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Avatar f tn I am trying something new for my reflux - Protonix. This is my 3rd day with no noticeable improvement. I am miserable right now. After a light supper, I took a 2 mile walk to try to get rid of the severe heartburn, reflux, and cough. I've only gotten mild relief. For others who have tried Protonix, is relief around the corner?
Avatar f tn Anyone out there on Protonix? I was diagnosed with acid reflux and was put on Nexium which helped slightly with my burping but I was still getting stomach aches. I went for an abdominal ultrasound, endescopy and CT scan with IV contrast and all came back fine. My Dr just switched me to Protonix.
Avatar f tn Hello, I had an upper endescopy done and abdominal ultrasound due to some stomach pain I was experiencing. The ultrasound came back normal and my upper endescopy showed Grade A Reflux and Gastritis. The Dr gave me Nexium, but I was still getting upper stomach pain and pressure in the chest an back. I was switched to Protonix and it seemed to help with the upper stomach pain right under the breastbone. I'm taking two pills a day. Does anyone know how long Protonix takes to work?
Avatar n tn any one using protonix for acid reflux? I was on prevacid and it helped but gained weight. then tried zantac- didn't help. now on protonix... wondering how others are doing on this.
Avatar n tn how long is usually protonix administered for? i have been taking them for erosive gastritis and mild esophagitis for about 1 month now and dr prescribed another 4 weeks . will i be having another endoscopy to follow up after treatment to decide if i continue them? anyone's experiences are welcome.
Avatar f tn I was on Protonix for awhile for acid reflux, then was switched to Nexium, which I still take. The Inderal, I think, is a beta blocker, which makes heartburn worse. So does aspirin. That's probably why you were given Protonix. I don't take a beta blocker nor do I use aspirin, Advil, or Aleve because they make reflux worse. I do take one other med that causes mild reflux, but I have to take that for the rest of my life. So, I take a low dose of Nexium.
Avatar f tn Hi, Everyone's response to a medication is different. Nevertheless, in my case, on more than several occasions, I have taken Protonix for Acid Reflux. Frequently being plagued with PVCs at various times through out my life, I was quite surprised to discover that my frequency of PVCs decreased after I began to take Protonix.
Avatar m tn Only an MRI is left this week. I've been on acid reducers, protonix,nexium and, more recently, prilosec (once a day, and sometimes at night), and Tums/Maalox during the day when needed. Acid stomachs run in my family: father (perforated ulcer), brother (surgery). I'm 73, and in excellent health (work out, etc). If I watch my diet, the pain is intermittant and kept to a minimum. I I take a vitamin supplement once a day. How safe is it to continue taking all these anti-acids?
Avatar f tn Several years ago I was diagnosed with reflux because of my excessive burping. I was put on Protonix. It never seemed to work all that well but whenever I tried to go off it I had horrible heartburn. I am to point now that I really want off it but can't stand the heartburn. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn My 19 year old daughter has been treated for acid reflux for the past 2-3 years. October 5, 2007 her gallbladder was found to be functioning at only 3% and was immediately removed. 1-2 weeks after surgery she felt fine. As the weeks have gone on she has had pain in her esophogus, constant burning sensation in her stomache and nausea 3-4 times per week. Time of days doesn't matter or empty or full stomache doesn't seem to have any affect. She had an upper GI and an endoscopy.
Avatar n tn I never had any feeling of acid reflux until I started taking the protonix, but when I tried to stop taking it, I felt even worse (been on it for 3 months). Could that dose be too much? I am going to try to switch to omeprazole 20 mg and see what happens until I can get in to see my dr.
Avatar n tn I tried Aciphex/Nexium/previsas/zantax but no help for my acid reflux except protonix.
Avatar f tn however, he did not order a scope for the ulcer, he wanted to see how a few days of the PPI would help. The upside is that the Protonix helped with the reflux and stomach pain, the downside is the bloating and constipation. I did call him just the other night and he told me I can discontinue use of the Protonix this week because you can stop taking it 1 to 2 weeks after the symptoms go away.
