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Avatar n tn More studies need to be done about the effects of using Prozac in patients who stop Prozac before becoming pregnant. I hope this information is helpful to you. Sincerely HFHS-M.D.
Avatar n tn I have search on the internet and have only seen negative comments about prozac. The comments scare me. I have taken prozac before about a year ago and dont remember bad side effects. but now im not feeling too well. please help in lighten me on this.... what is the truth about prozac?
Avatar f tn When I found out I was pregnant my proscriber. Switched me to 10mg of prozac. I don't know if I should take it or not. I suffer for from severe depression for no particular reason and just so afraid to feel bad. Any advice?
Avatar f tn It can take 4-6 weeks to feel the full benefits of the Prozac but since you feel it peaked and now you're not feeling as well....your doctor needs to know this. They always start us on a low dose to see if that's going to work and if not, they will up the dosage. A quick call to your doctor either for reassurance to continue, or to up your dosage will help put your mind at ease. They want and need to know how we're doing so never hesitate to call with any questions or concerns.
2010625 tn?1329375656 I was wanting to get some input from some people who have tried prozac. Have you tried it, if so what was your experience with it, benefits, side effects, etc?
Avatar f tn I smoke marijuana throughout each day and am thinking of replacing it with Prozac. Is Prozac addictive? Does anyone have feedback or a similar situation?
Avatar n tn I've been taking 20 mg of Prozac for about a year. I am trying to come off due to sexual side effects. I've been on 10mg for a little over three weeks and have had a lot of anxiety. I was always an anxious person but it has been really bad the last week especially in the morning. Is this a withdrawal side effect. Similar experience?
2010625 tn?1329375656 I was wondering if anyone has tried prozac and what their experience has been. Benefits, side effects, effectiveness, etc.
Avatar n tn she was on fertility shot. She is in her first trimester. The doctor gave her phenabarbitol and prozac. Can this two meds bring harm to the baby? She is walking around like a zombie.
Avatar f tn Hi Elaine, Hi Elaine, I posted in the other forum (pregnancy) about being put on prozac 10 mg. I have taken your great advice and am doing yoga and breathing exercises to deal with my mild anxiety instead. But heres my question to put my mind at ease. I took the prozac at 28 weeks for about a week. It wasnt right for me and I was too worried I was doing harm to the baby. After my 3 miscarriages last year I am always worried now.
Avatar n tn have came off prozac after 12 years iam having palpatations and shakes is this normal
Avatar f tn Has anyone taken prozac while pregnant?! I am so scared it will hurt my baby. I just found out. I'm only a month along And I don't know what to do about taking it. Or should I stop.
Avatar m tn When you say you've tried several pharmacies, were they different owners? CVS and Walgreens, for example, tend to use different generic manufacturers because CVS owns its own pharmacy benefits manager and therefore is much more restrictive on who they'll buy from. Because you should be able to special order the ones you had before if you know which manufacturer it was, assuming it's still available -- there's a lot of consolidation through mergers going on in the generic drug industry.
Avatar f tn I was just getting ready to up my dose to 50 mg when I had an appoinment with a Psychiatrist who switched me to Prozac. Despite trying the prozac now for 2 months I cannot seem to shake the side effects. I asked the psych doctor about retrying the Zoloft or a different med but he insists that I continue the Prozac. I am considering trying the Zoloft again through my primary care doctor as the side effects with Prozac are intolerable for me. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn 5 mg of Klonopin twice daily and 20 mg of prozac daily. He said the prozac will take effect in 3-4 weeks and then I should be able to widthdraw from Klonopin. Now after 2 months, I am able to widthdraw the Klonopin gradually to 0.125 mg per day. However, the feeling is not great. I still feel mild muscle pain, mild shortness of breath and mild feeling of lump in the throat. I don't know it is due to Klonopin widthdrawn effect or due to the background anxiety.
1540869 tn?1351217613 I also have hypothyroidism and anxiety and depression which is why I'm on lamictal and prozac. Well and levothyroxine for my thyroid. My therapist says I need to take it until the third trimester of my pregnancy. I will obviously not take lamictal, and am on a very low dose of prozac 20mg , but it still scares me. I read an article today that made me feel a lot better about it. If u had a disease would you stop taking what was curing it?
Avatar n tn I think more research needs to be done. Prozac has been around for such a long time and its benefits are wonderful, but my weight gain is leading to other problems. My fourth child is 3 now and would really like to know if anyone out there has taken Prozac while pregant. I would like to know if your child is a little on the obsessive compulsive side. It seems he can go from extremely loving to extremely mean in a matter of seconds and very hard to calm down.
