet myself. I've also read that melatonin can help with hot flashes. Have you tried it?
Avatar f tn Being on Prozac for 2-3 years should have no lasting detrimental effects. I was on Prozac for 3 years, and I'm now on Lexapro for 2 years. So problems so far. My psychiatrist told me that I will probably have to be on antidepressants for the rest of my life, and knowing what I know (I'm getting a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology), I am okay with this. Not happy about it, but not worried about it either.
Avatar f tn I have been having terrible hot flashes and I don't want to go on hormone therapy so my Dr prescribed Prozac and that didn't help. We tried Effexor which I have been taking for 6 weeks and it helps tremendously but it is ruining my sex life. I took Wellbutrin years ago and it didn't affect my sex life so I'm wondering if this could be a help with my hot flashes.
Avatar m tn hi, I've been on Zoloft for about 2 months and my doctor recently changed me to Prozac 4 days ago because she said she wasn't seeing much improvement in my somatic + conversion disorder. I am having the absolute worst side effects and would like to switch back. My doctor is the type of doctor who denies these medications have much side effects. I will message her in the morning with my intentions of switching back to Zoloft which did not give these severe side effects.
166630 tn?1224784319 (20mg) I think my signs are pointing towards having hypo now...I have night sweats, hot flashes, irretability, I feel very fatigued. Would quitting Prozac after 4 years also increase my chances to gaining so much weight? I don't think my 'beer' belly is normal?
746058 tn?1248348265 My OBGYN also put me on Effexor for hot flashes and night sweats because I wasn't a candidate for hormone therapy and I'm going thru' menopause. I happen to have POTS, but wasn't put on the medication for the POTS. I became very sick after that with nausea, shakiness, and a most terrible moodiness. I had to be taken off the medication and it took quite a while to get out of my system. That being said, I've read good things about it; for POTS and menopausal changes.
784382 tn?1376934640 I'm also taking Black Cohosh primarily for menopausal hot flashes but it's also good for mood and I am so pleased! I've seen your struggle honey and so sorry for you. I've had anxiety my entire life so it's nothing new, but for someone like you to suddenly have to deal with it - that's got to be unnerving. Good luck to you, hon!
Avatar f tn Finally, she gave me Prozac and a small dose of Estrace. The anxiety is better, hot flashes are worse, and I'm starting to feel depressed, never felt like this before, could this be caused by the Prozac or due to premenopause? I'm only on 20 mg a day and may increase since she's out of town this month, and I just ran out of the Estrace. She said she may change the Estrace to a different hormone but didn't want to do it at the same time as starting Prozac.
Avatar m tn I have been taking Evening Primrose off and on for years. At first it was for hot flashes....but now in my 50's I seem to have severe anxiety at night before I go to bed. When I take Evening Primrose--1000 mg, within an hour I am completely relaxed and can sleep the whole night. It doesn't keep me from getting up early in the morning. There is no hang-over effect.
Avatar f tn I have migraines 8 for a consecutive days every month including vomiting and vision issues, sensitivity to light. Tremors. Insomnia. Constant hot flashes and night sweats when I do sleep but I have to take a drug to actually sleep or its three hours of kinda sleep. Weight loss. I blackout for short periods of time. I forget things easily: why I got in my car, why I'm at the store. Etc. aggravation. Mild headaches daily. Overall itchiness. Constant runny nose.
Avatar n tn I have had almost every single sympton you have stated there except the hot flashes and night sweats. I was diagnosed with anxiety and am taking Prozac and Lorazepam. The prozac makes me a little out of it but once i take the Lorazepam I feel drowsy but I feel more myself again. In all honesty, though, try to get your mind off of these symptoms. You have had these symptoms for so long that you expect them and that is why they keep coming back. I am the same way.
Avatar f tn feeling and such so shaky inside. I've also had hot flashes, rapid heartbeat and extreme nervousness. Has anyone been through this and been scared to take what was prescribed to them? Did the Ativan help and how long before you noticed it did. Do you think that the Paxil will help me in the long run. I really appreciate any advice you can give me.
784382 tn?1376934640 dr just gave me an RX for zoloft but i havent filled it yet.....its for 50mg but he said just take half of a pill so it would be 25mg the past few days i have had good days but today scared to be on meds but i dont want to feel like this anymore anyone take zoloft?.....any advise?.......
Avatar f tn ssris can cause flushing and the sweats, not the same as hormonally induced hot flashes. You're a bit young for hot flashes, and anti-depressants don't treat hot flashes. Some docs prescribe them for some of the mental stuff that accompanies hormonal imbalances, though personally I think that's a bad way to go about it -- better to attack the problem than cover it up with a med that alters the brain, but that's me.
222369 tn?1274478235 How could a person get clonindine??
Avatar m tn I never had all the symptoms of opiate withdrawal until I ended suboxone, and I'm three weeks into it and still feel f-ed up. I was given prozac for this post acute withdrawal syndrome and it does actually help some. I wouldn't recommend SSRIs for acute withdrawal, but they do help the post acute stuff, which mainly comes from methadone and buprenorphine. Hope this helps.
2198057 tn?1338534805 Anxiety did increase have been having to take 1/2 xanax by afternoon to calm the jetttery, jump out of your skin, hot flashes anxiety. Trying to stay with the Zoloft but do not like taking the benzos, but if the Zoloft helps in the long term will be worth it. Tried Wellbutrin way too much anxiety with little hope of getting better. Lexapro made me sick, lost too much weight. Gald to hear that it takes time to adjust as I feel like I am on a roller coaster.
Avatar n tn l have been on prozac for 16 yrs smoked for 43 and estrogen for eight moved and got new dr who has taken me off all prozac and estrogen also now on champix for six weeks between hot flashes moods and lack of nicotine feel like l am not even the same fun person l use to be is this change all to drastic at one time and if so what do u suggest
Avatar n tn The feelings (I've been told are anxiety) come on for no reason and are getting worse. I did try Lexapro for about 8-9 nine months but never thought it was least until I went off of it. I continued to have chest pain during this time but not the anxiety to the extent it is now. I guess I am just wondering if anxiety/panic can happen for NO apparent reason and if so, will it ever go away??
Avatar n tn Often women during menopause or after hysterectomy take this to help with hot flashes. Recent research has suggested that black cohosh helps with hot flushes due to its binding to the mu opiate receptors (these are the same type of receptors that hydrocodone, oxycodone and most other opiates bind to). This is because your endorphins play a key role in temperature regulation, hence the sweats and hot flashes in withdrawal. xoxo- D.
Avatar n tn You have to decide what's more important, feeling good or looking good if you're of the ones who experiences weight gain. Increased the dose for hot flashes? Now that's a quack.