Avatar n tn Since I have been taking Protonix for GERD, my heart seems to be pounding in my throat. This has never happened to me before and is alarming. My blood pressure has always been low. Is this normal? Is there anything else I can take beside Protonix?
Avatar f tn I'm a female 48 yrs. old. I've been taking the generic protonix for about 2 years with no problem and it helps the GERD very well. Previously I was taken Nexium but insurance no longer covers it. If I forget it for 2-3 days I'll start belching and having problems swallowing. My doctor just told me that the pantroprazole depletes the calcium in your bones.
Avatar n tn She was prescribed 40mg of Protonix once a day. She has been taking this medication for one week, and has been experiencing dizziness and nausea. She weighs about 120 lbs. I looked online, and it appears that these are side effects that some patients experience. My question is: would Nexium pose the same problems for her?
Avatar n tn I took Protonix for a while before I had surgery to correct my reflux problems. I didn't have any side-effects from Protonix, and those pills were a blessing at the time. Maybe you need to find a different drug like Nexium or Aciphex. I highly doubt you have a food allergy. Don't let those doctors railroad you into doing something you don't like or causes you distress. Remember, we are paying them, not the other way around! Good luck!
1635130 tn?1300141537 I have been on Protonix for over a year - at first it helped but now am feeling bad again. I am having trouble sleeping and am waking up feeling like I can't breath and that my heart is racing. My doctor prescribed a double dose of Protonix, yesterday, so that I am taking 1 tablet in am and 1 tablet in pm and I felt awful last night and have hardly slept. I feel like I had more acid rolling around. Can Protonix make my acid reflux worse? I don't know what to do.
Avatar m tn My problem was chest pain. And when tests revealed no heart problems, they assumed reflux. The protonix helped the chest pain, so I assumed they were right and was grateful for the relief. But now I have questions. I'm also a few months off of pain meds so it's possible that the side effects were there all along and being masked by the pain meds. Look, I know doctors have their pat answers, but in my 54 years of experience, anything is possible.
Avatar n tn Prilosec and Protonix are in the same drug class and should have the same effects. Only your personal physician can guide you as to taking them longer that 14 days. GI.
Avatar m tn gave me Protonix because I was experiencing some acid reflux...I took Protonix for 2 weeks (1 per day at 40mg) .. I have been having very bad side effects... Naseous, dizzy, increased anxiety, palpitations, gagging, insomnia, rapid heart beat. I thought I was dying. I called my Dr and he blew me off saying he never heard of such side effects and that I am getting anxious maybe I should see a therapist. I have no history of bad anxiety and racing heart like this..
Avatar n tn Licorice root tea will help with the acid reflux, and water lots of it. Anything decaffinated some of the flavor icetea mixes or othe drink mixes that are decafe, but you have to keep searching until you find one that works for you, in the taste department.
Avatar f tn I'm 24 weeks and my acid reflux is kicking my butt. Any tips to help with it?
Avatar n tn I had an xray on Friday, showing no broken bones and I am going in on Monday for a bone density test and a CT scan. My Doctor gave me Protonix (40)mg for the heartburn which is working very well, and celebrex (200) mg as needed for the other pain. Not working very well at all, the Celebrex. What are your thoughts on this? I am a white 55 year old woman, little over weight (25 or so pounds.) Thank you for your words.
Avatar n tn Came out negative but I still have pain Dr prescribed Protonix 2 x daily Does this help the gallbladder.
Avatar m tn also talk with a Pharmacist to see if it could be how the Protonix is compounded...or an ingredient in the compound for Protonix to see if it could be the problem. Let us know what you find out.
Avatar n tn I am a 36 yo female who has recently been diagnosed with severe reflux esophagitis, Barretts esophagus and esophageal spasms. My gastroenterologist tried Protonix first, with the hopes that if we could get the reflux under control, the spasms would go away. I had severe side effects with the Protonix, so she put me on Prilosec OTC and Hyoscyamine for the spasms. I am taking both medications every 12 hours for relief of my symptoms for the last 5 days.
Avatar f tn I have acid reflux and IBS. Should I take aciphex in the am and protonix in the evening or is that being redundint?