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Avatar n tn PPI whether Protonix or Prevacid can cause weight gain or even weight loss. But these are very rare side effects. My suggestions - - Continue protonix twice daily immediately before meals for 4-8 weeks - If you have night symptoms, take Zantac at night in addition to Protonix. - Life style modifications - 1. Head elevation while sleeping 2. Small frequent meals 3. Going to bed 2- 3 hours after food 4. Avoiding bed time snacks 5. Avoiding smoking and alcohol 6.
Avatar m tn Yesterday I had an endoscopy and was diagnosed with, Hiatal hernia-sliding, gastritis, and a peptic ulcer. The specialist put me on pantoprazole 40mg twice daily and sucralfate 1mg 3x's daily and told me to discontinue the other drugs. Today is my first day on these medications I took the protonix this mornng and the carafate an hour afterword.
Avatar n tn I presently take Protonix 40mg twice daily. I have used it over a seven year period. Another drug approved by my provider is Prilosec 20mg twice daily.. I recently have my tri-annual Endoscopy and no evidence was found as to bad effects of Protronix Is it advisable to move to the newer accepted drugs or should I stay with Protonix, which will rise considerable in cost? My Doctor gave me a prescription for Prilosec.
Avatar f tn In July 2014, I was diagnosed with a gastric ulcer and the doctor put me on Protonix - 40mg twice daily. In December 2014, I went to see my internist about my blood pressure because it's been going up. Diovan had recently gone generic and I questioned her as to its efficacy. That one particular time, my pressure was normal at her office and she said it's fine now, even though I continued to question her with my concerns. In March 2015, I had my last endoscopy and my ulcer has healed.
Avatar m tn I was then put on Prilosec, 20 mg, but it didn't help. The doctor increased my dose to 20 mg twice daily. After a couple of weeks I started having heart palpitations, sometimes for 9 straight hours. After decreasing my dosage back to 20 mg once daily, the palpitations stopped. The doctor now wants me to take Prevacid, but I am worried about the side effects. Anyone have a bad experience with Prevacid?
Avatar m tn Protonix was the only change in my daily medications. I started investigating the symptoms of long term Protonix and started weaning myself off by cutting back to the 40mg dose over a weeks time then every other day. The joint pain and stiffness have disappeared. Previously, I couldn't sit for an hour without hips, knees and ankles stiffening to the point of it being difficult to get out of my car after my one hour commute.
Avatar n tn For many years I have taken protonix or prilosec twice daily as a result of GERDS and spasming esophogus and IBS. Could that be why my gastrin levels are high over the last year? They have been in the 600s.
Avatar n tn I was prescribed 30mg of Prevacid twice daily and it has completely stopped all my symptoms. However, I bagan to experience constipation about 6 5 or 6 weeks after starting the Prevacid. I tried other proton pump inhibitors (like Nexium and protonix) but they don't stop the reflux and heartburn as well as prevacid. Does anyone know anything about prevacid inducing constipation?? I eat plenty of fiber and now take Metamucil daily!!
Avatar f tn My parent have developed gastric problem after taking painkillers for few weeks to relief his back pain. He stopped taking the painkiller now. He was given omeprazole (taken twice daily) and work just few hours before the stomach pain appear again. In addition, he felt his stomach stiffen causing some difficult to breath normally. I'm really concerned since he lost appetite to eat. Appreciate if anyone out there kindly share their experiences or anything that can be done. Thanks for helping.
Avatar n tn Finally my heartburn was controlled by taking 30mg of prevacid TWICE daily (one 30mg prevacid in the a.m and another 30mg prevacid at p.m.). I've had some constipation, but the heartburn is gone. Don't know if thepevacide caused the constipation, but strongly suspect it. I now also take metamucil. You might ask if you can take nexium twice a day (don't know if that's possible) or try prevacid twice daily. If you have bad reflux like me, it may be the only solution.
Avatar f tn 5 mg once daily, Quinapril 40 mg twice dailt, Protonix 40 mg twice daily, and vitamin B-3 and B-12 injections. I am not overweight, exercise three times a week, but I am a smoker. My question is what does my health future look like? Will I need dialisis, if so how soon? What about a transplant, is that likely? How long is a person life span with my symptoms?
Avatar m tn If once daily dose is not effective , you need to take twice daily dose. Avoid gas forming food items like cabbage, beans, brocolli. Avoid alcohol, cola, citrus and carbonated beverages.
Avatar f tn I began using Protonix 40mg twice a day in Nov and after a while it finally relieved the burn with only occassional acid breakthrough. However, had bad side effects - headache, body aches, insomia, rapid heartbeat and heart palp's like a heart attack, diarreah and weakness. I made all the lifestyle changes - bland diet, bed elevated and have lost 45 lbs. I don't need to lose any more weight, but continue to because there are very few foods that I can eat.
Avatar f tn yeah i already cut out all those foods and am taking zantac 300 twice daily and protonix 40 daily. It's still not working. i'm thinking its my gallbladder too.
700223 tn?1318169294 For both men and women, the recommended daily intake of vitamin D is between 400 and 800 international units. This can usually be met with a balanced diet. However supplements are available. 3. Exercise Regularly. To improve and maintain bone density a combination of regular low impact, weight bearing exercise and resistance exercises works best. Weight bearing exercise includes walking, jogging and even dancing.
