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Avatar f tn Ok, my nausea meds are just not working, don't want to show up again in ER, realize the pills are not as effective a the IV form, any suggestions? I've had protonix, zofran and am holding out on the phenergen until bedtime as it will kick butt If that doesn't work, am clueless know that nausea meds calm stomach so I can eat and if I don't, stomach acid multiplies........egads.........knock me out for a week!
Avatar f tn Hi, I took protonix for 5 years and all of a sudden it just stop working. I took it for inflammation of the stomach and inflammation of the esp, It is really miserable.
Avatar f tn Then when I went to my doctor Thursday, she switched me to Protonix. If they are basically the same, could Protonix work for me if Prilosec OTC didn't? I'd really like to know because I've had this problem for almost 3 months now and I'm tired of eating plain food.
2064754 tn?1333375663 If it is cervical spondylosis, relief can be got by wearing a cervical collar while working and while traveling. The emphasis here is to not bend your neck. Avoid pillows while sleeping. There are exercises, but it will be difficult for me to explain here. Initially anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxant drugs will help. Protonix (pantoprazole) is used to treat erosive esophagitis and other conditions involving excess stomach acid. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn I've been on insulin for years. Went to hospital a month ago for bleeding ulcers of the esophagus, and was given bags full of Protonix, IV for a week. Was sent home taking 40mg 2 X a day. Had microalbumin well over 400 when I had labs done for checkup. So Dr. ordered a kidney ultrasound and a nodule was found in my right kidney. I've seen several law suits about Protonix causing kidney failure!
Avatar n tn I had another bad attack with grilled chicken a couple of weeks ago and was forced to go to my dr. He currently has me on protonix which is not helping. I have been researching to try and figure out what in the world can be done about this. I am getting some of the weight back off but am afraid it is going to come off to fast because most days I am only able to get soup down. Here are my symptoms. My food feels like it immediately gets stuck in my throat.
Avatar n tn I had another bad attack with grilled chicken a couple of weeks ago and was forced to go to my dr. He currently has me on protonix which is not helping. I have been researching to try and figure out what in the world can be done about this. I am getting some of the weight back off but am afraid it is going to come off to fast because most days I am only able to get soup down. Here are my symptoms. My food feels like it immediately gets stuck in my throat.
Avatar n tn I was instructed to take Protonix in the morning and Priolsec in the evening. I stopped the Protonix yesterday and will not take the Prilosec tonight. I have silent GERD, with no burning sensations in my throat to warn me of the acid coming up my throat. However, I do get a feeling of "fullnes" in my throat that must be the GERD. Since the sensation of fullness never really went away in my throat anyway, I doubt the medications were working.
Avatar f tn I have gone on diets and lost weight but usually quickly gain it and more back ever time. Plus my GERD is now not under control. Can the protonix truly be blamed for some weight gain that won't go away? I also have other things going on that might be attributed to the protonix which I have given different meds to combat. I think I need a reset. I have had numerous knee replacements all of which began from my bone fracturing under the prosthetic.
Avatar n tn They then switched me to Protonix which I am glad to say is working very well. So like CalGal said, it works differently with different people. Your daughter just needs to find one that works best for her. Good Luck!
709686 tn?1277432159 Protonix (Pantoprozole) does not give me problems...maybe a little weight loss. Omeprazole (Prilosec or Zegerid) causes me all kinds of problems. Headache, chest pain, red/irritated eyes, all kinds of body aches, constipation and extreme thrist. Problem is...protonix is by script only and VERY EXPENSIVE! Someone talk to me about this. Has anyone else experienced these problems with Omeprazole?
1274110 tn?1270788561 I came off of Imdur 60 mg twice a day and a nitro patch. It was working but now I get real bad heartburn and my GERD (acid reflux) is back. Has any one had a similar experience? Here is a listing of my meds. Any help appreciated.
Avatar f tn This time around Zantac is working so far. I also try not to eat at least 2 hours before bed and sleep on 3 pillows. With my first pregnancy I put books under the legs if the head of my bed it got so bad. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Anyone out there on Protonix? I was diagnosed with acid reflux and was put on Nexium which helped slightly with my burping but I was still getting stomach aches. I went for an abdominal ultrasound, endescopy and CT scan with IV contrast and all came back fine. My Dr just switched me to Protonix.
