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Avatar n tn However, When I called Nexium , they finally admitted that Nexium wasn't a prescribed drug for my condition. I presently take Protonix 40mg twice daily. I have used it over a seven year period. Another drug approved by my provider is Prilosec 20mg twice daily.. I recently have my tri-annual Endoscopy and no evidence was found as to bad effects of Protronix Is it advisable to move to the newer accepted drugs or should I stay with Protonix, which will rise considerable in cost?
Avatar n tn Now the insurance does not cover protonix, and I wonder whether there are good substitute for protonix? I found that Nexium like prilosec would have a drug interaction with plavix. Any advice for what would be a good substitute for protonix to protect the ulceration of the GI tract and would not interact with plavix at the same time? Thanks.
Avatar n tn Last March after several tests, the doctor prescribed me Protonix. After 3 months of use, the coughing was drastically reduced. But after the prescription ran out, the coughing started up again. So I assume I have GERD or some other stomach acid issue? I haven't had my esophagus checked out for damage caused in the 7 years. Now I am hearing about Prilosec. Will this medication have the same effect as Protonix?
Avatar n tn Over the past year my B12 levels have been declining despite the fact that I am recieving the same injection as I have for the past 10 years. Can protonix be inhibiting the absorption of the B12? Also, over the past 3 weeks I have been experiencing severe nausea on an almost daily basis. Two nights ago I actually vomited (no temp or other illness). I had a colon. and endo.about a month ago and all they found was a colon polyp that was removed.
Avatar m tn 1) Normally it takes a few days for a PPI to work to full effectiveness. 2) Protonix and Prevacid are in the same class of medications (PPI). Zantac is an H2 blocker. Typically, PPIs work better than H2 blockers for GERD. 3) Time to heal depends on the severity of the lesion and on the patient. The time it takes to heal can range from weeks to months. 4) I'm not sure that anxiety would play that much of a role as to which anti-GERD medication I would choose.
Avatar f tn I am trying to manage a condition of acid reflux (I have a hiatal hernia), and my doctor put me on protonix October 8th. Since two weeks ago, I increased dosage to two times daily (40mg). At the same time, in October, my blood sugar read a little high 114, and I have been working on bringing it down to normal levels. I now exercise 6x a week for an hour and eat a low fat, low calorie diet. I just read, however, that protonix can cause hyperglycemia.
Avatar n tn It coincided with diarrhea also for the last week. Are they related? Would a switch to Protonix after years of Nexium possibly help.
Avatar n tn You might also consider taking Protonix every 12 hours. There's some data to support 2x/day dosing with Protonix in the hospital setting.
Avatar m tn Past two years I have experienced occasional low grade nausea, some heartburn, and infrequently some URQ discomfort. I was given an Upper GI x-ray series (normal) and placed on 40mg Protonix/day. Problem resolved until 6 weeks ago nausea has returned much worse with some mild heartburn feelings in chest. (Full cardiac eval done in ER, ruled out). About a month ago GP instructed me to take Protonix twice daily (80mg) for one week to allow stomach to heal.
Avatar n tn often 110/75 now Some history of IBS perhaps stress related over last 10-15 yrs nothig that did not clear over a month or so Dec 2003-TURP In March I started actively pursuing problem sonograms(sp) of abdominal organs-normal colonoscopy-no polups- some minor diverticulae(sp) May 2004 esophagus exam-stomach normal-hiatel hernia and Reflux Esophagitis L3 near stomach entrance put on protonix 40 mg twice a day for 8 weeks then 1 per day. In the interim we moved to Bellingham WA.
Avatar n tn He told me to try for a month only the Protonix again - which I plan to do. If the Protonix doesn't work this time - then I will do the gastric empyting test. Thanks for your comment.
Avatar f tn I am wondering if anyone can help. I am on Armour Thyroid for Hypothyroidism, Pristiq for depression, Protonix for GERD and HRT. I know the Pristiq can cause it, but the dry mouth started years after I started the Pristiq. I just sent my doctor an email questioning whether Thyroid problems can cause dry mouth. Anyone have any ideas or answers? Thanks!
Avatar n tn My mom was diagnose with a hiatal hernia over 20 years ago. She dealt with it primarily by changing her diet and avoiding foods that irritated her. She is 59 years old and very active, works out everyday, eats healthy, and is not overweight (nor has she lost any weight lately). Within the past few weeks, she has had difficulty swallowing. It gets worse if she has spicy foods (such as last night she could eat french fries without problem, but not highly peppered fish).
Avatar n tn The doctor believed that it could be excessive acid in the stomach and gave me Protonix (40mg). That seemed to alleviate the intensity of the burning pain. I still experienced those coming and going burning sensations, but not as intense. Yesterday, my whole body started feeling weak. I felt nauseous more times than before. However, I did not feel that upper abdominal pain, unless I purposely pressed down on the stomach. This morning I also feel weak, my temperature is 99.8 degree.
Avatar n tn The pain had started moving to the same location on the left sternal border and sometimes substernally. He now suspected GERD. He started me on 80mg of Protonix for 2 weeks, and then a follow up. On the follow up my chest pains had reduced dramatically in both duration and severity, but they were still present. He took this as all he needed to diagnose me with GERD and give me a prescription for Protonix for another 6 weeks, 40mg.
