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Avatar n tn What will happen if you don't rinse your mouth out after you use the Proventil HFA inhaler?
Avatar m tn Advair discus (realy any dry powder inhaler) has larger particles than MDI inhalers that land on the vocal cords and irritate them causing you to be hoarse. I would suggest that you ask your docotr about MDI alternatives. Advair Hfa is one. Others include Symbicort and Dulera. Feel better.
Avatar f tn Her doctor has been closely watching her and put her on symbicort and the proventil hfa, and singulair. thanks for the heating pad tip!
Avatar m tn Usually it goes away on its own. I currently take advair, singulair, and proventil hfa. It seems to help with it some. I'm still working on getting asthma under good control though. None of the doctors I went to mentioned having this kind of problem until I flat out asked and they said yes it is pretty common.
1515545 tn?1291395764 Anyway I printed a 15 dollar off coupon and used it to get the proventil filled ( at walmart ) but it ended up being 32 dollars with a total 5 dollar savings in total. So now I have one and am waiting for the one to show up in the mail. If anyone needs help getting meds filled that are made by glaxosmithkine they have a program called Bridges to access, where as long as you don't make more then 4,000 a month your meds are free through the mail, that is the only free one I know of right now.
Avatar f tn I am on Plaquenil 400mg Metoprolol Tartrate 50mg BID, Proventil HFA 2puffs every 4 hours, Flovent Diskus 250mcg (started one week ago), Nasonex, Augmentin 875 BID. I have had no problems with my cardio selective Beta Blocker prior to catching this cold. My peak flows are still in the High Yellow Zone and I am maxing out on my rescue inhaler and I haven't been on the Flonase long enough to provide control. But I am not wheezing...just stuck in the yellow zone anywhere from 360-390...
16483458 tn?1448372795 I was on MDI for 5 years, then the pupm for 2 years and I asked to go back to MDI, it's been 3 years. Results are similar good, pain was hirgher so was financial cost. I fell more freedom with MDI.
Avatar f tn The Doctor gave me an inhaler Proventil HFA I was told to use it as needed during the day 2 hits a min apart when I do need. And I do try it from time to time BUT I dont feel like I can breathe more. I feel kinda shaky from it but thats besides the whole question. She also told me to take claritin and I do take that. any comments would help I feel like I am alone with this. I just want to be healthy!!
Avatar n tn I was told that one of these breathers cannot be used with Proventil. Please tell me if it is Advair or Spiriva. I can't remember which one the doctor told me.
Avatar f tn Really hard to say which will work better. Since like punk others prefer mdi. However it week be very valuable if you can get him a cgm (continuous glucose minitoring).
Avatar n tn I take xanax for anxiety, I also have asthma. Can I take proventil with xanax? Also I heard Prozac is good for gettting off of xanax without withdrawl symtoms, is that true?
586504 tn?1226473165 her white blood count was 17 and her lungs were bad in the x-ray. She was given Avelox 400 mg, Nohist-Plus, Preventil HFA and a shot of Roceferin. She went back on July 3 and was given Benzonatate 100 mg, Advair and a steroid shot. Still sick, she went back on July 30 and her WBC was good/ lungs were worse than at first. She was given M-End WC (cough medicine), Zolpidem 10mg, Prednisone 10 mg, Mucinex, and was told the AdVair made it worse and to not take it anymore.
Avatar f tn In July I thought I was having allergy problems. Turned out to be pneumonia. I thought I was ok after meds. Then I had a really bad asthma attack. I did not know what was happening. Really bad coughing and hard to breathe. Went to ER and they gave me breathing meds. I saw an allergist yesterday and he put me on Adviair and Proair. I haven't had the Proair prescriptioin filled yet as I still have proventil. Sorry to ramble on.
Avatar f tn The distinction that I find the most helpful in making a decision about a mood stabilizer is whether your moods follow an MDI or DMI pattern most of the time. This may not be easy to figure out given you don't have much of a history to go on. MDI pattern means that your moods switch the most rapidly from being energized to being depressed. I call this flying to close to the sun and then crashing...
Avatar n tn Separate dosing of Lantus (long acting) and Humalog (short acting) where you inject each insulin separately (also called MDI for multi daily injections) is much more flexible. You test and adjust your basal insulin (lantus), then you dose your fast acting for each meal based on how much food / carbs/ protein you eat. You can also use your Humalog to correct for high blood sugars. Mixed insulin cannot be used to correct high blood sugars.
Avatar n tn ve lived in the same town my whole life and no change in living conditions. My doctor prescribed me Pro Air HFA. Immediately I was using it more than the recommended amounts. It makes me very jittery and makes my hands shake. When I came in I was told to keep using it and then prescribed Qvar. The Qvar gave me debilitating headaches. I've since stopped taking both but the headaches and shaking still continue.
1580703 tn?1651904887 I was diagnosed with acute asthma last year and have been on symbicort/proventil for months, also singulair and took prednisone and methylprenisolone and I am still having breathing problems and chest tightness. taking some HC lately helped me breathe better and relax but still having breathing problems today. can you please help me??
Avatar f tn In my own case with AS, I tell people I have a brilliant mind with lousy PR and that I am stuck somewhere between Rainman and Spock at the social level. At 63, there is no such thing as an actual diagnosis for me, but saying I have HFA (rather than trying to explain AS) typically results in people saying I do not appear autistic. If you have never visited ****.net, maybe have a look.
920032 tn?1550680156 I don very well with the HFA versions. If you were on a dry powder, you might have been having problems with the milk by products in them keeping your peak flow down. My guess would be that your current phlegm problem is from the inflammation and asthma even though your peak flows are improving. If you aren't working with your dr to reduce your steroid use, you should really see your asthma doctor to make sure that your asthma is not flaring.
Avatar m tn I am a 29 year old male with no family history or personal history of asthma. About a week ago now, I had just finished a day of working in the yard and was about to go to bed when I noticed a peculiar tightening in my chest and trouble drawing a full breath. At the time, it didn't concern me overmuch, since I am/was a smoker and it sometimes happened that my chest got tight like that at night when I'd smoked too much. It would always be gone when I got up in the morning.
Avatar n tn You are correct in wanting to wait until you have achieved optimum benefit from the AdvairĀ® HFA (fluticasone propionate and salmeterol) Inhalation Aerosol, before any consideration of oxygen use. The AdvairĀ® HFA (fluticasone propionate and salmeterol) Inhalation Aerosol may raise your saturation, to a degree that will make oxygen use unnecessary.
Avatar f tn And I was wondering if you could get an MDI in your hip, because I am experiencing similar pain in my hip and shoulder.
212161 tn?1599427282 thank you so much i have the rescue one xopenex hfa says its levalbuterol. than i have one for night its a powder its asmanex . i have been like this now for 2 months it seems to get better than last night it was not bad but woke me up at 1 could not sleep for coughing and wheezing and scared i was going have a bad attack and die from it , so i need the inhaler just to scared to take it. so are these ok or will the xop cause the heart speed. thank you so much.
Avatar m tn All peoples in Mdi help are saying that you have not HIV but I am still very serious due eye strain, floaters, refraction and brittle nails.I am also sufferring from gas and acidity since 1 year. I am very scared what to do.