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Avatar f tn I've been doing research and have found a few cases where people are successfully taking Prozac and atenolol (it sounded like it was for migraines or something) but I was wondering if anybody here is on the same cocktail and if so, if there is any risk associated.
Avatar f tn How come I would be so hot all the time and if I even try to do anything I start sweating or feeling wet all over but especially my face. Turns Red and I sweat and feel sick to my stomach and get a headache and weak and almost faint. I cannot get anything done and its making me very depressed. I have been to an endrocronogist and a gynecologist and neither one can find anything. I'm tired of living my life of not doing anything because I overheat. Its like I feel on fire inside my face.
7665079 tn?1393187282 As a result, less blood reaches the brain and this causes fainting. The usual stimulus for this action resides in the nerves of the heart-hence the term neurocardiogenic. A head-up tilt test can uncover the underlying cause of the fainting in this syndrome. Neurocardiogenic syncope is usually treated with medications that reduce the probability of cardiac nerves triggering the cycle that leads to lightheadedness, dizziness or fainting.
Avatar n tn and I recently stopped taking adderall due to chest pains, dizziness, fainting, palpitations, and blurred vision. These symptoms presented themselves over a year ago when I started taking adderall when school started after not having taken any over the summer. I have a history of stimulant abuse (on and off for 4 years), but up until about a week ago, was still perscribed 20 mgs of adderall (generic) up to 3 times a day.
Avatar n tn Now, I know why I am fainting and excessivly tired all the time. My lawyer has instructed me to see a cardiologists as soon as possible to see if I need medication or surgery in the future. I'm just now learning about the true damage that Fen-Phen can do and I feel as if my world is falling apart. AT least I know that medication or having a valve replaced in my heart could save me.
Avatar n tn The only interaction between Carbatrol and Prozac is, Prozac may cause higher levels of Carbatrol within the blood. This can simply be followed by a blood level. Seizures can cause changes in personality, but unless there are frequent seizures, this is less likely. If the diagnosis of epilepsy is new this may be a reaction to the diagnosis. It is not uncommon for individuals to develop a reactive depression from such a serious diagnosis.
Avatar n tn I have taken everything under the sun from prozac to effexor paxil etc.. and I agree that those meds are not the way to go the everyday stuff anyway unless you have a chemical embalance and need to take it for a short period of time to get back on track my parents made me take all that stuff and when I was old enough to do my own research and know what questions to ask I feel that people in the USA are over medicated and they want to hand out anti depression meds like candy!
Avatar n tn I have very low blood pressure 60/30 and a heart rate of 38-42. I am taking Prozac and Xanax and I am convinced that the Prozac did this to my heart. I have been taking it for 6 years and have been sick with these PVCs for about 2 years. I have thousands a day and I have found thqt jogging will take them away for about 1 hour. I can't jog at 2:00am when I can't sleep. Nor do I like jogging.
Avatar m tn this causes chills or sweats, heart palpitations, nausea and vomiting, leading to syncope (passing out, fainting) I have this. 3. neurocardiogenic syncope: formerly called vasovagal syncope, can be triggered by 100s of different things, including eating, needle stick, sight of blood, etc. I have this 4. post-viral dysautonomia: episodes can be triggered by viral infections such as cold or flu. I have this. 5.
Avatar n tn When this 1st started I was at work cutting hair and my hand began to shake and everyting shifted and for 2 seconds I thought I would fall, then I broke out in sweat and was nauseas. I have had to stop working due to my extreme symptoms all the time. Lightheaded, feeling faint, dizzy. I am on No meds. Blood pressure is around 90/66 sometimes up to 112/75. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn Hi Niceguy, My friend has trigger finger and it sounds like what you mentioned. As far as bx, I didn't have one either. Whether that was a good choice or bad choice, I may never know OR......I may find out some day. But the way hep effected me was, I was depressed, as most are when they find out they have a dreaded disease, then I didn't enjoy food,so dropped a few pounds, that I didn't need to loose.
Avatar n tn However, has anyone experience hair loss from Lexapro, I have from Prozac and am terrifed to try another anti-depressant although I know I really need it. Please someone help. Thanks.
297366 tn?1215816651 Since I was very yound and to this day I am very clumsy I bump into walls etc a million times a day, burn myself, trip, lose my balance and have near fainting spells and about 10 or 15 successful ones (my elementry school report cards even say "she often bumps into walls", it must have been really noticeable) I catch everything that everyone has, my immune system isn't good I have had sleeping problems as far back as I can remember and have been looking for a fix since I was 19 ye
Avatar n tn Now this is freaky, I'm taking my pills and still having attacks. The dose of Prozac I take is making me strange, I can just image what I'm going to be like on a higher dose. The pills have effects on me as well. I'm going to the doctor today. I hate being dizzy,sick,and out of control. I also hate how people jugde you. People think it's a way out so you don't have to do something.I would love to be normal. Nobody understands. Unless you suffer from this.