Avatar n tn I, 35 female was diagonosed as Gerd 5 months ago by primary doctor and took 4 months Protonix. At the beginning, Protonix really helped reduce the chest pain, but then several months, my symtom kept the same, no much improvement, at the same time I felt dizzy or light-headed. I stopped taking Protonix for 20 days,Then I changed to Nexium two weeks ago,I felt it helps and I don't feel dizzy any more.
Avatar n tn Hope you can help.. I sometimes have involunatary burping and a feeling of pressure/soreness in my middleupper stomach just below breastbone. There is no pain just a pressure that sometimes wraps around the chest and back on either side.Feels like hands wrapped around my midsection and squeezing.This pressure seems to move around. Sometimes on the left or right. It leaves as fast as it comes and is intermittant all day.
Avatar n tn He was considering doing some true gall bladder tests but said he suspected maybe an ulcer, gastroenteritis?, or maybe IBS. So he prescribed me Hyoscyamine and Protonix, saying he thought maybe the odd shaped poops were being caused by my colon spasming and pushing them into odd shapes. I took the Protonix and hadn't yet started on the other drug and within a day everything returned to normal, I felt great and my poops were back to their normal shape and size.
Avatar n tn barium swallow confirmed. tried protonix, acifex, tums, pepto bismol, etc. constant burping, reflux especially after drinking water during soccer. symptoms are really bad with exercise. throat gets tight and feels like i can't get a breath. m.d doesn't think i have asthma sx. upper endoscopy showed normal except for maybe marginal small valve? no alcohol use. no drug use. eat well. taking protonix before game and practice but really doesn't help.
Avatar n tn This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case. Kevin, M.D.
Avatar n tn One consideration would be to combine an H2 blocker with the Protonix to see if this can better control the acid. If the symptoms continue despite maximal doses of medication, then surgery should certainly be considered. I would discuss these options with your personal physician. Followup with your personal physician is essential. This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only.
Avatar n tn ALP - 132 AST - 115 ALT - 280 GGT - 332 I have been on Crestor since May, Flomax and Sulfamethoxazole for a month and Protonix for a week before the blood was drawn. I am in the process of having my blood drawn via my internal med doc and he has ordered basic blood work, hepaiitis and ferritin as well as asked me to have an Ultrasound. He has told me that these readings can spike for many reasons and that he often sees them come down to normal.
Avatar f tn I should be on 75 mg Voltaren bid w/40 mg Protonix for 3 months. I also have Norco 10/325 to use before PT or as needed. I have good range of motion, can walk unassisted, etc, but still have a lot of swelling, stiffness and pain related to that. (I also have Baker's Cyst behind that knee). I went off all the meds when symptoms started, but need to return to work and can't elevate and ice. Do I have any other options?
Avatar n tn I just had a endoscopy done and it was clear. My Dr put me on Protonix 40mg plus 150mg Zantac twice a day. But I still get these pains. Also almost everytime I eat my left eyelid has like muscle spasams. Do you have any idea why I'm getting these pains. By the way I also have vasvagol syncope symptoms. My cardiolgist says my heart is fine but needs to be conditioned with exercise.
Avatar n tn Followup with your personal physician is essential. This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case. Kevin, M.D.
Avatar n tn after 3 days or so a doctor prescribed me Protonix but still I have this weird symptom of getting hungry early, weird feeling at my throat. here are my questions: 1. Do you think I really have gastritis or is it a different disorder? 2. If so when will I expect this disease to completely clear? I'm stopped taking maalox but I take Protonix regularly as directed by doctor? 3. What's causing the weird feeling in my throat like kinda acidic but I don't taste any acid?
Avatar n tn My UGI test had the following impression: 1.) Very mild intermittent spontaneous gastroesophageal relux however without changes of reflux esophagitis. 2.)Prominence of the rugal folds within the gastric body and fundus. Whether this is due to incomplete distension, or gastritis is unclear. My symptons are vomitting 2-3 times daily which has resulted in weight loss from 118 to 98 pounds. I am 5'3' and petite. My ideal weight for me is 110 pounds.
Avatar n tn The UGI revealed that I have gastritis, and the doc prescribed for me a proton pump inhibitor (Protonix) to cut down on the acid. He seemed fairly sure that the gastritis was causing my bloating. I have my doubts that the bloating has been caused by gastritis alone. I dont see the obvious connection between irritated stomach lining and'd think that heartburn and nausea would be more likely symptoms. I dont suffer from these symptoms.
Avatar n tn I went and saw my family physician that put me on protonix and sent me for an Upper GI which came back with mild reflux. The Protonix did not help so she put me on prevacid and sent me to see a specialist. The specialist did an Upper Endoscopy and Ultrasound which both came back normal. Also there is no presence of blood in my stool. And my stools seem to be normal it is mostly my stomach area.
Avatar n tn You may want to consider changing to a more potent acid reducer such as prilosec or protonix - this can be discussed with your personal physician. Followup with your personal physician is essential. This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case. Thanks, Kevin, M.D.