Avatar f tn Wow this withdrawal is sooo hard. I was taking Prozac for panic attacks and OCD. I was being brave but didn't mentally prepare for this. I haven't really slept in the last week and have been having major stomach problems and OCD. I also have this weird thing where I stop breathing and when I realize I've stopped breathing I would take a big breath and that is almost every 5 minutes, and it happens in my sleep too.
Avatar f tn after being on 20 mgs of prozac since march 3 2010 my dr is upping it because i told him i am doing more but i feel abit more sadness than before the prozac im also on xanax......i have to take the prozac at night because its zonks me out in the day if i take it in the morning..the dr found that odd....i also sweat alot on it....
347397 tn?1196461633 I couldn't stand the annoying side effects of the Lexapro, so I asked her if I could try Prozac since it was the last thing I remember being on that didn't have a negative effect on me. Well I've been on it a week and a half, and I'm feeling better, but still having surges of anxiety, especially in the mornings. Sometimes it is worse than others. I find myself worrying excessively about everything in life, unable to enjoy things I used to, and not wanting to go out and do things.
Avatar m tn If your daughter has started taking the Prozac medication, how long has she been on the Prozac ? Prozac is also called Fluoxetine. According to a medical book I am consulting to try and help you, " the full benefits of fluoxetine may not be felt for 4 weeks or more. " " The most common adverse effects of this drug are restlessness, insomnia, and intestinal irregularities.
233622 tn?1279338505 So a psychiatrist prescribed prozac for me. He made me promise that I would continue to take prozac for a full year even after I felt better. He said a lot of people take it until they feel better and then stop. But it is important to continue to take it even after I start feeling better. Well know I know I do have MS and all those symptoms were likely a relapse and the relapse cleared and it looked like I needed an anti depressant. But it was far more likely MS Relapse-Remission.
Avatar f tn Wellbutin and Prozac are both in the same drug class ( class C) which means they can be taken when the benefits outweigh the risks. That said, Prozac has been around a lot longer than wellbutin and is generally considered safe since a lot more is known about it and it's effects during pregnancy.
Avatar f tn My physician their life been saying for several years put me on a 60 milligram dose of Prozac day. Recently in the last few months I have started experiencing severe anxiety and panic attacks. I've gotten to where I cry at the drop of a hat I have bad nightmares and my brain just does not stop. I know that I am grieving over my son. But I also feel like I'm losing control of myself. A friend of mine gave me a couple of one milligram xanax recently.
Avatar n tn I have a neice who is 8 yrs old. She is taking 20mg Prozac daily. Recently she has complained of headaches and altered mental status (staring spells) noted by her teacher. Could these new effects be connected with the prozac treatment. She is waiting for a CT scan at the moment.
Avatar n tn The normal dose of Prozac is 20mg per day. It is not uncommon to feel the benefits at a lower dosage. Some patients are maintained at 10mg/day, others may need 40-50mg/day. Prozac and other antidepressants have been found to be helpful in reducing chronic pain. It is best to discuss your concerns with your physician. If you are feeling depressed, you may consider seeing a therapist or psychiatrist. Best Wishes, HFHS M.
Avatar n tn Hello I recently (3 weeks ago) switched from 40mg Paxil/day to 20mg Prozac/day. The first 3 weeks went fine with expected dizziness and nausea. But the past few days I've been experiencing depression. 1) Is this normal? Perhaps the paxil is out of my system and the prozac has not kicked in yet? It's a bit weird because I was not depressed during the last 3 weeks. I hope this goes away.. 2) How long does prozac take to fully "kick in" ? 3) I also take 2x .
Avatar f tn I've gone over safety during pregnancy (agonized really) and it really is to the point where benefits outweigh the risks. My doctor suggested Zoloft or Prozac. I chose Zoloft first because I had read it was better for breastfeeding. I tried it a couple of years ago and got very jittery and quit, not wanting to accept that I needed medicine anyway. Despite all that, I hoped it would be better this time. It was not. This time I got diarrhea as well.
492898 tn?1222247198 I have heard many bc patients mention that they were switched from Prozac to Celexa when they were taking Prozac and started on Tamoxifen.
647137 tn?1299269991 I was prescribed Zoloft by my Physician, I took it for 1 month and it made be feel really tired and like a zombie. My councilor said that probably wasn't the best choice for an ED. I just started Prozac today and was wondering what effects and how it has worked for anyone taking it? Thank You!