Avatar f tn I have been to the hospital twice with two ekgs done normal and a lot of blood work normal I have bad shoulder pains leg pains arms ache and neck hurts when I drink or eat anything my chest hurts and my back hurts can stress and gets cause this I get headaches daily and the pain in shoulders and arms daily
Avatar f tn Yes there are daily acid reducers you can take that will help. I take one daily, sometimes twice when needed. My doctor told me what active ingredient was ok to take and I got the generic version because those pills can be costy.
Avatar f tn It sounds like your doctor is on the right track. I would eat a soft diet free of anything spicy or harsh on the stomach to help in it's healing. Let your doctor know that the new medication isn't helping...don't keep suffering.
Avatar m tn (Full cardiac eval done in ER, ruled out). About a month ago GP instructed me to take Protonix twice daily (80mg) for one week to allow stomach to heal. This seemed to make things much better after several days but nausea and epigastric soreness came back several days after returning to normal dose @40mg. Had full blood workup including Amylase, Comp Metabolic, and H-Pylori antibody test, all normal/negative.
Avatar n tn Hi, If you are not responding to one type of PPI switch to another. If you do not respond to once daily dose take it twice daily. Take them empty stomach. If still you are not responding reevaluation is needed and 24 hours pH monitoring test may be done for confirmation. Sometimes it could be due to bile reflux and the treatment is different. If acid reflux is confirmed and not responding to medical therapy then surgery might have to be done.
Avatar n tn I've had to take a proton pump inhibitor TWICE daily to control my GERD. You might have to try different PPIs (nexium, protonix, prevacid, etc) to see which one works best for you. For me prevacid works better than the others, but you might be different. My aunt likes protonix. When you're feeling better, but might try a lower dose rather than stopping the med. My gastoenterologist told me that I'd probably have to take a PPI for the rest of my life.
Avatar f tn Currently I am taking Advair 250 twice a day, Spiriva once a day, Allegra D twice daily, Protonix twice a day, Compavent inhaler as needed. Douneb breathing treatments as needed, and 200mg Teslon Pearls for cough as needed, Astelyn Nasel spray once a day. Also IV steroids, I can't even count the number on those. I have had broncitis about 15 times in the past 25 months, and I have been hospitalized twice. I do not smoke, however I work at a furniture warehouse store in sales.
Avatar f tn I have been prescribed Doxycycline 100 mg twice daily for blepheritis. I am now finding that I am very nauseous and sometimes feel like I may throw up after taking this drug. Does anyone know if this is dangerous for anyone with my issues to take this medication? I am on Carafate 2 x daily, Protonix 2x daily, and a Zantac 1 at bedtime, from my gastroenterologist. I welcome any help. Thank you.
Avatar n tn I take a prescription called Zantac as well. 150mg and it's my bff! Can be taken twice daily. Ask your Dr about it. It's safe for baby.
Avatar f tn I've tried Zantac twice a day and that takes most of the edge off, but Protonix is better. I exercise daily, am 5'7 120 lbs, eat healthy, etc. I do not like taking the Protonix because also have chronic hepatitis b (that has been lifelong but stable), although I have been told by 2 PCP's, my liver specialist, and my GI doctor that this medication is safe long term for my liver. My questions are, does anyone have any suggestions on what more can be done to not take PPI's daily forever?
Avatar f tn This did not cure the problem, although it did help.he diagnosed me with GERD and He then placed me on ranitidine to take twice daily. I was on this medication for years, and had my symptoms fairly under control. When I began birth control at the age of 18 I decided I didn't think I ended my stomach medicine anymore. A few weeks after starting BC I began to get nauseous occassioanlly. I was convinced this was a side effect of the birth control, and decided to ignore it for about six months.
Avatar n tn Hello, thanks for asking your question. I am not aware that a PPI can suddenly stop working. However, there are cases where GERD are refractory to optimal PPI treatment. For intance, GERD can "breakthrough" optimal PPI therapy. Up to 70 percent of patients taking PPIs twice daily will have periods of gastric pH <4 lasting for more than 60 minutes, particularly at night. Nocturnal acid breakthrough may be responsible for the majority of patients with refractory GERD.
Avatar f tn He prescribed Xanax, which I have taken in the past, but never on a daily basis. I'm supposed to take .5mg twice a day for now to see if keeping my anxiety/stress calmed down helps my stomach at all. Is stress/anxiety something that could slow the healing process of an ulcer? Is there anything else for stress/anxiety that won't make me feel high/tired? Will my body adjust eventually and not feel so high from it, or maybe the dose is too much for me?
Avatar f tn I have LPR- had it since 1997- it is horrible- took forever to diagnose since I rarely get any heartburn- I have waht is called cyclical vomiting- when i am in the cycle anything I eat makes me cough and vomit and vomit violently- for days or weeks- sometimes even on awakening- always clearing my throat- NONE of the gastro- tests showed reflux- I have been on meds for years- was on twice the max daily dose of nexium for yrs but new ins wont pay so now on protonix twice max daily dose- was on reg
Avatar n tn in the morning I cough, or if I get excited when speaking I choke up and cough, lying down and then sit up I cough. I am taking and have been for awhile Protonix (acid reflux) and Metformin 500mg (twice a day) but just started the Met.