Avatar f tn The Dr gave me Nexium, but I was still getting upper stomach pain and pressure in the chest an back. I was switched to Protonix and it seemed to help with the upper stomach pain right under the breastbone. I'm taking two pills a day. Does anyone know how long Protonix takes to work? I was told that some PPI's could take 4 to six weeks to take affect.
Avatar f tn For a few months now I have been waking up with severe nausea and more often than not, I do end up being sick. I have been to my doctors and A&e, and they cannot find anything wrong with me. I have had pregnancy tests, glucose tests in my urine and both come back negative. Nothing has been found in my blood tests and I have no abdominal pain, fever or anything like that.
Avatar f tn Could the Nexium have stopped working? I am now experiencing pain when I swallow, pain just below my sternum and lots and lots of reflux (but not a lot of acid but I do get a burning throat on occasion). I'm also getting many more PVC's from the reflux.
1140169 tn?1370185076 I have got to go back to my gastro because the 2per day pantoprazol is not working. I have also tried Prilosec and Protonix. Happy to hear that everything was normal!
177337 tn?1310059899 m worried about going off because it really did help. I used to use Gaviscon but it stopped working. I have been on Protonix for quite a while so maybe I will stop and see if I can have luck with Gaviscon and Tums again. Did the pvc's stop right away as soon as you went off it? WIsconsin2007 - I don't see any literature with palps as a side effect either and my cardio gave them to me and told me it wouldn't bother my heart. But I have to wonder....
Avatar f tn t have medicaid and yesterday my health insurance company said I must use generic of Prilosec first and if it does not work I guess my doc can request the Protonix. I really feel a difference not having the Protonix. Glad you can receive it. Thanks.
168348 tn?1379357075 Our GI wanted to give me samples of it for Jenna since my copay went up to 100 for the Protonix and I asked him what it compared to and that is what he told me, needless to say we did not change meds since the Protonix was working fine, I didnt want to risk changing meds.
Avatar m tn this time it is different as i am finding blood in stool, my stomach is really bloated and i also have a hard spot in the middle of my stomach above my belly button. The protonix is not working as well as it did 2 years ago. I am slightly anemic but doctor said i was born with it and it is not significant. I also have been having bouts of fatigue. Also for a long time (5 months) i had an uncontrollable itch all over my body that went away on its own.
Avatar m tn In the past I was able to control the symptoms assuming Carafate and 20mg of Prilosec or Protonix for certain periods time to time, which helped without causing any significant side effetcs. After some time both medicines started causing bad stomach cramps. I have had a reflux flare up for 5 months now causing me a mild esophageal inflamation.
Avatar f tn Anybody on here taking protonix for acid reflux. Since I started my third trimester I've been having the worst acid reflux/gas EVER! I can't sleep, I can't eat. The third trimester seems to be worst for me than the last two. Was thinking about taking some protonix that I have from my job but I read its a class B drug with no proven side effects to baby.
Avatar f tn How were you diagnosed w peptic ulcer would be my first question. Did you have a H. Pylori blood test? If that is positive the treatment is 2 antibiotics and bismuth for 2 weeks. It is a bacteria that can penetrate the thick mucus lining in the stomach and causes ulcers. Protonix can cause constipation. I recently failed both Nexium and Protonix due to side effects. But the constipation was terrible despite everything I threw at it.
Avatar m tn I called it a poisoning because she was IVed with Protonix twice even though her drs knew she was allergic.Allergic reactions to Protonix are many and are 99 times out of 100 diagnosed as something else.Unfortunately a certain number of patients will experience severe reactions to Protonix such as pancreatitis.That is why Altana,the German company who developed Protonix made Wyeth set aside monies to cover such reactions before they sold the patent to Wyeth.
Avatar f tn My primary care physician originally put me on Protonix for one month when I told him my symptoms. I had some improvement but the symptoms came back after stopping, so I was then put back on Protonix for 3 months. It did not get rid of the problem, so I had an endoscopy which revealed “erosion in the antrum compatible with gastritis”. I was told it was a small ulcer and looked like it was already trying to heal.