Avatar n tn So I got complacent and just ignored them, bad move - my heart stopped a couple of different times in early 2009 and my fainting got more frequent. I fell and broke my toes and went to the dr because they didnt heal on June 26, 2009. He did a full physical and scared me; asking me if anyone had talked to me about my heart in the past? I laughed and said no I don't have anything wrong I just saw my last pcp in Dec 2008.
Avatar f tn I had a fainting episode on October 12, 2014 where I passed out and cracked my head on a concrete floor.. fell straight back and nailed it good. The person who was with me said I had some kind of seizure right after. Anyway, the cause of the faint was severe dehydration. Whichhhh, I'm assuming also led to the kidney stones. And stress.. for the trifecta. My life for the past 3-4 years in particular has been insanely stressful. Toxic, emotionally abusive relationship.
Avatar n tn Hi all I have had anxiety for 20 years and been on the benzos xanx for 17 years,then the last couple yearts between ativan and klonoopin..back on xanax and prozac and adderall now....i get pain on just the right side of my head face shoulder arm behind right breast,i look back and i have had this before like in the 90s...have no clue what it full of fear.and since being on the prozac my head im allergic..
11251831 tn?1416585126 Sorry, I forgot to mention that vasovagal syncope although could be triggered off by GERD, making you to pass out, there are also lots of other reasons for passing out, dehydration being another reason. You can find lots more information and triggers with regard to vasovagal syncope and fainting on the web. There are numerous triggers, to much for me to write them all down here.
Avatar f tn it took me a year to find out what was wrong with me and i ended up housebound for a year and half straight.Ive been on so many different medications but i found that klonopin and prozac are a good fit for now. It makes it real hard on me because i go through stages. One year i can get on a plane and visit my mother in florida, then the next i cant even be alone at my house nevermind leave it! Im at that point right now, i cannot even be alone for five minutes or i will have a panic attack.
Avatar n tn It will show immediately if you a low blood pressure problem causing your dizziness and fainting. Pregnancy is one of the most common ways of developong this disorder. Proper medication makes a big difference in how you feel. In the meantime, increase your salt intake and try drinking a lot of Gatorade. This two things help to keep your blood Pressure up so you don't feel as dizzy. Also, it helps to have the top of your bed elevated with bed risers. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn I've been taking 500mg metformin myself and I have not experienced any weight loss. I am actually taking it for diabetes treatment. But it has not helped with my weight loss.
Avatar f tn At about age 25 my mother started having bad headaches/migraines and was fainting. My mother is now 49 and just lost consciousness and collapsed on the floor. Her doctor told her she may have a circulation problem and that she needs to move her legs around before she stands up. I just mention this because this is the age that my symptoms started too. She never had any neck pain though. Another weird thing about me is that my pupils are always big and don't respond to light.
Avatar n tn And, I have to admit, that it was hard up until about 2 weeks ago. And, since I have started Prozac and Ativan for anxiety, things will get alot better. I just did 14/48. Hope you start feeling better; and please post when you need to. Les Le Bon Temp Roule / means (let the good times roll) even as hard as that may seam on tx.
503727 tn?1210442710 I've been on Prozac off and on. And have had all the tests run many times. Anxiety is SO hard to deal with. Dizziness and lightheaded are annoying!
1979414 tn?1337806949 My heart was pounding and I became lightheaded. dizzy, and hot. I grabbed some water and walked around my house to calm down and my heart started racing probably like 130 to 140 and I did some breathing exercises to calm down. After about 5 or so minutes my heart rate was normal, but I was shaking and cold and felt sick to my stomach. I wasn't able to go back to sleep because when I laid down, I got hot and lightheaded again.
1399250 tn?1436946897 I tried to ignore it at first but it just kept worsening, I looked at my blood pressure standing up and it was at 90/70. I fear that I'll become bedridden now since I'm at great risks of fainting and the symptoms are unbearable even sitting up... My doctor is currently out of town and can't contact her, even so its unaffordable without any health insurance, my dad is unemployed right now and having his own health issues but no one is giving us help.
746058 tn?1248348265 My now 17-yr old daughter began with anxiety and depression 6 years ago and is on prozac and lamictal for that, then was diagnosed with POTS last Spring and was given florinef, 1/2 a .1 mg tablet daily, plus sodium tablets (which also contain balancing potassium), as well as conditioning exercises to improve vascular tone. She still has mild symptoms sometimes, but is doing much better just with the florinef and increased sodium intake.
Avatar f tn At 73 I to was diagnosed with A- fib and put on cardizen, prozac, aspirn ect. My fib most always came between 2 and 6 am. I was put on cardzin, prozac,aspirin ect, which upset my stomach to a great degree{ I have a quezzy stomach and small ulcer for which I have taken Tums}.Taking all these drugs caused my stomach to become worse than the fib, {isnt that usually the case}.